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USS Canopus (AS 34) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Canopus (AS 34). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 700 crew members registered for the USS Canopus (AS 34).

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Reeves, Rodney "Tex"EN31977 – Jun 1, 1980R2 x31Fhad a great time on that old ship, meet alot of great guys from all over..enjoyed the ride back from Rota, what a storm we went threw. miss it now
Ufkes, DanMM31977 – 1980M Engineroom / Supply POThe things that I hated, those memories have faded. The things that I loved , those happened yesterday. I would re-up now. (Not!) Loved Rota and my Apartment, and Charleston. I remember how those GE breakers would explode instead of trip.
Beach, RonHT11977 – 1989R1 & R8Would love to hear from the old gang!
Hillman, Chuck1977 – 1980A/02N2Good bunch of guys in the division. Rota Spain was a blast. Remember the Drive Inn with no speakers on the base?
Johnson, Philip1977 – Nov 1978S8
Evans, JoeHt11977 – 1993R 8 NDT Lab
Steele, JohnRM2Jan 6, 1977 – Feb 14, 1979Radio / CommHomeport Rota, Spain.
Yocca, AndyRM3Jan 10, 1977 – Mar 1, 1980COMMUNICATIONS
Korbe, GeorgeMR1Jan 15, 1977 – May 1, 1982R-5 RADCON / R-2 Inside Machine Shop
Aloia, JoePO3 EMJan 15, 1977 – Sep 16, 1980E Division
Omeara, RalphSEAMANJan 18, 1977 – Apr 10, 1981deckas i think back all these years they were the greatest of all the people i met i will never forget them. from capt will to chief lingard. i loved when stood qtr deck watches and i rang canopus arriving they were the best of times and theworstoftimes
Hebert, DwayneGMT2Feb 1, 1977 – Jun 15, 1981W3I spent 4 of the my 5 years in the Navy on the USS Canopus. First in Rota Spain and then at the Goose Creek Weapons station. I will never forgot the people and the ship. Sad to see it was scrapped.
Shaw, RonSHSRFeb 19, 1977 – Sep 19, 1979S3Looking for old buddies.
Deaver, JamesHT - 1Jun 1977 – Feb 1979R Division ( Carpenter Shop)
Orange, JeffYN3Jul 1, 1977 – Jun 1, 1979X Division, Captain's Office, Legal, Weapons OfficeI partied like it was 1999, all the time! I would love to get in touch with some of my buds. Funk (Mark Foutain), Made by Matel (Mike Matelski), Joe Fesperman, Dave Humphreys, Mike Fia, YN Garcia (Chico), Frapolli etc.
Mullikin, Jonathan/ JonHT2/E-5Oct 1977 – Jul 1979RepairSitting on the beach watching and playing in the sand with my son who was born there in Rota Spain.
Handley, TimothyE3Nov 11, 1977 – Jul 12, 1980Boats division Enjoy the time I had with shipmates and never met such an outstanding group of people that I think about daily enjoy serving under a fine command Spain was great and goose creek SC was the finest
Sherrod, Harvey ShitrodE-1Nov 20, 1977 – Sep 15, 1981Deck 1St Div And 3Rd Div. Boiler Room B divKelly's disco,Blu Star or Blue Diamond in Rota ,Spain. The Phase One ,Someplace Else The Facuty Lounge and Graylords which was accross theAshely river. All in Charleston South Carolina.
Mendoza, ArmandoEm2Dec 25, 1977 – Jun 28, 1979R-3Hi senior chief works, and cwo3 Palermo. ICC Cunninghum, ICC Snecher. this is armando mendoza email
Velez, ElvinE1-E3, BM31978 – 1981DeckLoved Rota Spain. Stationed at Charleston's Naval Weapons Station.
Joseph, EvansHT1Mar 8, 1978 – Oct 10, 1980DECKLoved it so much I had to go back from 1986-1991
Allen, CollisDNApr 1978 – Jan 1979Dental/Medical
Bender, Williammm3Apr 1978 – Apr 1980R-2
Johnson, JeffEM3Apr 1, 1978 – Aug 15, 1981R3Rota to Charleston, married and still in Charleston. Good freinds, great times. Thanks Senior Chief Works for your guidance.
Kramer, JohnMM3May 1978 – Jun 197931-f , r-2
Salter, BillYN2Jun 1978 – Jan 1982XCaptain's Office, Legal Office. Wild times in Rota and Charleston. Played flag football, basketball, softball.
Lobb, JohnIC2Jun 1, 1978 – Aug 18, 1981R3
Frei, Karl R.MR2Aug 1978 – Jun 1981R-2
Miller, MarkBT3Aug 1978 – Jul 1979Bi was a bildge rat but loved every minute. i wa salso an oil king. stationed in rota, spain
Thomson, GlenMT2Aug 1978 – Jun 1980W4
Melendez, JosePN2Sep 16, 1978 – Oct 1, 1981X- Division-Personnel OfficeArrived at Rota, transferred while at Charleston Naval Weapons Station
Sague, JorgeYN1Sep 29, 1978 – Apr 14, 1981S-5
McLemore, Robert profile iconSH3Nov 1, 1978 – Jun 1, 1981S3
Morrison, StephenHT2Nov 18, 1978 – Nov 15, 1981R1My first ship and what a great bunch of guys. Did we ever work long and hard when the subs were in. The Navy saved alot of money with us! I made deep friendships there and I still think of them often. The "Can-do Canoe" lives on
Terrell, MarkEM3Dec 28, 1978 – Jul 17, 1981EI miss those midwatches standing in front of the electrical switchboard. That's me on the left and FTB2 Mike Walters on the right. Rota was the neatest place I've ever been! Would like to hear from Feeny, Gilligan, and Rios!
Brennan, Walter SmileyMM21979 – 1982I had a great time in Rota Spain, Charleston was a neat place to live. (Go Goose Creek) I learned alot at that time of service and never got greased. I Still miss alot of my shipmates. Good luck in LIFE.
Robert, ClarkE31979 – 1981MARDETLike to here from guys that new me!
Murphy, David (Murph)ICFN1979 – 1981R-5/R-3If you think you remember me from back then. drop me a note!
(Leonard)-haberlein, Arveca (Charly)SK21979 –SupplyGlad to be a part of history, as a woman on a ship. Met some good people. Retired now and still miss the Navy
Hyde, MartyMM1/SS1979 – 1981RADCONI left the Navy in 1981. I returned to college where I received a BS in accounting. I am a retired IRS Special Agent.
Dotski, Steven Aka SkiSK3Jan 3, 1979 – Jan 13, 1981s1used to call me slim
Askin, BobMM1SSJun 1979 – Oct 1981R5RadCon Rangers! Came aboard just after arriving from Rota. Remember the steam generator inspections? Even a huricane couldn't stop the work!
Smith, MiltonET3Jun 15, 1979 – Jun 15, 1981Electrical Repair R-4Submarine Antenna Shop - Bouy Technician
Hamilton, EdwinHM2Jul 1979 – Aug 2, 1980MedicalI enjoyed my year on the Canopus. My previous assignment on Okinawa in support of the Marines was tougher duty.
Lukacovic, August / LukeBM1Jul 6, 1979 – Jun 10, 19822nd/boat/1stenjoyed serving on as-34 like to hear from old shipmates...
Permenter, ChrisEN3Sep 1979 – Oct 1981A division, hydraulis shop / AC&R shopMy first command, she was a good ship. Could not ask for better shipmates. Spent 27 years active and reserve. Retired ENC 1/07
Rodriguez, Martin (Rod)ML3Sep 2, 1979 – Oct 11, 1980R1I was stationed aboard the the Canopus for 13 months in Charleston SC and I have met some very good people while there. Cliff Foreigner, Jim Kelly and those who know me please contact me.
Webster, Kenneth profile iconEN3Oct 15, 1979 – May 24, 1981EngineeringHad the best time on board the Canopus, met a lot of good guys, Charleston SC. Worked the boat, hydr., crain shop while on board.
Evans, JettieSH3Nov 1979 – May 1984Supply S-3Do anyone out there remember Bear from Deck Department? Name Russell Bidding from New York.
Shepard, JimPCSNDec 1, 1979 – Oct 1, 1981XI see only one other PC who served aboard the Canopus, apparently about 10 years after I did. A female PC; we didn't have any women in the post office during the time of my enlistment. It's only now - June 2006 - that I see the ship was scrap
Devereaux, James profile iconMMC(SW)Dec 1, 1979 – May 15, 1982M and AAssigned to the Engine Room/Engineering Department/AC&R shop. Stood duty/watches as Engine room supervisor and Engineering Officer of the Watch, Duty Engineer and OOD inport. Monitored Department Administration. AC&R shop supervisor.
Downs, Gary DownsHT2Dec 20, 1979 – Aug 5, 1983R-1/ 26BI was on the canopus for two tours. I rode her back from rota in june of 80. We hit a big storm and also saved a woman from a life raft. It was an awsome two weeks. Capt. Will was a great guy.
Powell, Chucksk2Dec 29, 1979 – Jul 11, 1981s-5 subsatGreat friends, glad to leave at the time but miss all of the people I met while onboard.... Ah to be young again
Lemons, RandallOM2Dec 31, 1979 – Sep 11, 1981repair 2

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