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USS Richard L. Page (FFG 5)

- formerly DEG 5 -
- decommissioned -

USS RICHARD L. PAGE was the 5th ship in the BROOKE - class of guided missile frigates. Decommissioned on September 30, 1988, RICHARD L. PAGE was given to Pakistan in March 1989 where the ship was renamed TABUK.

The ex-RICHARD L. PAGE was returned to the US Navy in Singapore on January 15, 1994 . There the ship was sold for scrapping on March 29, 1994.

General Characteristics:Awarded: May 24, 1963
Keel Laid: January 4, 1965
Launched: April 4, 1966
Commissioned: August 5, 1967
Decommissioned: September 30, 1988
Builder: Bath Iron Works, Bath, Maine
Propulsion system: 2 Foster Wheeler 1,200 psi boilers, 1 GE steam turbine, 1 shaft, 35,000 total horsepower
Propellers: one
Length: 414,4 feet (126.3 meters)
Beam: 45 feet (13.5 meters)
Draft: 26 feet (7.9 meters)
Displacement: 3,425 tons
Speed: 27 knots
Aircraft: one SH-2F (LAMPS 1)
Armament: one Mk 22 Mod. 0 guided missile launcher for 16 Standard SM-1 MR, one Mk 30 5-inch/12.7cm gun, MK 32 ASW torpedo tubes (two triple mounts), one Mk 16 ASROC missile launcher
Crew: 17 Officers, 219 Enlisted

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Crew List:

This section contains the names of sailors who served aboard USS RICHARD L. PAGE. It is no official listing but contains the names of sailors who submitted their information.

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Accidents aboard USS RICHARD L. PAGE:

April 21, 1987off Virginia
RICHARD L. PAGE collides with and sinks the disabled fishing vessel CHICKADEE, which was under tow by another fishing boat, during a high-speed run in heavy fog off Virginia. The incident leads to calls for more drug testing of sailors, though no use on the PAGE is ever uncovered.

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About the Ship's Name:

Richard Lucian Page, born in Clarke County, Va., on 2 December 1807, entered the U.S. Navy as a midshipman in 1824; was promoted to lieutenant in 1834; and to commander in 1855. Sea duty, included assignments as executive officer and commanding officer of INDEPENDENCE during the Mexican War, commanding officer of the brig PERRY on the African Station 1852-54, and commanding officer of the sloop-of-war GERMANTOWN on the East Indies Station 1857-60. He also served three tours of duty ashore as an ordnance officer and one tour as executive officer at the Norfolk Navy Yard.

With the secession of Virginia, Page, then assigned to the Norfolk Navy Yard, resigned from the U.S. Navy and, after joining the staff of Governor Letcher of Virginia, began organizing a State navy and constructing fortifications along rivers of the Tidewater area.

Commissioned Commander in the Confederate Navy in 1861, he served as ordnance officer at the Norfolk Navy Yard and at Charlotte, N.C. In 1864 he was commissioned Brigadier-General in the Confederate Army and placed in charge of the outer defenses of Mobile Bay. There, he defended Fort Morgan until that fort fell to Union forces under Farragut and Granger on 23 August 1864. Page, a prisoner for the remainder of the Civil War, returned to Norfolk after his release and, from 1875 to 1883, served as superintendent of public schools. Brigadier General Page died at Blueridge Summit, Pa., on 9 August 1901.

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