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Repair, Berthing and Messing Barges - YRBM

Repair, Berthing and Messing Barges are used to provide accommodations for ships' crews whose vessels are undergoing construction or repair. These barges are non self-propelled and contain limited shop facilities to allow ship's force repair work.

BargeHull NumberHomeport / Status
YRBM 1YRBM 1stricken
YRBM 2YRBM 2stricken
YRBM 3YRBM 3stricken
YRBM 4YRBM 4stricken
YRBM 5YRBM 5stricken
YRBM 6YRBM 6stricken
YRBM 7YRBM 7stricken
YRBM 8YRBM 8Atlantic
YRBM 9YRBM 9Atlantic
YRBM 10YRBM 10stricken
YRBM 11YRBM 11stricken
YRBM 12YRBM 12stricken
YRBM 13YRBM 13Atlantic
YRBM 14YRBM 14Atlantic
YRBM 15YRBM 15Atlantic
YRBM 16YRBM 16stricken
YRBM 20YRBM 20Pacific
YRBM 23YRBM 23Atlantic
YRBM 24YRBM 24Atlantic
YRBM 25YRBM 25Pacific
YRBM 26YRBM 26Pacific
YRBM 27YRBM 27Atlantic
YRBM 28YRBM 28Atlantic
YRBM 29YRBM 29Pacific
YRBM 30YRBM 30Pacific
YRBM 31YRBM 31Pacific
YRBM 32YRBM 32Pacific
YRBM 33YRBM 33Atlantic
YRBM 34YRBM 34Atlantic
YRBM 35YRBM 35Atlantic
YRBM 36YRBM 36Atlantic
YRBM 37YRBM 37Pacific
YRBM 38YRBM 38Pacific
YRBM 39YRBM 39Pacific
YRBM 40YRBM 40Atlantic
YRBM 41YRBM 41Atlantic
YRBM 42YRBM 42Atlantic
YRBM 43YRBM 43Atlantic
YRBM 44YRBM 44Pacific
YRBM 45YRBM 45Atlantic
YRBM 46YRBM 46Atlantic
YRBM 47YRBM 47stricken
YRBM 48YRBM 48Pacific
YRBM 49YRBM 49Pacific
YRBM 50YRBM 50Pacific
YRBM 51YRBM 51Pacific
YRBM 52YRBM 52Pacific
YRBM 53YRBM 53Pacific
YRBM 54YRBM 54Pacific
YRBM 55YRBM 55Pacific

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