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US Navy Cruise Book Reproductions

I'm working with Frank Arre's Classic Cruise Book Reproductions ( to provide you with the opportunity of having an old cruise book reproduced. All reproductions are in an 8x10 format regardless of the book's original size. The scans are printed on 24 lb, 98 bright paper (double-sided) and plastic see-through covers are then inserted front and back. Finally the book is bound with a black plastic comb to hold it together. Please note that this is not a hard-cover book.

That's how a reproduced book looks like (click to enlarge):

What does it cost?

$10-30 for the high resolution PDF file as source of the reproduction

Pricing for the actual reproduction is as follows: $.50 per page   +   $13 for binding   +   $20 for shipping

For example if your book has 100 pages, the PDF will be $15 (see the cruise books list for PDF pricing information). The price for printing the pages is 100x$.50. That's $50. The prices for binding and shipping are fixed which adds $13 (binding) and $20 (shipping) which results in a total reproduction cost of $98 for the book. As an option, you can add a CD with the digital files to your order for $10.

Special for January 2021: 10% off any book reproduction
(Discounts only apply to the reproductions done by Frank Arre and do not include the PDF files.)

How do I order?

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