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Upcoming Commissionings, Decommissionings, and Sinkings

You know of any additional Commissionings, Decommissionings, or Sinkings? Please let me know.


March 15, 2005USS Seattle (AOE 3)Norfolk, Va. 
May 27, 2005USS LaSalle (AGF 3)Norfolk, Va. 
June 29, 2005USS Vincennes (CG 49)San Diego, Calif. 
July 2005USNS Sirius (T-AFS 8) transfer to Texas A&M as the USTS Texas Clipper III
August 19, 2005USS O'Bannon (DD 987)Mayport, Fla. 
September 22, 2005USS Cushing (DD 985)San Diego, Calif. 
September 28, 2005USS Duluth (LPD 6)San Diego, Calif. 
October 1, 2005USS Camden (AOE 2)Bremerton, Wash. 
October 28, 2005USS Belleau Wood (LHA 3)San Diego, Calif. 
December 16, 2005USS Thomas S. Gates (CG 51)Mayport, Fla. 
January 19, 2006USS Grasp (ARS 51)Little Creek, Va.transfer to MSC
June 15, 2006USS Osprey (MHC 51)Ingleside, Tx. 
June 15, 2006USS Robin (MHC 54)Ingleside, Tx. 
June 30, 2006USS Oriole (MHC 55)Ingleside, Tx. 
June 30, 2006USS Falcon (MHC 59)Ingleside, Tx. 
July 13, 2006USS Grapple (ARS 53)Little Creek, Va.transfer to MSC
September 27, 2006USS Austin (LPD 4)Norfolk, Va. 
September 30, 2006USS Coronado (AGF 11)  
November 3, 2006USS Salt Lake City (SSN 716)Bremerton, Wash 
November 30, 2006USNS Joshua Humphreys (T-AO 188) 
December 14, 2006USS Dolphin (AGSS 555)San Diego, Calif. 
January 7, 2007USS Cardinal (MHC 60)Ingleside, Tx.transfer to Egyptian Navy
January 7, 2007USS Raven (MHC 61)Ingleside, Tx.transfer to Egyptian Navy
January 12, 2007USS Salvor (ARS 52)Pearl Harbor, Hi.transfer to MSC
January 17, 2007USS Trenton (LPD 14)Norfolk, Va. 
January 22, 2007USS Ogden (LPD 5)San Diego, Calif 
March 1, 2007USS Hyman G. Rickover (SSN 709)Portsmouth, Va. 
March 16, 2007USS Heron (MHC 52)Ingleside, Tx.transfer to Hellenic Navy
March 16, 2007USS Pelican (MHC 53)Ingleside, Tx.transfer to Hellenic Navy
March 23, 2007USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67)Mayport, Fla. 
April 25, 2007USS Saipan (LHA 2)Norfolk, Va. 
September 26, 2007USS Safeguard (ARS 50)Sasebo, Japantransfer to MSC
September 27, 2007USS Minneapolis - St. Paul (SSN 708)  
September 28, 2007USS Shreveport (LPD 12)Norfolk, Va. 
September 30, 2007USS Honolulu (SSN 718)Bremerton, Wash. 
December 1, 2007USS Kingfisher (MHC 56)Ingleside, Tx. 
December 1, 2007USS Cormorant (MHC 57)Ingleside, Tx. 
December 1, 2007USS Black Hawk (MHC 58)Ingleside, Tx. 
December 1, 2007USS Shrike (MHC 62)Ingleside, Tx. 
January 25, 2008USNS Spica (T-AFS 9)  
September 30, 2008USNS Niagara Falls (T-AFS 3)  
October 31, 2008USS Juneau (LPD 10)San Diego, Calif. 
2008USNS Hayes (T-AG 195)  
January 31, 2009USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63)Bremerton, Wash. 
March 31, 2009USS Tarawa (LHA 1)San Diego, Calif. 
April 6, 2009USNS Saturn (T-AFS 10)Norfolk, Va. 
September 30, 2009USS Nashville (LPD 13)Norfolk, Va. 
January 27, 2010USNS San Jose (T-AFS 7)  
February 1, 2010USS Los Angeles (SSN 688) Inactivation, Decommissioning Ceremony was on January 23, 2010
June 10, 2010USS Philadelphia (SSN 690) Inactivation
August 2, 2010USNS Mount Baker (T-AE 34)  
August 31, 2010USS McInerney (FFG 8)Mayport, Fla. 
December 2010USNS Flint (T-AE 32)  
December 10, 2010USS Hawes (FFG 53)Norfolk, Va. 
January 14, 2011USNS Kiska (T-AE 35)  
March 14, 2011USS Memphis (SSN 691) 
March 31, 2011USS Nassau (LHA 4)Norfolk, Va.Possible life-extension is under review
April 21, 2011USS Jarrett (FFG 33)San Diego, Calif. 
April 29, 2011USS Dubuque (LPD 8) 
July 29, 2011USS Doyle (FFG 39)Mayport, Fla. 
September 30, 2011USNS Shasta (T-AE 33)  
September 30, 2011USS Cleveland (LPD 7) 
February 23, 2012USS Boone (FFG 28)Mayport, Fla. 
February 24, 2012USS Stephen W. Groves (FFG 29)Mayport, Fla. 
March 9, 2012USS John L. Hall (FFG 32)Mayport, Fla. 
March 30, 2012USS Ponce (LPD 15)Norfolk, Va.Decommissioning cancelled. Will be converted to an Afloat Forward Staging Base to support MH-53 helicopters and patrol craft. She will be jointly operated by a MSC/Navy crew.
October 26, 2012USS Crommelin (FFG 37)Pearl Harbor, Hi. 
January 25, 2013USS Curts (FFG 38)San Diego, Calif. 
March 8, 2013USS Underwood (FFG 36)Mayport, Fla. 
March 13, 2013USS Carr (FFG 52)Norfolk, Va. 
March 22, 2013USS Klakring (FFG 42)Mayport, Fla. 
March 31, 2013USS Cowpens (CG 63)Decommissioning cancelled
March 31, 2013USS Vicksburg (CG 69)Mayport, Fla.Decommissioning cancelled
March 31, 2013USS Port Royal (CG 73)Pearl Harbor, Hi.Decommissioning cancelled
July 18, 2013USS Reuben James (FFG 57)Pearl Harbor, Hi. 
September 27, 2013USS Miami (SSN 755)Kittery, Maine 
October 31, 2013USS Ford (FFG 54) 
November 8, 2013USNS Flint (T-AE 32) 
November 15, 2013USS Thach (FFG 43)San Diego, Calif. 
March 17, 2014USS Nicholas (FFG 47) 
March 28, 2014USS Robert G. Bradley (FFG 49)Mayport, Fla. 
April 1, 2014USNS Observation Island (T-AGM 23) 
April 4, 2014USS De Wert (FFG 45)Mayport, Fla. 
May 23, 2014USS Rentz (FFG 46)San Diego, Calif. 
September 8, 2014USS Halyburton (FFG 40)Mayport, Fla. 
September 26, 2014USS Dallas (SSN 700) 
September 30, 2014USS Denver (LPD 9) 
September 30, 2014USNS Bridge (T-AOE 10) 
September 30, 2014USS Avenger (MCM 1)San Diego, Calif. 
October 1, 2014USS Defender (MCM 2)San Diego, Calif. 
November 12, 2014USS Ingraham (FFG 61)Everett, Wash. 
December 11, 2014USS Norfolk (SSN 714)Norfolk, Va. 
January 9, 2015USS McCluskey (FFG 41)San Diego, Calif. 
January 23, 2015USS Rodney M. Davis (FFG 60)Everett, Wash. 
January 30, 2015USS Elrod (FFG 55)Norfolk, Va. 
February 19, 2015USS Vandegrift (FFG 48)San Diego, Calif. 
March 31, 2015USS Peleliu (LHA 5)San Diego, Calif. 


March 5, 2005USS Nitze (DDG 94)Norfolk, Va. 
July 30, 2005USS Halsey (DDG 97)San Diego, Calif. 
November 12, 2005USS Bainbridge (DDG 96)Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 
January 14, 2006USS San Antonio (LPD 17)Ingleside, Tx. 
January 21, 2006USS Forrest Sherman (DDG 98)Pensacola, Fla. 
June 10, 2006USS Farragut (DDG 99)Mayport, Fla. 
September 9, 2006USS Texas (SSN 775)Galveston, Tx. 
February 10, 2007USS Gridley (DDG 101)Miami, Fla. 
March 10, 2007USS New Orleans (LPD 18)New Orleans, La. 
March 2007USS Hawaii (SSN 776)Pearl Harbor, Hi. 
June 9, 2007USS Kidd (DDG 100)Galveston, Tx. 
July 19, 2007USS Mesa Verde (LPD 19)Panama City, Fla. 
November 3, 2007USS Sampson (DDG 102)Boston, Mass. 
May 3, 2008USS North Carolina (SSN 777)Wilmington, NC. 
June 5, 2008USNS Robert E. Peary (T-AKE 5)  
June 26, 2008USS Sterett (DDG 104)Baltimore, Md. 
October 25, 2008USS New Hampshire (SSN 778)Kittery, Me. 
October 30, 2008USNS Amelia Earhart (T-AKE 6)  
November 8, 2008USS Freedom (LCS 1)Milwaukee, Wi. 
January 10, 2009USS George H. W. Bush (CVN 77)Norfolk, Va. 
January 24, 2009USS Green Bay (LPD 20)Long Beach, Ca. 
March 4, 2009USNS Carl Brashear (T-AKE 7)  
April 18, 2009USS Stockdale (DDG 106)  
April 25, 2009USS Truxtun (DDG 103)  
September 1, 2009USNS Wally Schirra (T-AKE 8)  
October 24, 2009USS Makin Island (LHD 8)San Diego, Calif. 
November 7, 2009USS New York (LPD 21)New York City, NY 
January 16, 2010USS Independence (LCS 2)Mobile, Ala. 
March 6, 2010USS Dewey (DDG 105)Seal Beach, Calif. 
March 27, 2010USS New Mexico (SSN 779)Norfolk, Va. 
June 10, 2010USNS Joshua Humphreys (T-AO 188) Reactivation
July 31, 2010USS Missouri (SSN 780)Groton, Conn. 
November 13, 2010USS Jason Dunham (DDG 109)Port Everglades, Fla. 
November 20, 2010USS Gravely (DDG 107)Wilmington, NC. 
June 4, 2011USS William P. Lawrence (DDG 110)Mobile, Ala. 
October 1, 2011USS Spruance (DDG 111)Key West, Fla. 
October 29, 2011USS California (SSN 781)Norfolk, Va. 
September 22, 2012USS Fort Worth (LCS 3)Galveston, Tx. 
October 6, 2012USS Michael Murphy (DDG 112)New York City, NY. 
April 6, 2013USS Arlington (LPD 24)Norfolk, Va. 
May 4, 2013USS Anchorage (LPD 23)Anchorage, Ak. 
September 7, 2013USS Minnesota (SSN 783)Newport News, Va. 
March 1, 2014USS Somerset (LPD 25)Philadelphia, Pa. 
May 31, 2014USS North Dakota (SSN 784) 


February 16, 2004USS Peterson (DD 969)US East CoastDD 21 Program Weapons Effects Test
April 13, 2004USS John Young (DD 973)Hawaii 
July 14, 2004USS Kinkaid (DD 965)HawaiiRIMPAC 2004
July 15, 2004USS Harry W. Hill (DD 986)HawaiiRIMPAC 2004
July 30, 2004USS Nicholson (DD 982)US East Coast 
November 13, 2004USS Hayler (DD 997)US East Coast 
November 23, 2004USS Schenectady (LST 1185)Hawaii 
April 2005USS America (CV 66)US East Coast 
May 19, 2005USS Guadalcanal (LPH 7)Virginia Capes 
June 16, 2005USS Mount Vernon (LSD 39)Pacific 
June 23, 2005USS William H. Standley (CG 32)Coral SeaExercise Talisman Sabre 2005
August 22, 2005USS Oldendorf (DD 972)Hawaii 
August 23, 2005USS Fife (DD 991)Hawaii 
August 25, 2005USS Briscoe (DD 977)off Cherry Point 
February 9, 2006USS O'Brien (DD 975)Hawaii 
May 17, 2006USS Oriskany (CV 34)off Pensacola, Fla.artificial reef and diving location
June 29, 2006USNS Butte (T-AE 27)US East Coast 
July 12, 2006USS Mauna Kea (AE 22)HawaiiRIMPAC 2006
July 13, 2006USS Belleau Wood (LHA 3)HawaiiRIMPAC 2006
July 15, 2006USNS Mars (T-AFS 1)HawaiiRIMPAC 2006
July 22, 2006USS Thorn (DD 988)US East Coast 
November 2, 2006USS Valley Forge (CG 50)Hawaii 
December 8, 2006USS Spruance (DD 963)US East Coast 
August 7, 2007USS Knox (FF 1052)GuamExercise Valiant Shield 2007
August 10, 2007USS Jouett (CG 29)GuamExercise Valiant Shield 2007
July 11, 2008USS David R. Ray (DD 971)HawaiiRIMPAC 2008
July 14, 2008USS Horne (CG 30)HawaiiRIMPAC 2008
July 16, 2008USS Fletcher (DD 992)HawaiiRIMPAC 2008
July 2008USS Cushing (DD 985)HawaiiRIMPAC 2008
October 6, 2008USS O'Bannon (DD 987)Pacific 
April 29, 2009USS Conolly (DD 979)US East CoastUNITAS Gold
May 6, 2009USNS Spica (T-AFS 9)US East Coast 
July 10, 2010USS New Orleans (LPH 11)HawaiiRIMPAC 2010
July 2010USS Monticello (LSD 35)HawaiiRIMPAC 2010
July 2010USS Anchorage (LSD 36)HawaiiRIMPAC 2010
September 20, 2010USS Acadia (AD 42)GuamExercise Valiant Shield 2010
October 26, 2010USNS Saturn (T-AFS 10)US East Coast 
November 2010USS Arthur W. Radford (DD 968) slated to sink 28.5 nautical miles southeast of Cape May Point, NJ.
FY2010?USNS Hayes (T-AG 195)  
FY2010USNS Niagara Falls (T-AFS 3)  
FY2010USNS San Jose (T-AFS 7)  
FY2010USNS Concord (T-AFS 5)  
FY2011USNS Kilauea (T-AE 26)  
FY2012USNS Flint (T-AE 32)  
FY2012USNS Shasta (T-AE 33)  
FY2012USNS Mount Baker (T-AE 34)  
FY2012USNS Kiska (T-AE 35)  
TBAUSS Forrestal (CV 59) slated to sink and become artificial reefs

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