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Floating Workshops - YR

Floating WorkshopHull NumberHomeport / Status
YR 29YR 29Kittery, Me.
YR 31YR 31later YRR 7, later YR 90
YR 36YR 36later YRB 31, later YRBM 54
YR 48YR 48later YRBM 48
YR 46YR 46later YRBM 49
YR 50YR 50later YRBM 50
YR 60YR 60later YRBM 51
YR 67YR 67later YRB 32, later YR 97
YR 77YR 77later YRBM 52
YR 78YR 78later YRB 35, later YRBM 55
YR 83YR 83Pearl Harbor, Hi.
YR 85YR 85Yokosuka, Japan
YR 87YR 87Kittery, Me.
YR 90YR 90Portsmouth, Va.
YR 91YR 91later YRBM 53
YR 93YR 93San Diego, Ca.
YR 94YR 94Pearl Harbor, Hi.
YR 95YR 95Yokosuka, Japan
YR 96YR 96Yokosuka, Japan
YR 97YR 97Bremerton, Wa.

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