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USS Canopus (AS 34) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Canopus (AS 34). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 692 crew members registered for the USS Canopus (AS 34).

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Hahl, JimETR21969 – 1970R-4
Wheatcroft, LeeE-4 SF-31969 – 1971D.C.I served in the ship fitter shop with Cannon,Hartfield,Wright,chief Carrick,chief Banks,Gilmer a great bunch of guys. Remember the 89 days and 10,000 mile crossing well.
Seeburger, TomE-4 EnginemanJan 1969 – Aug 1971A GangEnjoyed all my time on the Canopus.
Scott, HendersonDT3Mar 1969 – Feb 3, 1970Great memories of Spain and thePacific Northwest
Rone, HughRM2Mar 1969 – Mar 1971ops/com
Baldrey, Dave profile iconETN3Mar 1969 – Nov 1972R-4I think about my old friends in R-4 very often. I'd love to hear from them. Write if you can
Olmstead, MikePN2Apr 1969 – Dec 1973X DivisionWorked in Personnel Office. Came on board in Charleston, went through Panama Canal to Bremerton, WA, Shakedown cruise in GTMO, crossed Equator, back through the Canal to Charleston. In Holy Loch May 1970-December 1971.
Henley, GaryGMT2Apr 10, 1969 – Oct 1, 1969W-3Transfered from the Holland AS 32 at Rota. Went to Bremerton Wa. where I was discharged
Vickers, RobertDT3Apr 12, 1969 – May 20, 1970Dental
McDonald, John Chief MacENCMay 10, 1969 – Jun 21, 1972"A"Enjoyed duty with a lot of quality professional Sailors in a country of Wonderful People in Scotland. It was a privlege serving with all of the men which I shared the chief quarters with and worked with.
Garrison, AlonzoSGT. USMCJun 1, 1969 – Sep 30, 1970Marine DetachmentGot aboard whrn she was in dry dock at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard.
Marion, VinceETR2Aug 10, 1969 – Dec 20, 1972R-4Reported at PNSY Bremerton. Equator, Panama Canal, Gitmo and on to Holy Loch. Scotland was great duty, even if the weather wasn't always the best. Been in touch with Cochran, DeCesare & Antonishak. Any more R-4 crew out there? Email me.
Berman, Harold (Harry)EM3Sep 1969 – Sep 1971E
Behrndt, RussIC 1Oct 12, 1969 – May 8, 1970EGreat time. Through the canal to relieve the Simon Lake.
Taylor, Jim/jetRM3Oct 15, 1969 – 1971operations
Duermyer, Tom Or MoOct 16, 1969 – Apr 15, 1971maa first then deck-apePicked her up in Bremerton rode to Charloston 100% veteran now. Had some the best of times and the worst of times.see ya sea mates and all the shellbacks who went through that for the ol-man. later on maties
Stuchlik, PeteSNNov 1969 – Jun 1972Public Affairs OfficeSaw much of Canopus and crew, fried eggs for many of you, served crew & officers too, & Helmsman editor when thru. PSNS to Acapulco we did go, Polliwogs no mo, thru Panama locks under tow, bound for GITMO. Sailed from Charleston's Do
Stuchlik, Klaus "Pete"SNNov 1969 – Jun 1972S-6, s-2(?)-OPS-HM(?)For a brief period of time, during my final year or so, I editied "THE HELMSMAN", prior to doing that I cooked and served food in the general mess under SCPO Toti and son. Now I edit web pages for myself and host two shows on kpsu radio in Port
Flynn, KevinETR2Nov 1969 – Jul 1971R4Rode the ship from Bremerton to Holy Loch and had a great tour in R4.
Austin, DavidSH3Nov 1969 –SUPPLY
Zimmer, BobRM2Nov 10, 1969 – Dec 10, 1972xHad a great time in Scotland-Finally got used to warm beer.
Hinkle, JamesSH3Nov 19, 1969 – 1972S3Looking for Butch Snyder
Orr, BobTM21970 – 1971Steam and 37 shopLooking for info on a TM1 named HALL, Don or Tom.
Franklin, LarryBM31970 – 19722nd
Dyckman, JohnOM21970 – 1972R-2
Wright, Evander/bodeanSN1970 – 1972SUPPLY
Prince, Jerryht21970 – 1972dc div, dc shipfitter shophad a great 2 years aboard. wonderful shipmates and friends. sowed on ht2, the day i left for my new duty station, the uss john f. kennedy cva-67. spent another 2 years aboard another great ship.
Romas, Gregory profile iconCWO1970 – 1973Operations/Communications
Braun, DouglasET11970 – 1973Calibration LabHoly Loch, 70-73, ET1 Calibration Lab, stood quarterdeck watches, occasionally had to move my table in the mess so a torpedo could go through. Entering this info for my dad, Dan Braun
Searle, JamesEM2Jan 1970 – Mar 1974R-3Electric Motor Shop, Rubber & Plastics Shop. Lived at Loch Striven.
Harmon, BobbyE4/MTJan 1970 – May 20, 1972Missile Technician; Played On Uss Canopus Basketball team. Beat every one in Scotland we played except the Olympics team.
Cannon, GritEN 3Jan 1970 – May 1973R-2 X 38I am semi-retired and living in Boiling Springs, S.C.
Letourneau, RayMR3Jan 1970 – Jun 1971Rad ConPicked up the ship in GITMO. Loved everything about Holy Loch. Lived ashore with Wife & Son just up from the base. Still kickin myself for getting out after 6 yrs of active duty.
Testagrossa, GaryPN3Jan 5, 1970 – Jan 14, 1973Admin.Worked in the personnel office checking people in and transferring out with new orders. Barely remember learning how to consume alcohol in Grenock, Glasgow, Edinborough .Traveling, talk about trains, planes, boats and automobiles.
Brewer, AubreyBM3Jan 22, 1970 – 1971Deck, BoatLoved it in Scotland . Now retired from US Steel and enjoying the grand kids an fishing. Hope all the old sailors are doing great.
Sakowich, John (Sak)FAFeb 23, 1970 – Feb 13, 1972Damage ControlI was a shipfitter. The best duty was Holy Lock Even during the fire. You really learned how to work together then. Sorry we loss so many
Smalley, RichardTM2Apr 1970 – Jul 23, 1973Weapons W-4Served two tours. First tour was in Holylock Scotland. Second tour was from 1976-1979 in Rota Spain. Best Wishes to all who served on her.
Foreman, LeroyRM3Apr 1970 – Nov 1971Operations/RadiomanLooking for old shipmates......Holly Loch was one of my best duty station
Sobka, BobEN-3Apr 1, 1970 – Jul 15, 1971R-2 X-38
Desilvis, Tony/evilBMSNApr 1, 1970 – Mar 27, 19722nd ExtraordinaireA shoutout to everybody in DeckForce.At least once a year I sit in the yard with a can of Chef BOY-R-D ravioli my marlinspike at0230 in the pouring rain just to remember where I came from.
Foreman, LeroyRADIOMANApr 10, 1970 – Oct 17, 1971Great Duty Station Scotland
Creer, DougE-3May 1970 – Feb 1972M Division
Sakowich, JohnHT FNMay 1970 – Jan 1972Damage ControlServed on her and enjoyed every minute. Would love to see her now but just found out we sold her to the British to be destroyed. What a shame
Cannon, DerlMM3May 1970 – Apr 1971Outside Machine Shop (X-38)Really liked working with all you men. Also liked Scotland and surronding area. Transfered from Simon Lake in May when Canopus got there.
Ganley, EdEN-3May 5, 1970 – Jul 15, 1971A-DivisionWalked over the gangplank from the Simon Lake in May 1970 and served on the Canopus until I was separated in July 1971
Wright, BrianE-3Jun 1970 – Jun 1972DeckTigh Tearlach & Moss Cottage
Boudreau, HankE-4 SK-3Jun 10, 1970 – Nov 3, 1974S-1 Stores DivisionUSS Canopus AS-34 was my 1st ship out of SK "A" School. Had a very interesting tour of duty and met a lot of good friends and shipmates. The Scottish lassies and pints of lager left a lot of lasting memories for me.
Maroon, CharlesSeamanJul 1, 1970 – Jun 30, 1972R-4 Electronic Repair/Antenna ShopHoly Loch, what a great experience! Still talk with 10 shipmates. I'm amazed by the reverence shipmates have for Canopus duty.Landed at VX1, NAS Key West to finish.Write if you can.
Scully, Jim Nicknamed JuniorTM-3Jul 15, 1970 – Dec 10, 1971W-4 (?) Missle Handling
Wilson, JerryIMIAug 1970 – Jul 1972RepairEM Club Host 1 year & Mechanical Standards Lab. Memory foggy... Those who knew me will understand! Retired in '78. Now a friend of Bill W. for over 33 years... By the grace of God.
Anderson, MichaelSeamanAug 1970 – Feb 1972XDI am looking for some shipmates that I served with during the time I was on the Canopus. The XD Division was the Data Processing on the ship under the direct command of the Ship's XO.
Hanright, JamesEN3Aug 2, 1970 – Jun 1, 1974A GANGWas the best days of my life worked with the best people Boat Shop loved the area Was the best ship ever
Bright, Tom (Tee)TM2Aug 6, 1970 – Oct 1975W4Arrived on August 6, 1970 and stayed aboard until I cross decked to the USS Holland
Wake, RickHT2Sep 1970 – Nov 1971R1
Donley, KirtDM2Sep 20, 1970 – Apr 1, 1974RS DivisionWorked in the Chemical Testing Lab and also worked in the Drafting Shop. Love Holly Lock spent most of my time on Gourock side and Married girl from Port Glasgow.
Finch, GregoryE 3Sep 22, 1970 – Apr 7, 1972
Adams, Steve AdamsBM3Oct 1970 – Aug 19722ndThe Canopus and Scotland, crew and citizens were an unforgetable mix. I ran the missle cranes and travellers too, on duty, nights I was lucky enough to get a slot at the ship's radio station WSTC Wonder Sub Tender Canopus. Great times.
Mangini, RicardoEN3Oct 1970 – Nov 1972" A " Gang. Hyd. Shop and Boats.Enjoyed my tour of duty, loved Scotland...
Adams, SteveBM3Oct 1970 – Aug 19722nd Cranesalso a dj for WSTC, Dunoon was great.
Mussari, AnthonyPC3Oct 29, 1970 – Jul 1, 1971AdminI was a postal clerk and a DJ on Canopus until I was transferred to Prestwick to run the mail up 6 days a week. I actually lived in Kilmarnock
Wade, DonNov 1970 – Nov 197232 yrs. in Holyloch,Scotland
Gray, JackieYNNov 1970 – Nov 1971YNI served aboard the Canopus in Holy Loch for one year - best tour of duty. Lot of fun in Edinburgh and Dunoon! Best friend was Gieger, YN3 - my Office-mate.
Geske, RonaldFTG2Nov 1970 – Feb 1975W2Trained as a FTB. After reporting for duty aboard USS Canopus changed to FTG. Lots of memories of Scotland mostly good.
Stouffer, Al Mutleyus navyNov 1, 1970 – Nov 1, in shipfitter shop dc div with scotty prince gevera hammil sackovich first class willy parrot party at davey jones locker..
Beadle, WarrenETN2Nov 20, 1970 – Dec 1, 1972R-4I had some great times on board and at Holy Loch.
Mann, RickyBt3Dec 1970 – Aug 1974BLiked Scotland
Daniels, Sr., Edward A.MT1Dec 2, 1970 – Dec 2, 1972W-4 & W-5Missile Magazine Supervisor 1971. QA Division 1972. All in Holy Loch.
Bauer, MikeCS3Dec 10, 1970 – Jun 14, 1974Supplyi was stationed aboard the Canopus as a cook working in both chief's and enlisted mess. Decided to remain in Scotland live in Edinburgh.Work in a bank and as a artist .went back to see the Em club torn down miss the good times

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