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Patrol Coastal Boats - PC

The Patrol Coastal Boats' primary mission is maritime special operations, which includes conducting coastal patrol and interdiction surveillance. These ships also provide full mission support for naval special operations forces.

Cyclone PC 1 - class

Ship's NameHull NumberHomeport / Status
CYCLONEPC 1decommissioned
TEMPESTPC 2Manama, Bahrain
HURRICANEPC 3Manama, Bahrain
MONSOONPC 4Manama, Bahrain
TYPHOONPC 5Manama, Bahrain
SIROCCOPC 6Manama, Bahrain
SQUALLPC 7Manama, Bahrain
ZEPHYRPC 8decommissioned
CHINOOKPC 9Manama, Bahrain
FIREBOLTPC 10Manama, Bahrain
WHIRLWINDPC 11Manama, Bahrain
THUNDERBOLTPC 12Manama, Bahrain
SHAMALPC 13decommissioned
TORNADOPC 14decommissioned
PC 15cancelled
PC 16cancelled
PC 17cancelled

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