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Tank Landing Ships - LST

Tank Landing Ships are used to transport and land tanks, amphibious vehicles and other rolling stock in amphibious assaults.

Talbot County LST 1153 - class

Ship's NameHull NumberHomeport / Status
TALBOT COUNTYLST 1153decommissioned
TALLAHATCHIE COUNTYLST 1154later AVB 2, decommissioned
 LST 1155canceled

Terrebonne Parish LST 1156 - class

Ship's NameHull NumberHomeport / Status
TERREBONNE PARISHLST 1156decommissioned
TERRELL COUNTYLST 1157decommissioned
TIOGA COUNTYLST 1158decommissioned
TOM GREEN COUNTYLST 1159decommissioned
TRAVERSE COUNTYLST 1160decommissioned
VERNON COUNTYLST 1161decommissioned
WAHKIAKUM COUNTYLST 1162decommissioned
WALDO COUNTYLST 1163decommissioned
WALWORTH COUNTYLST 1164decommissioned
WASHOE COUNTYLST 1165decommissioned
WASHTENAW COUNTYLST 1166later MSS 2, decommissioned
WESTCHESTER COUNTYLST 1167decommissioned
WEXFORD COUNTYLST 1168decommissioned
WHITFIELD COUNTYLST 1169decommissioned
WINDHAM COUNTYLST 1170decommissioned

De Soto County LST 1171 - class

Ship's NameHull NumberHomeport / Status
DE SOTO COUNTYLST 1171decommissioned
 LST 1172canceled
SUFFOLK COUNTYLST 1173decommissioned
GRANT COUNTYLST 1174decommissioned
YORK COUNTYLST 1175decommissioned
GRAHAM COUNTYLST 1176later AGP 1176, decommissioned
LORAIN COUNTYLST 1177decommissioned
WOOD COUNTYLST 1178decommissioned

Newport LST 1179 - class

Ship's NameHull NumberHomeport / Status
NEWPORTLST 1179decommissioned
MANITOWOCLST 1180decommissioned
SUMTERLST 1181decommissioned
FRESNOLST 1182decommissioned
PEORIALST 1183decommissioned
FREDERICKLST 1184decommissioned
SCHENECTADYLST 1185decommissioned
CAYUGALST 1186decommissioned
TUSCALOOSALST 1187decommissioned
SAGINAWLST 1188decommissioned
SAN BERNARDINOLST 1189decommissioned
BOULDERLST 1190decommissioned
RACINELST 1191decommissioned
SPARTANBURG COUNTYLST 1192decommissioned
FAIRFAX COUNTYLST 1193decommissioned
LA MOURE COUNTYLST 1194decommissioned
BARBOUR COUNTYLST 1195decommissioned
HARLAN COUNTYLST 1196decommissioned
BARNSTABLE COUNTYLST 1197decommissioned
BRISTOL COUNTYLST 1198decommissioned

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