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USS Flying Fish (SSN 673) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Flying Fish (SSN 673). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 143 crew members registered for the USS Flying Fish (SSN 673).

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Seeman, RichardCWO4Jun 19, 1966 – Mar 23, 1968R
Spalti, RoddET-1(SS)May 1968 – 1973Reactor OperatorQualified EOOW toward end of assignment. RCDiv LPO.
Lavoie, Terry1969 –
Dorn, DavidETR21969 – 1970ElectronicsI was part of the plank owner crew. I was transferred off the 673 early to go to the best boat at the time, the USS Lapon SSN 661 ( look it up). It made the submarine hall of fame. See you at the reunion in Aug 2015.
Dornsife, BillLT USNJan 15, 1969 – Jun 8, 1971OperationsCommissioning crew Communications Officer. Qualified as as EOOW about a year after reporting. Struck in the engine room standing six on and six off due to shortage of nuclear trained officers. Three ORSE boards finally.
Doby, FrankMM1Feb 1969 – May 1973M Division (Nuc)Precommissioning unit. Was 4th enlisted to report aboard and last of original crew to leave. Good boat.
King, RogerMM2(ss)Apr 1969 – Sep 1971Auxiliary divisionGreat bunch of guys starting with commissioning crew. I was happy to end my enlistment on the flyingfish.
McGaughey, PhilipEMC(SS)May 1969 – Jan 1972E DivisonGreat being part of Commissioning Crew left to go to Recruting Duty at the same time as Kenny Holcomb and Jim White. Stayed in Navy until DEC 1988> After 32 years retired as a LCDR.
Johnston, LarryIC1(SS)Jun 1, 1969 – Apr 5, 1971
Scully, Robert "Andy"RM2(SS)1970 –CommunicationsSR,1969 NTC Orlando Company 067,CC BMC Robert E. Hoeffler, RMSN RM A Scol Bainbridge MD, Fleet Morse Scol Newport RI, RMSN(SU) Flyingfish Pre-comm unit Groton CT, 1970 USS Flying Fish (SSN-673) NORVA. Never liked NORVA.
Bunner, Frankex marine1970 – 1970family memberanyone remember mark brunner. he was on the flying fish in jan. 1972 when we visited hjm at portsmouth. va. i recall bejng proud of him and feeling awe at seeing his sub. mark brunners uncle frank
Scully, Robert "Andy"RM2(ss)Dec 1970 – Feb 1972OperationsPlankowner
Blow, CliffEM11971 – Nov 1975Made back to back runs, Portsmouth Shipyard overhaul, Sea trials off St. Crox, dry dock at Holley Lock, drank the Dolphins!!
Bayliss, LarryMM2(SS)1971 – 1974MGreat to find this site and find Bart and Schuerman registered. Sorry to see the 673 decommissioned. Will never forget 3 long trips up north, nor the parties at the Ocean house in Portsmouth. Designing websites now for a living.
Garrett, JohnE51971 – 1972ECM
Bartholomew, Dennis "Bart"MM2(SS)Aug 1971 – Aug 1974M
Bonfoey, RichardSTS2Feb 7, 1972 – Dec 7, 1974Weapons
Schuermann, Larry "Quackster"MM1/SSMar 10, 1972 – May 10, 1975MMade the 1972 long run and both the "back to back" long runs in 1973. Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in 1974. Early out in May, 75 to return to Univ. of Missouri. Graduated in May, 77 with a BS Mech. Eng. Lithium Bromide forever, more alcohol pleas
Weightman, DennisTM3(SS)Jun 12, 1972 – Oct 24, 1975WeaponsAfter 36 years I confess. I put the duck in the Goat Locker bilge en route from CT to Norfolk in '74. The quacking was not your imagination. The duck and I left as soon as the brow was laid. It wasn't a rumor XO.
Collins, Travis, (Spook)FTG1(SS)Sep 1972 – Jan 1977
Mike, HagleyMM2/SSOct 1972 – Mar 1976Aux
Breen, RichardSTSCS(SS)1973 – 1974Weapons (Sonar)Great boat, wonderful one-crew! Made 2 Spec-Ops, earning SSN-673 the only 2 NUCs of her life-span; she had previously received a MUC for another Spec-Op. The Sonar Gang was fabulous!! Truly loved the boat -and- the crew!!!
Giles, Tim (Tr)ET2(SS)Jan 1973 – Jan 1977
Wallace, CharlesETN-2Mar 1, 1973 – Jul 20, 1973ReactorRO/RT only on board for a few months. Went thru NUCPWR school with Biddleman who went to the Shark.
Carmody, BertLT (JG)May 20, 1973 – Jul 10, 1975Supply Officer"Long Run #2 in 73." Overhaul in Portsmouth, NH. Back in Norfolk working boat up for 1975 deployment cycle. #2 tour - went overseas to NAS Cubi Point. Separated 1976. Reserves through 1997 at CSS4 and Chas Nav ship yard Retired as a Captai
Farris, BobIC1/SSJul 5, 1973 – Apr 1976EGreat crew. Outstanding Captain.
Geiger, KennQM2(SS)Jul 10, 1973 – Jan 10, 1977Operations / NavigationEarned my Dolphins & Bluenose here. Portsmouth shipyard, Back to Back Long Runs, Many months out to sea - I think we traveled almost everywhere except the Med. Made the Bremerhaven Germany trip. Looking for Danny Newman - Anyone remember him??
Miller, GlenMM1(SS)1974 – 1978MI've never met anyone that parties as much! Made North Pole run, Bremerhaven, Germany, and many Lauderdale runs. Good to see some old names, Bart, Larry Scheurmann, Larry Bayliss. Anyone seen JD or Mike Buchanon?
Bryant, StanFTG1Feb 19, 1974 – Sep 29, 1978Weapons Fire ControlMy first boat and first time as sea. The FT gang was a fantastic group of people.
Krpata, TomETR2(SS)Mar 1974 – Jan 1977Forward ET* Portsmouth Naval shipyard. -Memorable first trip out to sea * Sea Trials in Carribean. * Ft Lauderdale. * March 1975 earned Dolphins. * Long run July 1976 -also memorable -Scotland -Navy Expenditionary Medal (North Atlantic) -Blue Nose
Brennan, Mark "bear"PN2(SS)Apr 5, 1974 – Jun 10, 1977ADMINHalf the crew got married in Portsmouth NH, sea trials, back to back northern runs, qualified and end up battle stations chief of the watch. How about the north pole, and tore up from the floor up in Bremerhaven. What's basket leave?????
Behnke, JamesFTG2Jul 1974 – 1979Weapons Fire ControlArrived in Portsmouth Shipyard did back to back northern runs North Pole, Germany, Halifax,Liberty Med Run, Got off when heading to the shipyard again.
Yates, DonMM2Aug 1974 – Sep 1979A Gang
Thompson, JohnMM2Feb 1975 – Aug 1977M2 trips north, north pole cruise, multiple trips to Lauderdale.
Lang, Michael G. (Mike)MM1(SS)Apr 1975 – Jan 1978MMade several Northern Runs, Ice-X 77, and way too many to Lauderdale. Picked up the end of the Ray's Med run. Bremerhaven, Ger. was outstanding. Qualified everything back aft and everything forward including Diving Officer.
Duvoisin, RickMM2(SS)Oct 1975 – Jun 1978A gangNorth pole, Bremerhaven, Lauderdale, Halifax
Goff, John profile iconTM2 SSNov 1975 – Aug 1979Weapons
Nuckols, DonaldET11976 – Sep 1979Ops/NavSINS ET. Came aboard sometime '76. Went to ICEX-77, Bremerhaven, and Med, and others. Retired from the boat in '79. Loved the sub life, would almost go back today, if my old bones didn't ache so much.
Tullis, BobEM2(SS)1976 – 1979EngineeringICEX77, Bremerhaven, NNSY, and lots of others. Good boat great people. Went on to train at S8G prototype. Did first of class testing. You haven't lived until you slam the main steam stops shut at 100%+ power.
Loch, MerlinMS3Feb 1976 – Aug 1977SupplyMy first ship, sailed to the North Pole, played softball out on the ice, April 5, 1977
Thurman, MichaelIC2Feb 1976 – Jan 1979EFaslane (Scotland), ICEX77, Bremerhaven, overhaul, and lots of others. Good boat with even better people. Went on to USS Gurnard in San Diego. These days, I'm the Education Services Specialist for Navy Recruiting District Seattle.
Knox, SteveLTMar 1976 – Jan 1979ET, RM, EM, MMFt. Liquordale, Bremerhaven, Faslane, second half of Ray's Med deployment. Got my Gold Dolphins at the North Pole. Served with Jack Williams and then Tom Meinicke. Just missed the last Northern Runs. NNSY in 1978.
O'brien, Robert "ob"IC3(SS)Jul 2, 1976 – Nov 14, 1978Engineering/IC (forward)
Gunderson, PhilEM1Dec 25, 1976 – Feb 13, 1981E-DivI remember the a lot of the guys and that we spent a lot of time babysitting an MG set. Never thought ice would form on the bulkheads in the engine room - boy was I wrong.

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