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USS Paul (FF 1080)

- decommissioned -
- formerly DE 1080 -

USS PAUL was the 29th KNOX-class frigate. Homeported in Mayport, Fla., PAUL was decommissioned on August 14, 1992 and subsequently leased to Turkey. Stricken from the Navy list on January 11, 1995, PAUL was sold to Turkey on January 9, 2000.

General Characteristics:Awarded: August 25, 1966
Keel laid: September 12, 1969
Launched: June 20, 1970
Commissioned: August 14, 1971
Decommissioned: August 14, 1992
Builder: Avondale Shipyards, New Orleans, La.
Propulsion system: 2 - 1200 psi boilers; 1 geared turbine, 1 shaft; 35,000 shaft horsepower
Length: 438 feet (133.5 meters)
Beam: 47 feet (14.4 meters)
Draft: 25 feet (7.6 meters)
Displacement: approx. 4,200 tons full load
Speed: 27 knots
Armament: one Mk-16 missile launcher for ASROC and Harpoon missiles, one Mk-42 5-inch/54 caliber gun, Mk-46 torpedoes from single tube launchers, one 20mm Phalanx CIWS
Aircraft: one SH-2F (LAMPS I) helicopter
Crew: 18 officers, 267 enlisted

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Crew List:

This section contains the names of sailors who served aboard USS PAUL. It is no official listing but contains the names of sailors who submitted their information.

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USS PAUL Cruise Books:

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USS PAUL History:

USS PAUL's keel was laid in September 1969 at Avondale Shipyards, Westwego, Louisiana. She was christened and launched 20 June 1970, and was commissioned 14 August 1971 at the Boston Naval Shipyard.

After fitting out, PAUL made her debut with the Atlantic Fleet as a participant in the Atlantic Escort Exercise (LANTCORTEX) during February 1972. Afterwards, PAUL entered the Boston Naval Shipyard where she received the Basic Point Defense Surface Missile System (BPDSMS) and the Light Airborne Multi-Purpose System (LAMPS).

In the latter part of 1972 PAUL departed the United States for the Western Pacific and arrived off the coast of the Republic of Vietnam on 23 November and immediately went into action in the support of ground troops ashore. One of PAUL'S first Gunfire Support missions was of Chu Lia Provence, where Lance Corporal Joe PAUL, for whom the ship was named was killed in 1967.

PAULís homeport was changed to Mayport, Florida, in August 1973. In June 1976 PAUL sailed to Camden, New Jersey and Beverly, Massachusetts to observe the National Bicentennial. The ship's first regular overhaul was in the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard from January to November 1977.

PAUL commenced a rigorious two year employment schedule in the summer of 1978 with a three month deployment to Northern Europe. This was followed immediately by another return to Northern Europe as part of the Standing Naval Forces Atlantic in 1979. Late in 1979 the Tactical Array System (TACTAS) and Harpoon missile system were installed.

In March 1981, PAUL aided rescue attemps off the Bermuda Islands when the Israeli bulk carrier MEZADA sank in heavy winds and heavy seas.

The ship's seventh deployment took place from October 1983 to May 1984. During the deployment PAUL supported the Multi-Peacekeeping Force in Beirut, Lebanon. From September to November 1984 PAUL operated away from homeport for two months during which the ship carried out assignments in the Caribbean and Eastern Pacific Ocean.

During the early part of 1985 PAUL was the first ship in the Mayport basin to pass the newly formatted Operational Propulsion Plant Examination (OPPE). The ship received the Phalanx Close-In Weapons System (CIWS) in June and began preparations for Readiness Exercise (READEX) 2-85 in July.

Underway 26 August PAUL sailed on one of its most challenging and longest deployments. The ship participated in Exercise Ocean Safari, NATO Exercise Display Determination í85, Exercise Iles D'Or and Operation Attain Document (Phases I-III). PAUL returned with the SARATOGA (CV 60) Battle Group 16 April 1986 after having recieved the Navy Unit Commendation and Navy Expeditionary Medal during the eight month deployment.

After successful completion of a Drydock Selected Restricted Availability (DSRA), Refresher Training, and numerous local operations, PAUL participated in a two month Mediterranean deployment and law enforcement operations.

PAUL embarked on one of her most successful deployments in February 1988. During the six month Mediterranean deployment PAUL received the Hook-Em Award for being the Sixth Fleet's premier ASW platform. Upon return to Mayport PAUL started an intensive SRA. In January 1989 PAUL completed the SRA with an extremely successful Light Off Examination (LOE). PAUL returned to the Second Fleet as a fully operational asset, participating in law enforcement operations and refresher training.

On 8 March 1990, PAUL departed Mayport for another Mediterranean deployment. Assigned to the DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER (CVN 69) Battle Group, PAUL visited nine different ports before returning to Mayport on 8 September.

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USS PAUL Patch Gallery:

Med 1981HSL-36 Det. 7 - MED 90-2

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