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USS Francis Scott Key (SSBN 657) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Francis Scott Key (SSBN 657). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 182 crew members registered for the USS Francis Scott Key (SSBN 657).

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Rose, GeorgeFTB21965 – 1969WeaponsWas plank owner and on board during construction. Made 5 patrols. qualified on both diesel and nuclear boats. for a central texas guy it was some experience. discharged and went to university of texas. love America
Dougherty, ThomasIC2 (SS) 3354May 1, 1965 – Dec 18, 1968ElectricalPre-com Crew,Great crew'S. The Blue and the Gold. A real character builder. I'd serve on the "KEY" again in a heart beat. I got a little emotional when I heard she was Decomd. I wear my Key cap when I'm feeling down. Great way to
Laporte, CharlesMMC(SS)Sep 1965 – Sep 1969MachineryPlank Owner (Blue Crew) + 5 patrols. Great Ship, Great Crew, Well Done!
Komac, MattFTB21966 – 1969weaponsWas on commissioning crew and made three patrols before leaving the navy.
Goss, TomFTB1(SS)Mar 5, 1966 – Nov 25, 1969WeaponsPlankowner; served two patrols: first Blue, then MK84 school @ DamNeck, then another Blue Patrol.
Welch, LarryMM1(SS)May 1966 – Aug 1971EngineeringWas on the commissioning blue crew & made 9 patrols
Eubanks, LeeJun 15, 1966 – Jun 20, 1972NavigationDid 14 Patrols on her, best ship ever served on. Home e-mail ""
Norrholm, LeifLT1967 – 1969Engineering
Delasco, MichaelET1(SS)1967 – 1971Reactor ControlSix patrols on the Key with some of the best people in the Navy. It's hard to make it through a day that a "Sub Story" doesn't find it's way to surface! Great memories made that have shaped my life forever. Thanks for the experien
McClain, William / BillMT-2(SS)1967 – 1969WeaponsI missed being a plank owner by a few months.
Snell, GreggCM3Feb 1967 – Feb 1971BEST TIMES OF MY LIFE
Hopkins, HoppySK3Sep 1967 – Nov 1969SupplyI couldn't have served my country with a better group of men. I am proud to have served on the Key
Rev. Ronald E., Davis, Jr.YNSNDec 4, 1967 – Sep 10, 1968AdminMy first boat. I was working for YN1 Eddie Norman Neal and he trained me well. I only had the opportunity to make one patrol out of Charleston. If I remember correctly it was one of the long ones that the Key made.
Cope, LesETN31968 – 1970Nuclear ET3 patrols, Qualified in Subs
Johnson, EdEMJan 26, 1968 – Feb 15, 1969EM
Sanford, FrankSEAMANApr 8, 1968 – Apr 9, 1969seaman crewLooking for Curt Bower(s)
Strong, Senior ChiefMM3(SS)May 27, 1968 – Dec 13, 1971MTrying to reconnect with a few great friends
Arrendale, RockyET SECOND CLASSOct 1, 1968 – Sep 1, 1970Navigation ETI still cannot believe I got to drive that boat, watch dolphins and stand topside while underway at night! What an incredable learning experience for a young man. Nothing but great memories. Favorite times include chow, movies and sleeping.
Hole, WilliamCS3 (SS)Nov 3, 1968 – Sep 2, 1971SUPPLYGreat ship, great times and great crew. Capt - "Liquid" Lou Yarger. XO - Chuck "I'm In Charge" Harner.
Cwiklinski, RonaldEM2Jan 1969 – Jan 1972I grew up during this time and for the better!
Singleman, Jr., Alfred (Sing)FTB2(SS)Sep 7, 1969 – Mar 19, 1975WEAPSPlease check our website for reunion 2004 info.
Crump, PhilipSTS2(SS)Nov 1969 – May 3, 1974SonarGreat ship and crew.
Andrus, DavidTM3Nov 1969 – Jan 1973Weapons
Springsteen, ThomasE-4Dec 1969 – Oct 1972StoresWhat a great crew, they took an obnoxious kid and turned me into someone that mattered. Miss them all,I was referred to as SAPA only those who served with me would know what that means & and only those derserve to know.
Borntrager, Josephem51970 – Sep 17, 1973em
Higgins, FredEMCS(SS)1970 – 1971E NUCGreat boat for a boomer. I had orders to a college in San Diego CA under the ACOP Program. So my job was to qualify as an EOW in one patrol and go back to school for two years.
Christie, RussMT1Feb 2, 1970 – Oct 28, 1975WeaponsLots of good memories and a few bad ones. 7 patrols + ovrhl
Tuvera, FilipinoTNSSJul 14, 1970 – May 11, 1971Been awhile folks! To all the officers and enlistedmen we tour with, Long live!
Vigolo, Paule-3Nov 1970 – Apr 1974seaman gangbest bunch of guys I served with. many memorable moments. Panama Canal, Shipyard in Bremerton.
Bailey, MichaelMTC(SS)Dec 2, 1970 – Jul 31, 1975Missile/WeaponsMade 2 Patrols, went to the shipyard at Bremerton, WA and then 2 more Patrols. Was promoted to E8 while on board. We had a great time in the shipyard. This was my last ship before retiring.
Mijanovich, Dr. DennisMT2, MT1, MTC1971 –Weapons LPO
Hansen, John profile iconETC1971 – 1976RCBoth Blue & Gold crews
Privett, William A. profile iconstorekeeper/sk3 (ss)Jul 6, 1971 – Dec 23, 1974seamensenjoyed my three patrol, and refits
Edie, WilliamSNAug 1971 – Jun 1973Steering andEnjoyed every minute of the expierience
Elger, AlCWO2Sep 21, 1971 – Aug 8, 1973ENGINNEERING
Persons, Bill - Halflife1972 –Bill B Persons served on the FSK and passed away on September 14, 2001
Hughes, CharlesHMC(SS)1972 – Aug 1976MedicalBest years of my 20 yr. military career - would go back tomorrow. Saddened when the Key was decomissioned. Memories gradually fade, but subservice is forever. As of today, still employed as PA-C at VAMC, Salisbury, NC
Fortier, DennisETC(SS)Feb 1972 – Dec 1974NAV
Aumen, StephenCS3(SS)May 14, 1972 – May 20, 1974CookOf the four submarines that I served on there were none better than the Key and her crew.
Wetmore, DennisYN1Nov 1972 – May 1976admin
Stiger, RickIC2 SSDec 1972 – Jun 1976
Mullen, Dan ( Mole )QM 3Dec 16, 1972 – May 8, 1975NavigationIt's so odd that at the time your on patrol your only thought was you couldn't wait to get back! Now as time has gone bye so quickly, I at 62 now only wish I could turn back time and experience it all over again.
Murdock, RobertET1(SS)Dec 26, 1972 – 1977Reactor Controls

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