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Destroyers - DD

Destroyers are fast warships that help safeguard larger ships by operating in support of carrier battle groups, surface action groups, amphibious groups and replenishment groups. Destroyers primarily perform anti-submarine warfare, anti-air warfare and anti-surface warfare duty and are also able to provide naval gun fire support.

Allen M. Sumner DD 692 - class

Ship's NameHull NumberHomeport / Status
ALLEN M. SUMNERDD 692decommissioned, scrapped
MOALEDD 693decommissioned, scrapped
INGRAHAMDD 694decommissioned, to Greece, sunk as target
COOPERDD 695sunk
ENGLISHDD 696decommissioned, to Taiwan, sunk as target
CHARLES S. SPERRYDD 697decommissioned, to Chile, scrapped
AULTDD 698decommissioned, scrapped
WALDRONDD 699decommissioned, to Colombia, scrapped
HAYNSWORTHDD 700decommissioned, to Taiwan, sunk as target
JOHN W. WEEKSDD 701decommissioned, sunk as target
HANKDD 702decommissioned, to Argentina, scrapped
WALLACE L. LINDDD 703decommissioned, to South Korea, scrapped
BORIEDD 704decommissioned, to Argentina, scrapped
COMPTONDD 705decommissioned, to Brazil, scrapped
GAINARDDD 706decommissioned, scrapped
SOLEYDD 707decommissioned, sunk as target
HARLAN R. DICKSONDD 708decommissioned, scrapped
HUGH PURVISDD 709decommissioned, to Turkey, scrapped
BARTONDD 722decommissioned, sunk as target
WALKEDD 723decommissioned, scrapped
LAFFEYDD 724decommissioned, preserved as museum
O'BRIENDD 725decommissioned, sunk as target
DE HAVENDD 727decommissioned, to South Korea, scrapped
MANSFIELDDD 728decommissioned, to Argentina, scrapped
LYMAN K. SWENSONDD 729decommissioned, to Taiwan, scrapped
COLLETTDD 730decommissioned, to Argentina, sunk as target
MADDOXDD 731decommissioned, to Taiwan, scrapped
HYMANDD 732decommissioned, scrapped
PURDYDD 734decommissioned, scrapped
ROBERT H. SMITHDD 735completed as DM 23
THOMAS E. FRASERDD 736completed as DM 24
SHANNONDD 737completed as DM 25
HARRY F. BAUERDD 738completed as DM 26
ADAMSDD 739completed as DM 27
TOLMANDD 740completed as DM 28
BLUEDD 744decommissioned, sunk as target
BRUSHDD 745decommissioned, to Taiwan, scrapped
TAUSSIGDD 746decommissioned, to Taiwan
SAMUEL N. MOOREDD 747decommissioned, to Taiwan, scrapped
HARRY E. HUBBARDDD 748decommissioned, scrapped
HENRY A. WILEYDD 749completed as DM 29
SHEADD 750completed as DM 30
J. WILLIAM DITTERDD 751completed as DM 31
ALFRED A. CUNNINGHAMDD 752decommissioned, sunk as target
JOHN R. PIERCEDD 753decommissioned, scrapped
FRANK E. EVANSDD 754decommissioned, sunk as target
JOHN A. BOLEDD 755decommissioned, to Taiwan, scrapped
BEATTYDD 756decommissioned, to Venezuela, scrapped
PUTNAMDD 757decommissioned, scrapped
STRONGDD 758decommissioned, to Brazil, sunk under tow to India
LOFBERGDD 759decommissioned, to Taiwan, scrapped
JOHN W. THOMASONDD 760decommissioned, to Taiwan
BUCKDD 761decommissioned, to Brazil, scrapped
HENLEYDD 762decommissioned, scrapped
LOWRYDD 770decommissioned, to Brazil, scrapped
LINDSEYDD 771completed as DM 32
GWINDD 772completed as DM 33
AARON WARDDD 773completed as DM 34
HUGH W. HADLEYDD 774decommissioned, scrapped
WILLARD KEITHDD 775decommissioned, to Colombia, scrapped
JAMES C. OWENSDD 776decommissioned, to Brazil, scrapped
ZELLARSDD 777decommissioned, to Iran
MASSEYDD 778decommissioned, scrapped
DOUGLAS H. FOXDD 779decommissioned, to Chile, scrapped
STORMESDD 780decommissioned, to Iran
ROBERT K. HUNTINGTONDD 781decommissioned, to Venezuela, scrapped
BRISTOLDD 857decommissioned, to Taiwan, scrapped

Gearing DD 710 - class

Ship's NameHull NumberHomeport / Status
GEARINGDD 710decommissioned, scrapped
EUGENE A. GREENEDD 711decommissioned, to Spain, sunk as target
GYATTDD 712decommissioned, sunk as target
KENNETH D. BAILEYDD 713decommissioned, to Iran
WILLIAM R. RUSHDD 714decommissioned, to South Korea
WILLIAM M. WOODDD 715decommissioned, sunk as target
WILTSIEDD 716decommissioned, to Pakistan
THEODORE E. CHANDLERDD 717decommissioned, scrapped
HAMNERDD 718decommissioned, to Taiwan, sunk as target
EPPERSONDD 719decommissioned, to Pakistan, sunk as target
FRANK KNOXDD 742decommissioned, to Greece, sunk as target
SOUTHERLANDDD 743decommissioned, sunk as target
WILLIAM C. LAWEDD 763decommissioned, sunk as target
LLOYD THOMASDD 764decommissioned, to Taiwan, sunk as reef
KEPPLERDD 765decommissioned, to Turkey, scrapped
ROWANDD 782decommissioned, to Taiwan, lost during tow to Taiwan
GURKEDD 783decommissioned, to Greece
McKEANDD 784decommissioned, to Turkey
HENDERSONDD 785decommissioned, to Pakistan
RICHARD B. ANDERSONDD 786decommissioned, to Taiwan
JAMES E. KYESDD 787decommissioned, to Taiwan
HOLLISTERDD 788decommissioned, to Taiwan
EVERSOLEDD 789decommissioned, to Turkey, preserved as museum
SHELTONDD 790decommissioned, to Taiwan, sunk as reef
SEAMANDD 791never completed
CHEVALIERDD 805decommissioned, to South Korea, scrapped
HIGBEEDD 806decommissioned, sunk as target
BENNERDD 807decommissioned, scrapped
DENNIS J. BUCKLEYDD 808decommissioned, scrapped
CORRYDD 817decommissioned, to Greece, scrapped
NEWDD 818decommissioned, to South Korea
HOLDERDD 819decommissioned, to Ecuador, scrapped
RICHDD 820decommissioned, scrapped
JOHNSTONDD 821decommissioned, to Taiwan
ROBERT H. McCARDDD 822decommissioned, to Turkey, scrapped
SAMUEL B. ROBERTSDD 823decommissioned, sunk as target
BASILONEDD 824decommissioned, sunk as target
CARPENTERDD 825decommissioned, to Turkey, scrapped
AGERHOLMDD 826decommissioned, sunk as target
ROBERT A. OWENSDD 827decommissioned, to Turkey
TIMMERMANDD 828decommissioned, scrapped
MYLES C. FOXDD 829decommissioned, to Greece
EVERETT F. LARSONDD 830decommissioned, to South Korea, preserved as museum
GOODRICHDD 831decommissioned, scrapped
HANSONDD 832decommissioned, to Taiwan
HERBERT J. THOMASDD 833decommissioned, to Taiwan, sunk as reef
TURNERDD 834decommissioned, scrapped
CHARLES P. CECILDD 835decommissioned, to Greece, scrapped
GEORGE K. MacKENZIEDD 836decommissioned, sunk as target
SARSFIELDDD 837decommissioned, to Taiwan
ERNEST G. SMALLDD 838decommissioned, to Taiwan, sunk as target
POWERDD 839decommissioned, to Taiwan
GLENNONDD 840decommissioned, sunk as target
NOADD 841decommissioned, to Spain, scrapped
FISKEDD 842decommissioned, to Turkey, scrapped
WARRINGTONDD 843decommissioned, to Taiwan
PERRYDD 844decommissioned, scrapped
BAUSELLDD 845decommissioned, sunk during tests
OZBOURNDD 846decommissioned, scrapped
ROBERT L. WILSONDD 847decommissioned, sunk as target
WITEKDD 848decommissioned, sunk as target
RICHARD E. KRAUSDD 849decommissioned, to South Korea
JOSEPH P. KENNEDY JR.DD 850decommissioned, preserved as memorial
RUPERTUSDD 851decommissioned, to Greece
LEONARD F. MASONDD 852decommissioned, to Taiwan, sunk as reef
CHARLES H. ROANDD 853decommissioned, to Turkey, scrapped
FRED T. BERRYDD 858decommissioned, sunk as target
NORRISDD 859decommissioned, to Turkey, scrapped
McCAFFERYDD 860decommissioned, scrapped
HARWOODDD 861decommissioned, to Turkey, sunk
VOGELGESANGDD 862decommissioned, to Mexico
STEINAKERDD 863decommissioned, to Mexico
HAROLD J. ELLISONDD 864decommissioned, to Pakistan, sunk as target
CHARLES R. WAREDD 865decommissioned, sunk as target
CONEDD 866decommissioned, to Pakistan, scrapped
STRIBLINGDD 867decommissioned, sunk as target
BROWNSONDD 868decommissioned, scrapped
ARNOLD J. ISBELLDD 869decommissioned, to Greece, scrapped
FECHTELERDD 870decommissioned, scrapped
DAMATODD 871decommissioned, to Pakistan, scrapped
FORREST ROYALDD 872decommissioned, to Turkey, scrapped
HAWKINSDD 873decommissioned, to Taiwan
DUNCANDD 874decommissioned, sunk as target
HENRY W. TUCKERDD 875decommissioned, to Brazil, sunk as target
ROGERSDD 876decommissioned, to South Korea, preserved as museum
PERKINSDD 877decommissioned, to Argentina, scrapped
VESOLEDD 878decommissioned, sunk as target
LEARYDD 879decommissioned, to Spain, scrapped
DYESSDD 880decommissioned, to Greece
BORDELONDD 881decommissioned, to Iran
FURSEDD 882decommissioned, to Spain, scrapped
NEWMAN K. PERRYDD 883decommissioned, to South Korea, scrapped
FLOYD B. PARKSDD 884decommissioned, scrapped
JOHN R. CRAIGDD 885decommissioned, sunk as target
ORLECKDD 886decommissioned, to Turkey, back to US as memorial
BRINKLEY BASSDD 887decommissioned, to Brazil, sunk as target
STICKELLDD 888decommissioned, to Greece, scrapped
O'HAREDD 889decommissioned, to Spain, scrapped
MEREDITHDD 890decommissioned, to Turkey, scrapped

Forrest Sherman DD 931 - class

Ship's NameHull NumberHomeport / Status
FORREST SHERMANDD 931decommissioned
JOHN PAUL JONESDD 932 / DDG 32decommissioned, sunk as target
DECATURDD 936 / DDG 31decommissioned, sunk as target
BIGELOWDD 942decommissioned, sunk as target
MULLINNIXDD 944decommissioned, sunk as target
HULLDD 945decommissioned, sunk as target
EDSONDD 946decommissioned, preserved as museum
SOMERSDD 947 / DDG 34decommissioned, sunk as target
PARSONSDD 949 / DDG 33decommissioned, sunk as target
TURNER JOYDD 951decommissioned, preserved as museum

Barry DD 933 - class

(converted Forrest Sherman - class destroyers)

Ship's NameHull NumberHomeport / Status
BARRYDD 933decommissioned, preserved as museum
DAVISDD 937decommissioned, scrapped
JONAS INGRAMDD 938decommissioned, sunk as target
MANLEYDD 940decommissioned, scrapped
DU PONTDD 941decommissioned, scrapped
BLANDYDD 943decommissioned, scrapped
MORTONDD 948decommissioned, scrapped
RICHARD S. EDWARDSDD 950decommissioned, sunk as target

Spruance DD 963 - class

Ship's NameHull NumberHomeport / Status
SPRUANCEDD 963decommissioned, sunk as target
PAUL F. FOSTERDD 964decommissioned
KINKAIDDD 965decommissioned, sunk as target
HEWITTDD 966decommissioned, scrapped
ELLIOTDD 967decommissioned, sunk as target
ARTHUR W. RADFORDDD 968decommissioned, sunk as reef
PETERSONDD 969decommissioned, sunk as target
CARONDD 970decommissioned, sunk during tests
DAVID R. RAYDD 971decommissioned, sunk as target
OLDENDORFDD 972decommissioned, sunk as target
JOHN YOUNGDD 973decommissioned, sunk as target
COMTE DE GRASSEDD 974decommissioned, sunk as target
O'BRIENDD 975decommissioned, sunk as target
MERRILLDD 976decommissioned, sunk as target
BRISCOEDD 977decommissioned, sunk as target
STUMPDD 978decommissioned, sunk as target
CONOLLYDD 979decommissioned, sunk as target
MOOSBRUGGERDD 980decommissioned, scrapped
JOHN HANCOCKDD 981decommissioned, scrapped
NICHOLSONDD 982decommissioned, sunk as target
JOHN RODGERSDD 983decommissioned, scrapped
LEFTWICHDD 984decommissioned, sunk as target
CUSHINGDD 985decommissioned, sunk as target
HARRY W. HILLDD 986decommissioned, sunk as target
O'BANNONDD 987decommissioned, sunk as target
THORNDD 988decommissioned, sunk as target
DEYODD 989decommissioned, sunk as target
INGERSOLLDD 990decommissioned, sunk as target
FIFEDD 991decommissioned, sunk as target
FLETCHERDD 992decommissioned, sunk as target
HAYLERDD 997decommissioned, sunk as target

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