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USS McKee (AS 41) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS McKee (AS 41). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 572 crew members registered for the USS McKee (AS 41).

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Morgan, BethETC(SW)1989 – 1991R-4I had a lot of un onboard and miss the R-4 gang! Was sad to hear she was decomissioned.
Dayton, ClintCWO 31989 – Apr 1, 2004EngI was the DCA, I think I still have the bruises from our Crossing the Line activities during Desert Storm.
Sharp, DennisE-5/HT21989 – 1992R-1 11AI reported onboard and went to the sheetmetal shop for a very short time, but I ended up spending the better part of my time on the good ole mckee in the shipfitter shop.
Earl-jennings, KathyE-41989 – 1992AThere were good times and bad times on board the McKee. Being in Engineering sucked at times.I did enjoy traveling to different countries. One good thing is I married Scott jennings and we've been married 14 years with a 14 year old son.
Sisk Benauer, KellyE-21989 – 1990MedicalLooking for my BEST Friend Genyi. I miss you Big Sis
Fairfield, LarryMR11989 – 1991R Div Machine Shop, and Safety Department
Tucker, CharlieHm31989 – 1992MedicalThis was a great duty station! Medical was the best Dept onboard. We worked hard- and played harder.
Bloodworth-smith, GailDP2 (SW/AW)Jan 1989 – Jan 1992S-8
Walsh, MikeMM2Jan 3, 1989 – Jan 10, 1992R-9, R-7, R-4Met some fantastic shipmates here. Hoping to get back intouch with them again.
Dilley/alvarado, MelissaTM3Feb 1989 – Aug 1992WeaponsBest times!
Moore, Charles ChuckHT2Feb 4, 1989 – Jun 1992R1also served from 1995-1996 this was a great ship. I wiss she was still in the fleet
McDermott, BrianHT2/E-5Feb 16, 1989 – Jul 23, 1992R-10/ER01I look forward to hearing from anyone who remembers me.
Newton, LarryMR2Apr 1989 – Sep 4, 1994R-2Had some really Good times here. There are times I really miss being on board.
Hagen, ShannonOM2Apr 29, 1989 – Aug 15, 1992R-4
Linn, MikeET2May 1, 1989 – Nov 30, 1991R-4Looking for any of the ol Cal Lab gang.
Robinson (Robbie), Steve L.MR-3Jun 13, 1989 – Jun 13, 1993R-2
Hutchison, Paul 'hutch"IC2Aug 15, 1989 – Oct 15, 1992EGreat ship. had a great time and met many wonderful people.
Bass, BrianE-3 EMFNAug 17, 1989 – Aug 17, 1991r-3saw the gulf had fun during wog day miis all of my old r-3 pals
Silvey, ShannonSK3Sep 1, 1989 – Sep 1, 1994S1I was a reservist that loved my time on board. I was friends with YN3 Upton, Tammy and YN3 McFarlane, Kelly plus too many others to list
Van Meter, Richard DocHM2Sep 15, 1989 – Dec 8, 1991
Owens, WilliamENFNOct 1989 – Jun 1993R-9I miss all the friends and times on the McKee, i don't and never did enjoy the service but i had fun. Married , have 3 kids, work for a major tobacco company..... My wife owns her own business counseling at risk kids.
Eland, CarinE-3Oct 1989 – Jul 1990Interior Communications ElectricianJust looking. Had some good me.ories on the ship. Would like to get in touch with the people I had a chance to meet.
Bivin, RickMM3Oct 17, 1989 – Dec 17, 1993R-10
Timmons, EricSH2Nov 1989 – Nov 1991Great Ship. Had a great time. One of my best duty stations.
Ott, PaigeNov 14, 1989 – Sep 7, 1992
Cooper, CharlesHTNov 16, 1989 – Oct 16, 1993R-10/ 38N
Warner, BrianHTFANov 20, 1989 – Apr 6, 1991R-1 I was assigned to the 11-Alpha shipfitter shop during my tour on this ship. Had many of great times on our West Pac during January- March of 1991.
Cluck, Robert profile iconMM2Dec 1, 1989 – Jan 31, 1993A DivisionI was the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration tech onboard. Also did some time underway in the engineroom for watches. Hope to hear from anyone that remembers me, would really like to reconnect. Please contact if you ca
Brooks, CecilE-4/HT3Dec 8, 1989 – Aug 24, 1992R-1 sheetmetal shop 17-alphamiss her, loved her wondering whre shi is and who is still out there
Herrick, ScottE71990 – 1992EngineeringBest time I had while in the Navy, even though it was during the First Gulf War.
Wagner, ReneeFN1990 – 1993Deck, DC, Boiler roomI had great time, meet lots of nice people and Got to see a few Places around the world. It was a time of my life will never forget.
Grunden, TerriE1/MS1990 – 1990S2
Earl, KathyE41990 – 1993A-gangwhat a great adventure!
Thompson, MikeRM11990 – Feb 1993R-4
Britt, Tommyht-3Jan 1990 – Sep 1992R-1 sheetmetal shopjust looking to cross some old paths
Zakula, Jeff E-6/HT1Jan 1990 – Aug 1993R-1/56A
Fish, TraceyAS 41Jan 1, 1990 – Aug 21, 1992RMLooking for shipmates from desert storm/shild
Rodriguez, LucyHM3Jan 3, 1990 –MEDICALI'm still working for the Navy.
Gaisser, Tony (Meat)RM3Mar 1990 – Feb 1992R4, SiteTVIt was a blast. Probably shouldn't have been a part of the Wog resistance. That hurt a lot. Stayed in San Diego after the Navy for another 10 years. Now in Michigan. Old buddies be sure to email. Still play football is only crazy I do now.
Bourque, DanHT3Mar 28, 1990 – Mar 29, 1994R-1 56AAnyone been at SIMA Long Beach during 90-92? drop a line, having a tough time finding some old friends there (Moose, Sutton, Chip, where u at?) Wheres Ms.Darlene, the "12-string" hawaiin queen?
Yarbrough, La MonicaMS3Apr 1990 – Nov 1992S-1
Blackmon, DarrylHT2May 15, 1990 – Nov 12, 1992R-1 (THE Shipfitter Shop) 11AA lot of good professionals served on this ship. I had some great times and some not so great times, made the cruise during operation Desert Storm.
Bailey, LeeIC2Jun 1990 – 1993R3/siteTV
Goldman, TinaRM3Jun 1990 – Jun 1992Radio/ComSubGru5I honestly don't remember when I arrived on the McKee but I'm interested in finding crew members. I caught up with the ship in Guam on its way to the gulf.
Newkirk, JosephQM3Jun 1, 1990 – Jul 1, 1991Quartermaster
Cauble, CherylOS3Jul 5, 1990 – Oct 1, 1991OPS/NAV
Gould, EddieSK2Jul 15, 1990 – Jul 15, 1992S-1I served on the McKee during Desert Shield and eventually Desert Storm. We worked hard loading for the war and then cleaning up after we finally left port. Those were an intense 6 months. I look forward to reconnecting with old friends!
Liesegang, DanaEn. E-1Aug 11, 1990 – Oct 25, 1990R-9Im alive and well to those who knew me. I was injured via a crime hidden by the navy. I didnt just fall off of sunset cliffs.
Felix, DanHT3Aug 12, 1990 – Feb 23, 1994R1 56A
Grimm, KevinHT1Sep 1, 1990 – Sep 2, 1995R-1/RTGreat time !! Did west PAC / Desert shield/Storm ... My privilege !!
Monschke, KeithDP3Sep 1, 1990 – May 25, 1994S-8
Krsak, SpencerHT1Sep 12, 1990 – Aug 5, 1994R-1The memories onboard the McKee are not all good. But I still look back on them foundly. I still stay in touch with some of my old shipmates and welcome contact from others.
Monschke, KeithDP3Sep 30, 1990 – Apr 25, 1994S8In ADP division for 4 years. Achieved the rank of DP3. Previous ship was the USS Independence CV-62
Rivas, DinaSNOct 1990 – Apr 1992DeckI enjoyed the friends I made & the travel I would not have had!
Jennings, Corrinna Kuebler profile iconDP2Oct 1, 1990 – Oct 1, 1993S-8 ADPI served with some of the best people who I still keep in touch with and treasure. I still miss the quiet times on the weather decks while underway. I would do it all over again with the some of the shipmates.
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Schonberger, EdPN3Oct 6, 1990 – Jun 3, 1994xLooking for the old admin crew!
Kaleel, PopshtfnOct 15, 1990 – Dec 20, 1993deck/r1 11athe mckee was a good sea command.
Sharpe, RichardHT3Nov 1990 – Mar 1993R-6
Rodriguez, Anamaris (Rod)SHSANov 11, 1990 – Jun 14, 1994S-3I miss my buddies and the good old times yes even the bad ones. Hope everyone else is ok. Getting reconnected through FB. look me up.
Guessregen, JosephMR3Nov 15, 1990 – May 26, 1993R-2 31A and 64Efind me robinson i want to talk to you lol and any others from the old crew.

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