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USS Simon Lake (AS 33) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Simon Lake (AS 33). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1267 crew members registered for the USS Simon Lake (AS 33).

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Miller, ScottHT11976 – 1979Rubber & Plastic ShopBoarded the lake in Rota Spain & sailed back with her to S.C. Any old buddies that are sober by now get ahold of me. My e-mail is
Dennis III, JimmieIC31976 – Apr 28, 1979Repair Dept.I worked in the engineering department . from 1976 to 1977 it was ok but transfered to the repair department early 1977 until I left. I enjoyed my job and the people I worked with from rota spain to Charleston SC .
Wammes, WhamoBoatwain's Mate 3rd ClassJan 1976 – Oct 11, 1978Rigging Locker remember calling it the slimy snake, remember Spain and the surrounding towns, remember how all the bar's were called the American Bar or the Russian Bar, remember a mill stick, use to do all the rigging, remember
Daniel, DavidETSNJan 1976 – Apr 1979WeaponsGREAT CREW!
Withrow, JackieMR3Jan 1976 – Jul 1979R2Was aboard in Rota and Charleston. Great times, great buddies.
Brock, FredE-3Jan 1, 1976 – Sep 17, 1977Engineering-IC ShopIC man, was aboard in Rota, Spain and rode ship back to Charleston, SC to go into Dry Dock. I am looking for Don Darling, we served during the same time period and got out of the Navy at the same time in Charleston.
Breitkreuz, BradDS5Jan 10, 1976 – Jul 1, 1979S8I was on the Simon lake while it was station in Rota Spain. We left about 4months later and returned to Charleston, SC. I left the ship in 1979. Worked on all of the Univac systems, key punches,ect. Currently working IBM
Reeson, DanHT2Feb 1976 – May 1979R-1Flex-hose shop56c My sister came to visit married Tom Boyd hes still my brother-in-law.
Bartolillo, Vincent profile iconE2BMFeb 24, 1976 –2nd did divisionI was on the Simon Lake in Rota, Spain. Best time of my life.
Abare, JoeSK2Feb 26, 1976 – Oct 9, 1979S5Reported aboard in Rota, made great friends and had a great time. Rode her to Charleston and through the yards then on to the first ship at Kings Bay. Got to love Southern hospitality!
Wilson, Donald F.MR1Mar 1976 – Dec 1976R3Sound analysis shop......Spain is great......crossdeck to AS-34
Cann, JamesIM 2Mar 3, 1976 – Jun 1979R-2Would enjoy hearing from my shipmate that remberse James ,Jimmy Cann worked in Typewriter and cal lab miss everyone and had some of my best years back then . text or call 903-952-9864 living in s. TX engbd3@gmail. Com
Shepardson, Brian "Shep"SK 2Mar 12, 1976 – Oct 5, 1979S-1, S-2, & S-5Worked with a lot of good shipmates, also played hockey in Spain and a lot of softball for the ship's team in Charleston.
Evarts, ChristopherYN2Apr 1, 1976 – Oct 1, 1979XReported CSS16 OPS TAD in Rota-YNSN retd to AS33-Leave YN-Pers Office.After overhaul in Chasn snt TAD to CSS18 ADMIN YN3 retd-AS33 as YN2 in Repair when ship dep for Kings Bay. Our email is
Parent, MarcTMT2Apr 4, 1976 – Mar 31, 1979W-1I reported to the Lake in Rota, Spain, served in SubRon16 for 1 year, rode it back (through the hurricane) to Charleston Naval Shipyard for complex overhaul, went up the river to the FBM site, where I left in 1979.
Waskow, CraigIC2May 1976 – Sep 1979EServed from Rota to Charleston to Kings Bay in IC shop.
Antosy, JimDP2May 1, 1976 – Dec 1977S8I was looking at some pictures on line and they brought back wonderful memories of our time in Rota.
Carville, BrianTM2Jun 1976 – Jul 1978weapons
Clark, TerryPM1Jul 1976 – Nov 1976R1Loved the Med! When Piedmont AD-17 left Naples I reported to the Lake. Canopus to the rescue and kept on tapa hopping. Wife and I lived in Chipiona and still return often Retired in 93 as CWO4 Again following 2nd career as Labor Relator
Ingram, JohnHT2Jul 1, 1976 – Feb 10, 1980Damage ControlServed on the Slimy Snake from Rota to KingsBay. Afterwards I said USN never again! But retired from Naval Reserve Chattnooga April 2001. Never say Never. Would like to hear from my shipmates from Damage Control and find out how everyone is doing.
Perez, Laurent MarcYN2/YN1Aug 1, 1976 – Jun 1, 1979XWorked in the Legal Office and subsequently became Captain's Yeoman and Officers Records Yeoman. Went on to complete 25 years in the Navy. Retired as a Lieutenant Commander in 1997.
Proctor, William/billET2Aug 24, 1976 – Feb 2, 1979Radiological Controls(R5)I served aboard the Lake starting in Rota, Spain, for 5 months. Then we came back to the States enroute to go to the shipyard for refurnish all systems, conversion from Poseidon to Trident. Served 30 mos.
Laughlin, Bigdavefroked HT3Oct 1976 – Feb 7, 19802nd div deck & r-3 rubber & placticsI made the trip from Rota to Charleston,to Gooose Creek then to Kings Bay. Man did we have fun back then. Playing poker everytime we went out to sea,partying all the time. Taking nooners down at the river, fond memories.
Berganski, MikeBM2Oct 10, 1976 – Oct 30, 1980R1I worked in the Canvas shop for the 4 years that I was aboard the Simon Lake. From Charleston, SC to KingBay, GA.
Polzin, TomDP2Nov 1976 – Jul 1979S-8I had a great time on the Lake. I enjoyed the guys in the DP shop that I go to meet. I cross decked from the Canopus in Rota and rode the Lake back to Charleston. Separated from her at Kings Bay.
Liles, LarrypmfnNov 15, 1976 – Feb 1980R-1Was hoping to hear from a few old friends ,, Al Bricker ,Jim Bell, Jerry Watkins, Jeff Ward, Ike , Jerry DeVoe , Mike Paine ,Chief Davis Jack Withrow, Rick Peterson, Spent over 3 yrs on Simon lake spain to kings bay
Scott, JamesRM1Dec 15, 1976 – Sep 15, 1977OCCross decked from the USS Canopus when it relieved the Simon Lake in Rota, Spain.
Coutinho, MichaelHTFA1977 –Locker and Sheet Metal ShopHad I been in charge of me I'd drown me at sea. Anyone ever see Lobo Esnpana. Or BT2 Richard Gravlin.
Norman, Art profile iconHT1977 – 1982R1Mike Dunne, J.T. McGrath, Chris Rooney, Ike Elliott, Beaudreax, Charlie Smith... Anybody in nukes out there? Send me a message, but make it brief. I might answer some others, too. Only if you were in R1 or R5. NDT's stick to your own.
Andres, EmilioMM31977 – 1980MI’ve served aboard the Simon Lake from 1977 to 1980 when her homeport was Charleston, SC, Naval Weapon Station, and Kings Bay, GA. I worked out of Div.-M as a MM3. My nickname at the time was 8-Ball.
Bogart, Jamesen31977 – 1980A gang/ACR after steering: engine shop: torpedo retreiver (crayfish)wow , that was some serious work and serious party time for me!!! Met some great people that trained me well!!. Fuzzy, Leroy, and everyone else thanks!!! I got out in 91. what a ride!!!
Sloan, JosephBm31977 – 1980Boats
Rishell, MartyMM21977 – 1981W4
Burgin, BillyEN31977 – 1980EngineeringWorked in Boat Shop. On small boats, elevators and conveyors and the travel cranes.
Harrison, EugeneTM21977 – Dec 2, 1979Weapons 1After college and general business I entered religious life and became a catholic priest in 1993
Smith, FredAS-33Jan 1977 – Jul 1979Master at arms forceDCC USN Retired, currently live in OKC, OK
Steves, RickPN2Jan 1977 – Dec 1978X Division
Stinson, DavidE3Jan 7, 1977 – Mar 1981torpedomanStill Looking for that part of my life -- crazy ride
Conkling, BobBT 2Jan 15, 1977 – Jun 16, 1979B DivisionLoved being a part of the Simon Lake ! Made Many Friends and she served as a Home for 2 years. GREAT Times that will Never be Forgotten...... AS-33...
Hildebrand, MikeBTFNJan 16, 1977 – Jul 6, 1978BWas in the fireroom during the yard period and 6 months of Naval Weapons Station. Transferred to the Compass Island in July 1978
Austin, GeorgePM1Jan 19, 1977 – May 5, 1979R-1
Herrera, MarioTM3Jan 27, 1977 – May 14, 1980W-1, W-2My 1st and best ship in the Navy, had lots of fun and even got 20 and 20 for being UA for 4 hours after working for 24 long hours getting the Mess deck ready for the 1st time after the shipyard.
Davis, EdwardMM-2Feb 1977 – Sep 26, 1979M
Campbell, James (Jim)MM2Mar 19, 1977 – Sep 19, 1980R-2SIMON LAKE was my first Ship, went on to serve on USS Canopus AS-34. Voluntered for SUB duty SSBN-633B was first Sub. Served as Company Commander RTC Great lakes. Served on SSN-709 and SSN-708,as CMC SPAWAR Norfok. MMCM(SS) Retired 30 years
Miller, MartinHTFA - HT2Mar 22, 1977 – Oct 30, 1980R-1Spent almost my entire first enlistment on the Slimey Snake! Picked her up in Charleston in the yards and left her in Kings Bay in 1980
Allen, JeffMR2Apr 1977 – Oct 1980
Drake, PaulHTFN -HT 2Apr 1, 1977 – Mar 29, 1980R-1 56A 17A
Lutz, RickHT2Apr 1, 1977 – Aug 20, 1980R-5 Radconworked with some of the best people I've ever worked with. Worked hard and played hard, some of the best times of my life. Any R-5 sailors out there get in touch.
Darling, JamesE3Apr 7, 1977 – Aug 3, 1978DChello to anyone that knows me
Barnes, StevePH2Apr 10, 1977 – Sep 27, 1981RepairLife was simple then. Partied all the time. Miss all the guys, Russ, Dale, Big Dave, Ken Musselman. Did we have a blast or what?
Hoff, GaryHT3Jun 1, 1977 – Jun 10, 1979tec libarygreat time and fantistic freind like to be back in touch with them all
Ryder (Millett), Jeffreymr2Jul 1977 – Dec 1980r 2spent 3 and a half years in the machine shop. . chief lester was in charge of the shop. email me at
Lopez, Randyqm1Jul 1, 1977 – Jul 1, 1979nav
Gibson, HowardIC2Jul 15, 1977 – Sep 21, 1979RepairWorked in the IC Repair/Calibration shop. Right under the port guns. Send me a line.
Gibson, HowardIC2Jul 18, 1977 – Sep 21, 1979R-3Look back fondly of our time in Rota and even in the yard in Charleston, SC.
Matzen, DonSNAug 1977 – Jul 1980XWow! 26 years later. This was this experience of my life. I'll remember this experience for a lifetime. it was a true learning experience into adulthood
Sutherland, TinkHTCAug 1977 – Sep 1981DCHello to all that remember Tink or later on Chief Tink,Eng Dept.HT shop
Coulter, SteveEM3Sep 1977 – Jun 20, 1980R3-51A
Balch, Charles/charlieE 4Sep 1977 – Sep 1980R 2Just rememberin all the good times and good people! Would like to get in touch.
Williams, CharlesBT2Sep 1, 1977 – Jan 28, 1981I said i would not stay in the Navy and ended up staying 23 years and retiring as a BTCS
Lentz, NeilHT-2Sep 1, 1977 – Sep 1, 1982DCArrived onboard USS Simon Lake from bootcamp as an E1 ,spent 5 years on her an left in 1982 as an E-5 , HT-2. Retired from the Navy as a Senior Chief HT.
Delano, Time2Oct 1977 – Aug 19801st divisioncame on board in the yards, left from King's Bay. What a long, strange trip.
Martin, RussPM2Oct 21, 1977 – Feb 21, 1981Repair R1Worked out of the Carpenter Shop then went to the drafting shop for 1 year and back to the carpenter shop. Anyone remember the begining of Kings Bay when it was only alligators snakes and gnats. Good times!
Miller, JonIM1Nov 1977 – Feb 1980R-2Great tender. Ran the typewriter repair shop under IMCS Hickey. Remember going to Kings Bay to open it up...what a desolate place it was. Fond memories.
Gerlach, SteveOMCSNov 2, 1977 – Oct 29, 1979R-2Picked up Lake in shipyard during Trident conversion. Worked in Optical Shop. Was 2nd class during that time frame.
Martin, RussE-5Nov 24, 1977 – Feb 21, 1981R-1Started Carpenter Shop / moved to Drafting Shop in 79-80 then back to Carpenter shop

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