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USS McKee (AS 41) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS McKee (AS 41). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 573 crew members registered for the USS McKee (AS 41).

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Cummings, SandyFR1993 –AI am looking for friends who served with me.
Hartsell, TerriSN1993 – 1997D-2
Lilly, KeithBM 31993 – 1997Deck
Bowman, Russell/boE-41993 – 1997r-6
Baker, CherylTM21993 – 1996W3
Rucker, MichelleEN1993 –R 9
Morrow, WendiSK31993 – 1997S1/S6
Cherry, ScottMM1(SW)Jan 1993 – Apr 1996A-GangGreat ship and crew. Would love to hear from shipmates that served with me.
Summers, SueannHT3Jan 1, 1993 – Mar 30, 1993RepairDidn't serve on the McKee but hoping to find some great friends from A-School. Since you can't add NAVDAMCONTRACEN, I thought I might give this a try. Missing many of you much!! :)
Christison, DaleDM1(SW)Mar 1993 – Dec 1998Repair/Supply(ADP)/OperationsI was everywhere on this ship... Drafting,MOC Office, MMA, ADP, Ops Office
Hughes, GaryEM2Mar 1993 – Apr 1995R-3 51A,92A
Davis, JeffBM2Mar 2, 1993 – Mar 3, 19972ndHad fun while I was in. Better now that I am out.
Ali, NatashaEN3Apr 19, 1993 – Feb 20, 2001
Leiter, CalvinBM2May 1993 – Jan 1997DeckCame aboard as an E-2, made it to E-5 before separation. Now working in Chicago area with a Chemical Engineering degree. Hoping to hear from some old buddies.
Foster, PeterMM1/SSMay 1993 – Jul 1996R-5 RadCon
Bustos, AlbertoE-6 / SK1May 9, 1993 – Feb 5, 1996S-1
Smail, TheresaHT3Aug 1993 – Dec 1996R 1
Bravoquezada, JoseMSSNAug 21, 1993 – Mar 23, 1995s2I had a great experience and friends as this command.
Alberts, JamieE4/PC3Sep 1993 – Jun 1997D2/S10Some of the best times of my life. Met my wife Maghan who worked in S1. Great friends and memories. Wish I could go on a deployment just one more time.
Abbott, MarcHTFNOct 1993 – May 1995R-1 57A
Pishock, DebbieLNC(SW)Oct 1, 1993 – Oct 1, 1995Legal
Bryant, CyrusE4Oct 21, 1993 – Dec 8, 1994What's up people? If you remember me please feel free to email me so we can catch up on old times.
Keller, BrianMM1(SS)Oct 23, 1993 – Oct 13, 1995R10/38N
English, Kimberly RaeYN2Nov 3, 1993 – Nov 3, 2001AdministrativeFirst tour of duty at TTF, then from their I went to the Reserve Center at Elder Creek with the USS McKee AS41 until it was decomm'd.
Hodges, DerrickET2Nov 10, 1993 – Sep 4, 1996Antenna Repair ShopSub Base Point Loma, good times back then. Good people, made friends for life. Shout out to my homie Davonda Pierre...had me laughing all the time.
Harper, BrianPN3Nov 30, 1993 – Nov 12, 1997X2Had fun on the Mckee, would love to hear from any old shipmates.
Garza, ReneSNDec 1993 – Aug 1996Deck Dept.
Brown, JodyHTFNDec 28, 1993 – Sep 7, 1997R-1
Harden, DonaldMA11994 – 1996legal/MAA Wasn't the best time while I was in the Navy. But guess it could have been worse. Am retired now and am getting my teaching degree.
Fowler, ArtieBM21994 – 1998Deck
Murillo, TonyaMS31994 – 1997S-2I left the McKee January 1997 not the way I really wanted, getting run over by a ship really wasn't all that much fun. I did meet my husband of 10 years there EN3 Eric Martin! He is now ENC! My bestest of friends was MS3 Rebecca Shipley
Brunn, SteveMR1994 – 1995Machine shop
Meehan, Mary AnnE-31994 – 1996Galley/BakeshopHey old Shipmates....I am especailly looking for my old friends I used to have many good times with from the Galley!
Harden, DonaldMa11994 – 1996Legal
Mireles, MichaelMS31994 – 1997SupplyGreat times! Great crew! I was a little Mexican dude, a cook. Worked Veg prep for a year, in the galley, wardroom and worked for the Captain and XO. Friends with Jose Bravo in bakeshop. Looking for Derrik Llyod & pals
Pietrak, MikeTM1Jan 1994 – Jan 1997W-1/Subron-11A good tour. Thanks Rusty, and all the Weapons Officers and Chiefs. A great crew to work with, Can Do...
Reed, LeslieYN3Jan 1994 – Oct 1996Repair AdminI had a wonderful experience in the Navy and remember those times and friends/colleagues fondly. I hope some paths cross again someday!
Salloux (Faherty), LynSK3Jan 2, 1994 – Jul 1996Supply
Kresge, HerbBMCMar 1994 – Sep 1999DeckGood Times! Great Crew! Hit me up if you know me.
Pepe, DonatoMM2(SS)Mar 1994 – Mar 1996R-9 and S-10Started out in R-9 but ended up finishing my last 9 months in S-10 Expiditing. I was told they needed personnel from the repair shops to ensure that supply ordered the right stuff, system experts as they say.
Daleandro, LouisMS3/SSMar 22, 1994 – Sep 24, 1996S-2the Mckee was a great ship with a great Crew,. I had a great time in the CPO Mess and the Brage and Hawaii twice!!
Topdjian, TjPNSNApr 2, 1994 – Dec 9, 1995Deck then PNHated this ship with a deep hatred. Then transferred to the USS Camden which was worse. But partied on the McKee more than I ever have in my life.
Eachen, MicheleE-4Apr 4, 1994 – Apr 4, 1998S-2
Mullins, RandyMr3Apr 14, 1994 – Aug 17, 1998r-2The thoughts that came to mind when I looked who was on this page. The Drunks of uss mckee. No bar or Mcdonalds was safe .
Nelson, AmyOM2May 1994 – Jan 1999R-4
Blackburn, JimmySAMay 1994 – Dec 1994DeckCrazy crazt times. Miss my old shipmate Tucker... Wow have times changed since then.
McDowell, MarcmrfnMay 1, 1994 – Jul 12, 1997r-2Some of the best partying I ever did! Stand strong "Brew Crew"....
Odom, Travismr3Jun 1994 – Jun 1997r-2the love boat was a blast. Still riding bikes with my best friend mr3 Gonzalez(gonzo)
Cephus-wilson, ToniaSK E3Jun 1994 – Nov 1996SupplyGreat boat...I mean ship! Learned alot and made great friends. Wish I could find all of you!
Thompson, BillHTCS (SW)Jun 1994 – Aug 1997Repair
Wright, Dannye-4Jun 1, 1994 – Mar 17, 1997haz mat
Ruff, Aimee profile iconFN/E-3Jun 1, 1994 – Jun 30, 1997E-Div/A-gang
Stass, Jimbm1Jun 30, 1994 – Feb 15, 1996R-6
Thomas Sr, Ronald WET1(SS)Jul 1994 – Aug 1996Repair - ElectronicsFirst and last experience on a surface ship, some good people in Repair. Had a good time
Hollis, James ChipMMC(SS/SW)Aug 2, 1994 – Sep 15, 1997R-4 (Mast & Antenna)/R-1 Ship Superintendent
Combs/simone, AngelaEMFNAug 4, 1994 – Feb 14, 199757B Repair
Didio, SteveLCDRAug 19, 1994 – Feb 24, 1997S-7/S-9/S-6Had a great time on McKee! My last ship of a 24-year career. Had the pleasure to work for CDR Ron Mathieu and CDR Bill Kowba, both great leaders and men. Many close friends from that tour. Please feel free to email me!
Meyer, JamesSNAug 21, 1994 – Jul 22, 1997Deck 2Just looking for some old deck apes. Drop me a line:)
Porter, JasonIC3Sep 1994 – Nov 1997R-3Worked in 51C, Division Office, Support Office
Lanford ( Acosta), MarbellaAS 41Sep 15, 1994 – 1995DeckBest time my whole 4 years in!
Mims, ReshaMSSNOct 1994 – Jun 1997s-2had a memorable time aboard ship, especially on the barge.
Dominick, Teddy "ted"Oct 1994 – Oct 1995
Dominick, Teddy "ted"Oct 1994 – Oct 1995repair
Johnson, Tiwana/nikki profile iconE3/SNOct 15, 1994 – Dec 27, 1995Deck
Kabalan, LisaSM2Nov 1994 – Nov 1996OPS
Bambrick, RonMM2Nov 1, 1994 – Sep 1, 1998HazmatI started in 38A , but transfered to Hazmat where I worked for about 4 years.
Pugh, RobertBM2Dec 1994 – Aug 1998DeckI am self employed in Real Esatate In NC.

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