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USS Canopus (AS 34) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Canopus (AS 34). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 692 crew members registered for the USS Canopus (AS 34).

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Keith, HamptonE3 RADIOMAN1975 – 1976Arrived Holy Loch in time for the Scottish Games, went to Lynyrd Skynrd concert in Glasgow & saw the pipe & drums in Edinburgh Castle! Great Times!! Got medical retirement due to cancer, shipped to Bethesda MD - treatment & discharge
Billodeau, GlennHT first class1975 – 1979Rad con
McLemore, StevenHT11975 – Apr 1978R-1
Merenda, FrankETN-2 E-51975 – Oct 1, 1980W-5 Division
Burkett, TomMM21975 – May 1980R2Came onboard late 1975 at Holyloch.
Thomas, EarlHTFNJan 1975 – Oct 1976R-1Looking for Walter Hobbs or any of the HT's I served with.
Porey, GeorgeMT2Feb 1975 – Jan 1977W4 (i believe)We're still living the ol' days, but our Navy days are a special time. Would love to hear from Dave Narducci, George King, Will Christy, Steve Doud, Tom Kline, Steve Jensen, Rick Nickles, Fey @ the Bay Hotel, Willy Williams & my other Mat
Broom, JimmyYN3Feb 1, 1975 – May 1, 1978yn for the eng log roomhad fun in holy loch, charleston, gitmo, and rota
Iannace, EnricoSK3Apr 1975 – Jul 1979S-5 & Repair OfficeRode her from Holy Loch, Scotland to Charleston SC to Rota, Spain and back to Charleston. Good ship, times, and friends (Murphy, Fitz, Rey); long time ago but not forgotten. Retired SKC(SW) and now with NATO in Norway
Gilleland, Claude GilleyET-2Jun 1975 – Dec 1, 1976R-4R-4 division, Electronics Technician 2nd class.
Gosselin, FrankEN2Aug 1, 1975 – Apr 19, 1977A & RMany good memories while serving aboard in Holy Loch Scotland.
Rice, Calvin (Bear)Tm-2Sep 9, 1975 – Jan 20, 1980W-1I remember the friendship a good many of the crew while on board. There were good times and bad,but the fellowship never leaves. I invite anyone who remember me to make contacting maybe share some memories.
Powell, RandyDP2Oct 1975 – Aug 1979Data Processing30 years later, I've finally connected with one shipmate. Surely there are moreout there....
Medina, JayEM1 (SS)Oct 2, 1975 – Mar 7, 1977E DivRan the engineroom E division crew. Took the ship from Holy Loch, to Charleston for overhaul, to GTMO and finally to Rota. Left the ship in Rota, after a brief trip to Lisbon and several trips for softball tournaments.
Jackson, HarryICCS (SW)Oct 15, 1975 – May 16, 1979ER-3 Gyro Shop on line, Rota, Spain & Charleston, SC
Delles, DouglasMRFNOct 24, 1975 – Sep 5, 1976REPAIRCROSS DECK TO THE U.S.S. SIMON LAKE
Hull Mark, MarkQm-3Oct 31, 1975 – Nov 1, 1979At first i was in deck div,Then became aQM-3rd.class went to raido div.Loved everything i learned in the USN had a daughter that was born in Rota-Spain in 1977 wished i would have stayed in for 20 or more but it was not ment to be.
Ewing, DanielDM3Nov 1975 – Nov 1978R-6 DivisionTook the grand lady thru the yards, rode her to Rota, Spain. Made DM3 in Rota then transferred to Recruiting school staff in Orlando, Fl. Pulled 2nd tour on her from November 1983 to March 1987 as DM2, LPO of Drafting S
Ward, Harry (Taco)EM2Nov 1975 – Dec 1977E DIVI was new to E DIV and Jay Medina took us trained all real well will never forget u Jay or the things u taught us Potter ,Snyder,Daige,and myself ,40 years latter and I still tell my family how much u taught us .vogel
Percoco (Coco), BobYN3Nov 1, 1975 – Jul 4, 1978Captain's office/Rigging LockerChipiona-Wine-Woman-Song Friends---Gino-Wildman-Bar ElGato-Johnny Danderfield Football Best time of my life
Vogel, Gary ( Mike)EM 3Nov 23, 1975 – Dec 31, 1976Rubber & Plastic Shop "Super Shop"
Freeman, JamesHT-3Nov 30, 1975 – Nov 30, 1976DCWas on Canopus at Holy Loch when Holland can to relive.
Patton, PaulBT3Dec 1975 – Dec 1978
Jorfi, LouMT2Jan 1976 – Jun 1979W-4
Young, DanielfiremanJan 2, 1976 – Jan 2, 1976e division,looking for any one that can help me .I need a letter ,from a ship mate that can be a witness to the noise level of the ship yard in charalston .email me at
Byrne, James profile iconHT3Jan 3, 1976 – Sep 11, 1978R1Came aboard in Charleston Naval shipyard, did the REFTRA cruise to gitmo and liberty in Ft. Luaderdale, then the trans Atlantic to Rota. Shop 11A R1 Div. shipfitter shop. Great times, good people.
Whitson, JohnFTB2Jan 8, 1976 – Dec 20, 1977WeaponsHad a GREAT time on the Old Lady. Especially while in port at Rota, Spain.
Daniels, Sr., Edward A.GMTCSJan 10, 1976 – Sep 30, 1980W-3REB Division LCPO. CHNSY overhaul, Rota Spain & back, then CHSN FBM Site. It was the best ever tour. Maintain contact with several alumni. (And yes, I was force converted from MT to GMT.)
De Muth, Robert (Fonzy)F-1Feb 16, 1976 – Oct 7, 1976Repair
Richardson, TonyIC3May 1976 – Oct 1978E-DivisionA chance to say I've been to Gitmo and Rosie Roads plus 2 years of great experiences in Rota.
Cain, LeoSK3May 1976 – May 1980SubsatHad a great time in Rota. Probably partied a little too much. Then sailed across Atlantic into Charleston S C. Miss the friendships I made onboard. Would like to hear from old friends, Lego, Tandum, Chico.......
McCray, KennethE-4Jul 14, 1976 – Aug 10, 1978HTGood Times
Tanner, MikeTM1 SWAug 13, 1976 – Oct 1, 1982w1my first ship age 17 what a rush miss rota more than you know. made a lot of friends in 6 years on board. retired in 95 with 19 years live in mississippi drop an email and say hi
Costello, Daniel J.LI 3Sep 1976 – Dec 1978R-6
Sawchuk, DerekFIREMEN E3Nov 1976 – Dec 1978R-2Loved spain, hated Vanderhoff.
Ippolito, CharlesSNNov 1976 – Dec 19782nd/3rdLooking to get in touch with old shipmates
Gresham, WilliamMR2Nov 21, 1976 – Apr 20, 1979R-2 Inside MachineReported in Charlston Shipyard went to Rota Spain, had great time good crew. I sure would like to see some of my old shipmates. The USS Canopus was my first ship and my last ship. I came back to the USS Canopus AS-34 on another tour later
Garcia, RaoulHT1Dec 1976 – Jul 1979DCRETIRED IN 82' LIVING IN TAMPA, FL.
Wilson, Donald F.MR1Dec 1976 – Jun 1979R-392-A........Didn't make MRC. . Transfer to AS-31
Muir, MiguelE4Dec 1, 1976 – Nov 13, 1979s1living comfortably in tampa, fl work with a bilingual business development company.
Kruse, DonBMSNDec 12, 1976 – Jul 13, 1978Some Refered to me as crazy K and oters as well you know.Great fun when not at mast!Hard times but great lesson in life.Please call any time at 870-431-5896.Miss all my shipmates and wish you all well and Gods speed.

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