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Covered Lighters - YFN

Covered Lighters are non-self-propelled, shore dependent, steel covered lighters, designed to carry cargo requiring protection from the weather in harbors, rivers or other protected waters. The craft are designed to carry a distributed load on their main decks within the deckhouse structure.

Covered LighterHull NumberHomeport / Status
YFN 306YFN 306redesignated YC 1678, East Coast
YFN 652YFN 652stricken
YFN 717YFN 717stricken
YFN 934YFN 934Yokosuka, Japan
YFN 958YFN 958stricken
YFN 1204YFN 1204Kittery, Me.
YFN 1262YFN 1262stricken, sunk as target
YFN 1266YFN 1266redesignated YC 1677, San Diego, Ca.
YFN 1267YFN 1267redesignated YC 1676, San Diego, Ca.
YFN 1275YFN 1275Norfolk, Va.
YFN 1278YFN 1278redesignated YC 1684
YFN 1279YFN 1279redesignated YC 1685
YFN 1285YFN 1285San Diego, Ca.
YFN 1286YFN 1286Norfolk, Va.

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