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USS Constellation (CV 64) WestPac Cruise Book 1971-72 and Cruise Bravo Cruise Book

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Table of Contents:

When USS CONSTELLATION reached the scheduled end of her WestPac Cruise, the Navy ordered the ship to remain in the western Pacific. This extension of the deployment is covered by the "Cruise Bravo" Cruise Book.

Table of Contents:

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Here you can download the USS CONSTELLATION (CVA 64) WestPac Cruise Book 1971-72 as well as the Cruise Bravo Cruise Book as high resolution .pdf files. You will be able to zoom in to better read names etc. Printing is also easily possible because of the high resolution and the missing watermarks. Please note that the scans in the download are the same images like above, however, they have not been resized. That means that everything that's visible in the scans above will be visible in the .pdf files as well. Click here for a sample page.

  • High Resolution Images, suitable for printing
  • Two .pdf files, one for each book
  • Images are in the book's original order (not sorted like the scans above)
  • No watermarks
  • Double pages with overlapping images will be provided as a single page, not as two separate pages
  • .pdf files, 293 and 84 pages, filesizes: 400.36 MB and 79.29 MB
  • both books together $30.00 USD
  • Instant download
  • Click here for a sample page

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