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USS Sioux City (LCS 11)

USS SIOUX CITY is the sixth FREEDOM - class Littoral Combat Ship and the first ship in the Navy named after the city of Sioux City in Iowa.

General Characteristics:Awarded: December 29, 2010
Keel laid: February 19, 2014
Launched: January 30, 2016
Commissioned: November 17, 2018
Builder: Marinette Marine, Marinette, Wis.
Propulsion system: two gas turbine engines, two diesel engines, waterjets
Length: 377 feet (115 meters)
Beam: 57.4 feet (17.5 meters)
Draft: 13.5 feet (4.13 meters)
Displacement: approx. 3,000 tons full load
Speed: 45 knots
Armament: one Mk-110 57mm gun, one RAM system, two Mk-46 30mm chain guns
Aircraft: two MH-60 helicopters
Homeport: Mayport, Fla.
Crew: approx. 50 core crew (two crews) plus mission crew

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Crew List:

This section contains the names of sailors who served aboard USS SIOUX CITY. It is no official listing but contains the names of sailors who submitted their information.

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About the Ship's Coat of Arms:

The Shield:

The shield colors are those of the Iowa state flag. The three sections denote the Sioux City Tri-State Metropolitan Area, or “Siouxland,” as it is known locally. The Sioux chief depicted symbolizes the rich history of Sioux City and is similar to images displayed on the Badgerow Building in downtown Sioux City. War Eagle, the most celebrated chief of Sioux City, was presented a peace medal by President Martin Van Buren. The peace medal became War Eagle’s most prized possession and displayed a tomahawk crossed with a peace pipe, signifying War Eagle’s brave leadership and his love of peace.

The Crest:

The six stars denote LCS 11 as the sixth FREEDOM Variant ship of its class. The stars are colored red to symbolize the courage of the Sailors that crew USS SIOUX CITY. The compass rose represents the Lewis and Clark expedition and is colored green to symbolize the territory covered in the area now known as Sioux City. The flowing blue and white ribbon denotes Sioux City as the navigational head of the Missouri River.

The Supporters:

The Sergeant Floyd Monument, the United Sates first designated National Historic Landmark, is located on Floyd’s Bluff overlooking the Missouri River in Sioux City, and honors U.S. Army Sergeant Charles Floyd. Sergeant Floyd was the only man to perish on the Lewis and Clark Expedition and was buried near the monument’s location on August 20, 1804.

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The photos below were taken by Michael Jenning on September 13, 2019, during an open ship event aboard USS SIOUX CITY (LCS 11) as part of the Connecticut Maritime Heritage Festival at New London, Ct.

Click here for more Photos.

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