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Frigates - FF

Frigates are anti-submarine warfare combatants that are mainly used for escort missions. Since these ships are single mission ships, it is not planned to build any new frigates for the US Navy.

Bronstein FF 1037 - class

Ship's NameHull NumberHomeport / Status
BRONSTEINFF 1037decommissioned
McCLOYFF 1038decommissioned

Garcia FF 1040 - class

Ship's NameHull NumberHomeport / Status
GARCIAFF 1040decommissioned
BRADLEYFF 1041decommissioned
EDWARD McDONNELLFF 1043decommissioned
BRUMBYFF 1044decommissioned
DAVIDSONFF 1045decommissioned
VOGEFF 1047decommissioned
SAMPLEFF 1048decommissioned
KOELSCHFF 1049decommissioned
ALBERT DAVIDFF 1050decommissioned
O'CALLAHANFF 1051decommissioned
GLOVERFF 1098decommissioned

Knox FF 1052 - class

Ship's NameHull NumberHomeport / Status
KNOXFF 1052decommissioned
ROARKFF 1053decommissioned
GRAYFF 1054decommissioned
HEPBURNFF 1055decommissioned
CONNOLEFF 1056decommissioned
RATHBURNEFF 1057decommissioned
MEYERKORDFF 1058decommissioned
W. S. SIMSFF 1059decommissioned
LANGFF 1060decommissioned
PATTERSONFF 1061decommissioned
WHIPPLEFF 1062decommissioned
REASONERFF 1063decommissioned
LOCKWOODFF 1064decommissioned
STEINFF 1065decommissioned
MARVIN SHIELDSFF 1066decommissioned
FRANCIS HAMMONDFF 1067decommissioned
VREELANDFF 1068decommissioned
BAGLEYFF 1069decommissioned
DOWNESFF 1070decommissioned
BADGERFF 1071decommissioned
BLAKELYFF 1072decommissioned
ROBERT E. PEARYFF 1073decommissioned
HAROLD E. HOLTFF 1074decommissioned
TRIPPEFF 1075decommissioned
FANNINGFF 1076decommissioned
OUELLETFF 1077decommissioned
JOSEPH HEWESFF 1078decommissioned
BOWENFF 1079decommissioned
PAULFF 1080decommissioned
AYLWINFF 1081decommissioned
ELMER MONTGOMERYFF 1082decommissioned
COOKFF 1083decommissioned
McCANDLESSFF 1084decommissioned
DONALD B. BEARYFF 1085decommissioned
BREWTONFF 1086decommissioned
KIRKFF 1087decommissioned
BARBEYFF 1088decommissioned
JESSE L. BROWNFF 1089decommissioned
AINSWORTHFF 1090decommissioned
MILLERFF 1091decommissioned
THOMAS C. HARTFF 1092decommissioned
CAPODANNOFF 1093decommissioned
PHARRISFF 1094decommissioned
TRUETTFF 1095decommissioned
VALDEZFF 1096decommissioned
MOINESTERFF 1097decommissioned

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