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Submarines - SS

The US Navy's Diesel Submarines were designed to find and destroy enemy submarines and surface vessels.

Balao SS 285 - class

Ship's NameHull NumberHomeport / Status
BALAOSS 285decommissioned
BILLFISHSS 286decommissioned
BOWFINSS 287decommissioned
CABRILLASS 288decommissioned
CAPELINSS 289decommissioned
CISCOSS 290decommissioned
CREVALLESS 291decommissioned
DEVILFISHSS 292decommissioned
DRAGONETSS 293decommissioned
ESCOLARSS 294decommissioned
HACKLEBACKSS 295decommissioned
LANCETFISHSS 296decommissioned
LINGSS 297decommissioned
LIONFISHSS 298decommissioned
MANTASS 299decommissioned
MORAYSS 300decommissioned
RONCADORSS 301decommissioned
SABALOSS 302decommissioned
SABLEFISHSS 303decommissioned
SEAHORSESS 304decommissioned
SKATESS 305decommissioned
TANGSS 306decommissioned
TILEFISHSS 307decommissioned
APOGONSS 308decommissioned
ASPROSS 309decommissioned
BATFISHSS 310decommissioned
ARCHERFISHSS 311decommissioned
BURRFISHSS 312decommissioned
PERCHSS 313decommissioned
SHARKSS 314decommissioned
SEALIONSS 315decommissioned
BARBELSS 316decommissioned
BARBEROSS 317decommissioned
BAYASS 318decommissioned
BECUNASS 319Guppy IA, decommissioned
BERGALLSS 320decommissioned
BESUGOSS 321decommissioned
BLACKFINSS 322Guppy IA, decommissioned
CAIMANSS 323Guppy IA, decommissioned
BLENNYSS 324decommissioned
BLOWERSS 325decommissioned
BLUEBACKSS 326decommissioned
BOARFISHSS 327decommissioned
CHARRSS 328decommissioned
CHUBSS 329decommissioned
BRILLSS 330decommissioned
BUGARASS 331decommissioned
BULLHEADSS 332decommissioned
BUMPERSS 333decommissioned
CABEZONSS 334decommissioned
DENTUDASS 335decommissioned
CAPITAINESS 336decommissioned
CARBONEROSS 337decommissioned
CARPSS 338decommissioned
CATFISHSS 339Guppy II, decommissioned
ENTEMEDORSS 340Guppy IIA, decommissioned
CHIVOSS 341decommissioned
CHOPPERSS 342Guppy IA, decommissioned
CLAMAGORESS 343Guppy III, decommissioned
COBBLERSS 344Guppy III, decommissioned
COCHINOSS 345Guppy II, decommissioned
CORPORALSS 346Guppy III, decommissioned
CUBERASS 347Guppy II, decommissioned
CUSKSS 348decommissioned
DIODONSS 349Guppy II, decommissioned
DOGFISHSS 350Guppy II, decommissioned
GREENFISHSS 351Guppy III, decommissioned
HALFBEAKSS 352Guppy II, decommissioned
SS 353 - 360 cancelled
HARDHEADSS 365Guppy IIA, decommissioned
HAWKBILLSS 366Guppy IB, decommissioned
ICEFISHSS 367Guppy IB, decommissioned
JALLAOSS 368Guppy IIA, decommissioned
KETESS 369decommissioned
KRAKENSS 370decommissioned
LAGARTOSS 371decommissioned
LAMPREYSS 372decommissioned
LIZARDFISHSS 373decommissioned
LOGGERHEADSS 374decommissioned
MACABISS 375decommissioned
MAPIROSS 376decommissioned
MENHADENSS 377Guppy IIA, decommissioned
MEROSS 378decommissioned
SS 379 - 380 cancelled
SAND LANCESS 381decommissioned
PICUDASS 382Guppy IIA, decommissioned
PAMPANITOSS 383decommissioned
PARCHESS 384decommissioned
BANGSS 385Guppy IIA, decommissioned
PILOTFISHSS 386decommissioned
PINTADOSS 387decommissioned
PIPEFISHSS 388decommissioned
PIRANHASS 389decommissioned
PLAICESS 390decommissioned
POMPHRETSS 391Guppy IIA, decommissioned
STERLETSS 392decommissioned
QUEENFISHSS 393decommissioned
RAZORBACKSS 394Guppy IIA, decommissioned
REDFISHSS 395decommissioned
RONQUILSS 396Guppy IIA, decommissioned
SCABBARDFISHSS 397decommissioned
SEGUNDOSS 398decommissioned
SEA CATSS 399decommissioned
SEA DEVILSS 400decommissioned
SEA DOGSS 401decommissioned
SEA FOXSS 402Guppy IIA, decommissioned
ATULESS 403Guppy IA, decommissioned
SPIKEFISHSS 404decommissioned
SEA OWLSS 405decommissioned
SEA POACHERSS 406Guppy IA, decommissioned
SEA ROBINSS 407Guppy IA, decommissioned
SENNETSS 408decommissioned
PIPERSS 409decommissioned
THREADFINSS 410Guppy IIA, decommissioned
SPADEFISHSS 411decommissioned
TREPANGSS 412decommissioned
SPOTSS 413decommissioned
SPRINGERSS 414decommissioned
STICKLEBACKSS 415decommissioned
TIRUSS 416Guppy III, decommissioned
TRUMPETFISHSS 425Guppy III, decommissioned
TUSKSS 426Guppy II, decommissioned

Tench SS 417 - class

Ship's NameHull NumberHomeport / Status
TENCHSS 417Guppy IA, decommissioned
THORNBACKSS 418Guppy IIA, decommissioned
TIGRONESS 419decommissioned
TIRANTESS 420Guppy IIA, decommissioned
TRUTTASS 421Guppy IIA, decommissioned
TOROSS 422decommissioned
TORSKSS 423decommissioned
QUILLBACKSS 424Guppy IIA, decommissioned
SS 427 - 434 cancelled
CORSAIRSS 435decommissioned
SS 436 - 474 cancelled
ARGONAUTSS 475decommissioned
RUNNERSS 476decommissioned
CONGERSS 477decommissioned
CUTLASSSS 478Guppy II, decommissioned
DIABLOSS 479decommissioned
MEDREGALSS 480decommissioned
REQUINSS 481decommissioned
IREXSS 482decommissioned
SEA LEOPARDSS 483Guppy II, decommissioned
ODAXSS 484Guppy II, decommissioned
SIRAGOSS 485Guppy II, decommissioned
POMODONSS 486Guppy II, decommissioned
REMORASS 487Guppy III, decommissioned
SARDASS 488decommissioned
SPINAXSS 489decommissioned
VOLADORSS 490Guppy III, decommissioned
SS 491 - 521 cancelled
AMBERJACKSS 522Guppy II, decommissioned
GRAMPUSSS 523Guppy II, decommissioned
PICKERELSS 524Guppy III, decommissioned
GRENADIERSS 525Guppy II, decommissioned
SS 526 - 549 cancelled

Dolphin AGSS 555 - class

Ship's NameHull NumberHomeport / Status
DOLPHINAGSS 555decommissioned

Tang SS 563 - class

Ship's NameHull NumberHomeport / Status
TANGSS 563decommissioned
TRIGGERSS 564decommissioned
WAHOOSS 565decommissioned
TROUTSS 566decommissioned
GUDGEONSS 567decommissioned
HARDERSS 568decommissioned

Albacore AGSS 569 - class

Ship's NameHull NumberHomeport / Status
ALBACOREAGSS 569decommissioned

Grayback SSG 574 - class

Ship's NameHull NumberHomeport / Status
GRAYBACKSSG 574decommissioned, later LPSS 574
GROWLERSSG 577decommissioned

Darter SS 576 - class

Ship's NameHull NumberHomeport / Status
DARTERSS 576decommissioned

Barbel SS 580 - class

Ship's NameHull NumberHomeport / Status
BARBELSS 580decommissioned
BLUEBACKSS 581decommissioned
BONEFISHSS 582decommissioned

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