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USS L. Y. Spear (AS 36) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS L. Y. Spear (AS 36). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 914 crew members registered for the USS L. Y. Spear (AS 36).

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Essenmacher, KenBM31985 – 1989DeckIt was my honer to serve her
Russell, MaryBM1985 – 1989DeckI see some names I recognize. If anyone remembers me send a note.
Jones / Brinkman, AlisonEM2(SW)1985 – 1990R-3 Shop 51A Motor RewindOh my gosh! This is so cool. So many familiar names. Hello to everyone. Anybody in Florida? Remember that time when......
Luitjens, AntjeIM21985 – 1987R-2I also worked in SUBRON 6 at the Ship's Sup office.
Neely, ChrisE5/SH1985 – 1988supply departmentFun times on the Spear...if any one remember me contact me
Dwiggins, DaleEM3Jan 1, 1985 – Jan 3, 1988Electrical
Devine, KathyMS3Jan 19, 1985 – Jan 19, 1987Just wanted to know if anyone was aboard the ship during this period. I believe chief hamilton ran the mess deck
Boyer, PeteHT3Feb 21, 1985 – Oct 8, 1988Repair R-1Met one of the best friends I will ever have here... Just trying to remember why we called Dave Reed "turtle" though...LOL
Jones, SandyEMA1Mar 1985 – May 1990R-3Worked In R3 Sound Analysis Shop and R3 Div Off Admin Assistant
Smith-hedrick, Cynthia (Smitty)SHSN ,SH3, SK3Mar 8, 1985 – Mar 30, 1987SUPPLY S5had a blast at this command. Like to give a shout out to all my supply shipmates. The MA crew, the cooks, and the entire supply department.
McKinnon, EdwardHT3Mar 26, 1985 – Apr 25, 1988DCI had a great time on this ship. 2nd of three ships. Had so many great friends. No one was excluded from "yo mama jokes" so many laughs and good times.
Leach, KeithHTApr 1985 – Nov 1987REPAIR R-8 NDT LABFound out submarine tenders have there own rules... was sent TAD for 11 months to the EMORY S. LAND. then brought back intime for REFTRA in CUBA... How many remember that fun?
Kanuth, Mike Aka GoldentorchHT-1Apr 1985 – Jan 1990R-1/26A R10/38Nwhat a great boat. learned alot aboard that old boat. too bad they sunk her!!
Munger, TerryET2Apr 15, 1985 – Mar 15, 1989OEO1Trips to Halifax, Bermuda and Florida. Overhaul in 86/87 and Refresher Training in Cuba. Gitmo in August! Woohoo. I missed the cruise for Teamwork 88. I remember my shipmates fondly. Good times and bad.
Valley, MichelleDP3Apr 15, 1985 – May 3, 1987ADPI look back on my time on board with great fondness
Brewer, LarryHT1 (SW)Apr 20, 1985 – Sep 10, 1990R-1Retiring from my Navy and Army career, countless duty stations,and all night sub support, I can say the best people I ever associated with were on the "Can Do" Spear. We suffered through good and dark times as a tight Family. You are miss
Tracy, TimMR2May 1985 – Dec 1988R2 31A
Earnest, TimBT2May 1985 – May 1995BLooking for old shipmates in enginering department from 86 to 89...It would be great to hear from my old
Mayfield, Tammy (Tj)EMFNMay 1985 – 1986EMy time onboard had been an experience I shall never forget. After leaving, I returned to the US Navy to serve in Reserve Status as a Storekeeper thirteen years later.
Crawford, LeeBM3Jun 1985 – Dec 19, 1988DeckFound this site by accident, but very glad I did. I missed a few people from the old days and would like to get in contact with them. Hope to find them here.
Tooch, MikeMR3Jun 11, 1985 – Apr 4, 1987R-2 31Ahad some good times remember some good people, for those that remember please forgive my stupidness at the end
Henderson, RobertSM1Jun 15, 1985 – Oct 17, 1988Nav OpsBest time of my life. I still have the paper cup guys. The loan log! back pages! Rhonda/DemiGoddess/Magoo/Mr Rogers/Elvis! 240 letters won't cover all my friends there. Hey Jerrod! I'm in Vegas now, as a trueblue electrical engineer
Valentino, Dan (Rudy)BM2Jul 1985 – Jul 1989DeckHung out with Barry Swavely, Joe Green, Brian Shephard/
Harvey, FrankMR3Jul 15, 1985 – Sep 28, 1987R2Gitmo was a blast and Norshipco was a toilet..Looking for Mark Hawthorn, Vicky Czarnik and Wilma Wright...
Benton, BobbyHT2(SW)Aug 15, 1985 – Aug 15, 1990R1
Springer, MarandaDK3Sep 1985 – Sep 19882nd Division/DisbursingThe Bahamas was a blast! Luv you guys my close friends were Steve, Chris, Andy, Sky, Carla. Deck; Stone, Spicer, Sears "Big Red" Learned a lot in Disbursing; Roy, Bev, Tommy, Anthony and Ronnie. I have wonderful memories
Sargent, LindaET3Sep 1985 – Sep 1990R-4loved my time aboard. Made many friends. Miss the old girl.
Card, MichaelGMG2Sep 12, 1985 – Dec 1, 1988W-2 ArmoryMet alot of good people on the ship.
Hoad, Howard HaroldBM 3Oct 1985 – Jan 13, 1989DeckHow do you sum up a period in your life. Not easy. Anyone who remembers me is MORE than welcome to get in touch. Would like to know if I helped anybody along the way.
Helms, Donald (Bubba)HT 2Oct 1985 – Apr 1988R-1I had some great shipmates while on board. I recognize a few names. Would like to now how my shipmates are doing after so long.
Price, ColetteTM3Dec 1985 – Jul 1987Deck/WeaponWe formed a bike team while onboard it made the trips to Nova Scotia and Florida eventful. We off loaded our many torpedoes in Yorktown and the khakis gave us a spendid party. I couldn't make it to quarters the next morning. Miss you all!
Stewart, KellyHT3Dec 6, 1985 – May 1, 1988R1
Fralix, TimMM1Dec 20, 1985 – Dec 1, 1987R-5Learned more about radcon here than a 688 sailor should be allowed to know. Best R-5 shop in the "History of the Navy" and major league partiers also.
Gamsby, Donald (Bruno)MR2Dec 29, 1985 – Jul 14, 1990R2-31AI learned alot onboard the Spear, made some good friends, and hope you all are doing well.
Gamsby, Donald (Bruno)MR2Dec 29, 1985 – Jul 14, 1990R2-31ACouldn't remember what email address I used last time I was in here so had to make a new one. Great times and memories wouldn't trade it for anything.
Essenmacher, Ken (Essy)BM31986 – Nov 1989DeckAS-36 is a great memory to have, i wouldn't have missed it for the world.
Wright, GeorgeHT 21986 – 1991R-1/QA I had a great time on the Spear. It was home for a long time. Spent some time in Sheet-metal shop, Weld shop, and Quality Assurance.
Essayian, JackHTC1986 – 1992R-6The Port side main deck is secured as the captain's command passageway. Remove all trash through the interior of the ship, unless we are underway along side the pier.
Upton, BradHT31986 – 1988R-3 / 57BHad some good times with some great friends!!
Fullman Duckett Bowers (Mcclain), DebbieNCC1986 – 1990Admin
Gillespie, BruceMR21986 – Feb 2, 1990R2 31A
Currey/painter, CatherineEN31986 – 1989R8Reported on board as Currey then became Painter. I was in 38A to start then transferred to 31F Hydraulic Shop. While on cruise off to A Gang. After cruise Quality Assurance. I had a blast contact if you remember TEX!
(Lease) Deck, Patricia profile iconE5/ML2Jan 1986 – Jan 1991R-6
Hornick (Hall), DiannaDC2Jan 2, 1986 – Sep 11, 1989DC SHOPI worked with Markee, Bodish, Mary Ann, Pierce and a CWO McDermont. It was by far a great experience for me. I did retire as a DCC. I am enjoying every day of this journey we call life. My 22 years in USN was great. :)
Vegh, ChrisMR3Jan 6, 1986 – Apr 18, 1988R2-31AI see Bruno all the time we work together but would like to hear from Lewis Williams (MR1) or anyone who would like to email me.
Gerlach, MattMM3Jan 10, 1986 – May 15, 1988R8The tender life, what fun it was!
Greenlee, Dee profile iconSNJan 10, 1986 – Sep 20, 1986DeckI wasn't on her that long but can say that I had a blast!
McVicker, PatriciaTM3Mar 1986 – Mar 23, 1987WeaponsHave some great memories of the Spear.
Pursel, DougIM3Mar 15, 1986 – May 18, 1988R - 2I was in the MIRCS lab from 1986 - 1988. I also messed cranked twice and was on the HAB team so I met and remember a lot of people from those days. I had a blast. email me if you remember me. I went out with SN Rhona Barnes from deck.
Hair, Everette (Bear)TMC SWApr 1986 – Jul 1989W-2Good command, Yards were hell.
Garr, JeffMR2Apr 19, 1986 – Mar 12, 1988R2 31A
Morris, JimmyqCHIEF PETTY OFFICERMay 1986 – Dec 1993R-8 NDTQuite an experience ... met many wonderful people, as well as some Spearoids
Cook, TimTMT2Jun 1986 – Dec 1989
Morrison, JamesTM3Jun 1, 1986 – 1988W-1
Tooch, MikeMR3Jun 11, 1986 – Apr 4, 1987R-2 31Ahad some good times remember some good people, for those that remember please forgive my stupidness at the end
Black, ScottET2Jul 1986 – Nov 1990OpsEnjoyed my time.
Hummel, JamesBMSNJul 1986 – Jan 15, 1988DeckI should have re-enlisted,I didn't realize it was going to be one of the best times of my life!!!! I met one of the best friends I will ever have, Gilbert Dobison.
Santiago-betances, Abimael/tacoTM3Jul 1986 –W-1 WeaponsBest time ever even with the mishaps. I still telling stories
McCassity, CynthiaBMJul 7, 1986 – May 18, 19881st DivisonIt has been my pleasure to serve her from GITMO to the Naval Shipyard. The days of working in the scullery on the mess decks and loading ship stores. Playing Cards with H & H [I still say they Cheated] - my Sea Daddies
Oleksiw, PaulGMG3Jul 27, 1986 – Oct 3, 1989W-2 (ArmoryChecked on Board in time for Yorktown. Then the Yards(Habitability Team),NovaScotia,Norway,England, Bermuda,and my home New York. Met Too many good people to list.Gunner Reifschneider was right, I think of those times almost every day.
Farrell, TinaBMAug 1986 – Jan 1987repairi wasnt there very long and didnt even get to move anywhere because the one day the ship moved i was at hospital!!! i was there when the ship was at norshipco and we stayed in the hotel. anyone remember suzanne rowden?
Gough, Earl L.TMC (SS)Aug 1986 – Jul 1988W-3Got to work with some really great people. Lots of good memories
Phillips, DaveBT 3Aug 25, 1986 – Aug 25, 1989(Fireroom)Had and made some great memories onboard the Spear. Never thought I would stay in 20 years (17 years in the Reserves so far). I am now a MM1. Would like to hear from some shipmates from 86-89. Where are all the Engineering types? e-mail me
Burroughs, RaymondE3Sep 1986 – Jan 1988'A' GangIf you remember me- give me a shout
Johnson, Steve (Jay/jdawg)ET3/2Sep 1986 – Jun 1990R5 radcon radcalCed curry, docroc, freedawg, skyy,miranda,spencer, diane carr, my other pretty pc,champ,his wife,wanda marie hill,teresa gray,stephanie,xman,jocko, hollingsworth, gilbert, mr2, call me 702/496-2068
Hayton, WayneDNSep 27, 1986 – Apr 1, 1989DentalDidn't see any people from the Dental Department. We were a small group anyway. Any one reads this that was in the dental dept, send me an email.
Smith, LoreyOct 1986 – Oct 1990R3Looking for Dana Olson or Dana Kraus. Where are you? Im in the Army now.
Horste, ClayCLAY HORSTEOct 1986 – Nov 1990R-9, R-7I ended up in the Tech Library pulling prints and manuals for Repair.
Chartier, MarkBM E-3Oct 1986 – Jul 12, 1990Deck deptI had a great time made great friends in my time about the ship.I also learned lots of things that have stuck with me all my years since moving on thru different careers.I wouldn't trade a minute of time good or bad.
Chapman, MichaelMM2Nov 1986 – Mar 1989R-0 ARRS/MDCO
Spencer, BarryET4Nov 15, 1986 – Jan 4, 1991R4Great times with great shipmates
Clegg (Hair), MelodyYNCDec 1986 – Dec 1989Ships Admin
Walsh, Nancy (Bible)YN3/YN2Dec 16, 1986 – Jan 10, 1990Deck/Deck Admin/Ship's AdminI was in Deck Dept from 1986 until I made YN3 in 1988 and worked in Deck ADMIN with Marie Bacon, Melissa Hackert (Harrington), BM2 Tallent & was in Ship's ADMIN working with YNC Clegg and YN1 Kercher from 88-90.

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