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USS McKee (AS 41) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS McKee (AS 41). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 573 crew members registered for the USS McKee (AS 41).

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Imboden, AmberMRFN-MR21986 – 1989R2Had a great time aboard & abroad. Been a MR ever since,NAS Alameda, United Airlines. Hey Tab we meet again!
Jones, Regan profile iconDeck Ape1986 – 1987DeckWould love to say hi to all of you. Would also like to speak with Veronica Brown.
Cowan, BobbyHT1-HTC1986 – 1990R8 QAThis ship has the biggest collection of DICK HEADS in the US Navy, this is where the bubbleheads sent all of their looser fucking LDO's to get trained by Real Surface Sailors, darn few made it, what a waste of my life...
Frost, Williamhtfm1986 – 1989r1Enjoyed my time in San Diego and on the mckee. Just wanted to see how old friends are doing. Hopefully doing well.
Cox, PaulETC1986 – 1987OEWorked in the Cal Lab. Made Chief while serving on the USS McKee. Sailed on her on the Adak Alaska cruise in 1987.
Wingart, Richard profile icondc31986 – 1990damage control
Moore, T.j.EN-3Jan 1986 – Sep 1989A-GangHad some great times during my time spent on the McKee. the memories the world fair in Vancover Adak and Sewert Alaska. Renting an Isuzu in San Fransico just to drive across the golden gate bridge Madana in seattle.
Coventon, SonjaLI3/Repair Dept HelperJan 1986 – Jun 1987Repair Division, Print Shop, and Photo shop
King, BobE-4Jan 13, 1986 – Jun 22, 1989eng/ btlooking for the old boiler tech engineering crew between 1986 to 1990 .had a lot of crazy and good times on that beast.if your out their hit me up, and also on facebook looking forward to it boys.
Smith ( McGuffie), ShawnE-4Feb 1986 – Nov 1988Great time on the McKee. Married HT2 Robb Smith (11A) then went to Sima San Diego. Looking to connect with old friends. Anyone hear from Eric Lucy, Joe Hooper or Mike Bruce?
Burian, JeffBM3Feb 20, 1986 – Apr 13, 1990I was on the mckee during its earlier years back when I was young and not use to military life I got in trouble alot . I do miss the experinces and life a board the ckee . Im sorry to any other crew members for anything I did back then .
Sullivan, ToniaMR2Mar 1986 – Oct 1989R-2 AND S
Pennell, Jim/primoMM3Mar 1986 – Mar 1987R8Had lots of fun with Robbie Davidson and Maui
Blea, PaulE4Mar 6, 1986 – Dec 4, 1988R7
Borgen, Greg profile iconMR2Mar 10, 1986 – Mar 9, 1990R2/31AJust want to say hi to all I served with. R2 ATTENTION, POST, TWO
Welch, DamonMM3Mar 13, 1986 – Mar 12, 1988R-9, 38A, QAI,Hey Maui, Rob D, Simms, Royce Wolfe and all you other QA package signers. Would like to hear from all old shipmates. There was a lot worse duty stations, than old building 41. Some great people on board.
Wolfram, RonaldMM2/E-5Mar 16, 1986 – Jan 4, 1990R9/R8Remember the 38A Shop. Brian Pendelton and Carl Manning were great friends. Then to the QAI Shop, Damon Welch, Rob Simms, others whose names I have forgotten, so long ago...then transferred to the QA Supervisor shop.
Boudreau, John SFR THRU MM3May 10, 1986 – Dec 15, 1988A- Gang Mckee was a good duty station more good days than bad days ,however a good place to spend a enlistmest glad I was there and not on a CV. Great base to be homeported at and a great city
Ross, JohnHT2May 21, 1986 – Nov 5, 1991R-1looking for any one who was on the Mckee when I was there
Wing, Benjamin / WingnutE-3Jun 15, 1986 – Feb 14, 1990M / R-1 / R-5I Mostly remember all the trips to Tijauna, And hanging out in the Dump Room Wow What a way to waste 4 yrs. Any body who remembers your old pal wingnut look me up Im Living IN NWPA. I also Remember My Pal Laura Torres. Well Keep It real.
Tabaranza, Lamberto ButchMR2Jul 1986 – Mar 1991R-2 31A / R-O ARRSwow. God Bless ALL that served on board the Mckee.
Ladd, DanielOM1/SWJul 14, 1986 – Nov 2, 1993R4 & R-8Spent a few months in the Periscope shop then QAI for 6 months and then served as A QA Supervisor for the remander of my time on the Mckee. Served with great people doing essential work. Looking back now you can see how important it was.
Howard, KevinPM#Aug 1986 – Mar 1989R1Just wondering if there are any patternmakers, hull techs, or molders left out there ?
Effan, BillHT1Aug 1986 – Apr 1992R-7Hello to all from the Technical Library and Planning & Estimating. I communicate with Gus Calandrino & Joe Hunt. Looking for NDT people: Mike Sevy, Jeff Barnes.
Juarez, John "Taco"HT2/HT1Aug 1, 1986 – Jul 28, 1988R-1/17-AAssistant LPO for the sheetmetal shop. Love to hear from anyone who knows me. Find me on Facebook.
Hood, JohnE-4 / BM3Aug 15, 1986 – May 23, 1989Deck, 1st, 2nd and 3rdServed with and was friends with Rob Miller, Harvey Wenderski, Chuck Guay, Chris Whitfield, Tina Yates - Martinez, Bm1 Reese, Bm1 Smith, Sandra Villareal, Macalpin, and many others, If I forgot you, please forgive me, I'll remember later.
Gallagher, Mitchellem3Sep 6, 1986 – Oct 3, 1986r-3Had a great time on the Mckee! I met good people like Irv Echavarria, Todd Toadman, Kieth Adams, Pedro Guajardo and many others! I hope all is well with you brothers. Email me at
Stiers, RonaldHT2Sep 7, 1986 – Oct 6, 1991R1
Acevedo, Jorge Luis (Ace)SM: QM3.: QM1Sep 18, 1986 – Aug 20, 1991Start DEck end OPS/NAVSecon Tours from DEc 1999 to her last date on Virginia Ship Yard. WAs sat to see how the Quartee Deck was given to Civilian in her last date :(
Sandy, RichardMM3Sep 20, 1986 – Oct 28, 1988MI still talk about my experiences and people that I met while assigned to McKee. San Diego was awsome and would like to return. "The Dump Room" is still in my heart. Feel free to contact me.
Tatro, DavidEM2Sep 28, 1986 – Sep 28, 1990E-DIV. EngineeringSo many fun people lost contact with! catching up or just chatting? 619-448-4954 Doug Jones.., David Chapman.., Donna Wheeler.., great people.., fond memories!!! A Salute to Nancy Vanauken. One of the nicest persons I could have ever met!
Kapili, Giovanni profile iconMS2Oct 1, 1986 – Oct 1, 1990S-2Where all the S2 trouble makers?
Anderson, Bill, William, AndyHTCOct 1, 1986 – Sep 1991R10, R8I spent 5 long years on the "love boat". That was to long really, but still, looking back I had a good time there. More than anything else I met a lot of good people. If any of you remember me, please contact me.
Lane, JarrettHT2Nov 1986 – Sep 1991R1 R8 R9Good memories. Remember the trip to Alaska. Late nights in the weld shop, late nights in QA, late nights repairing subs, late nights standing watch . . . maybe not so great memories.
Lightner, JohnE-4 IC3Nov 1986 – Dec 1989Thank you for the memories USS McKEE & San Diego!!! Keep in touch...
Bowers, DavidE-3Nov 1986 – 1988EngOld times to remember on the Love Boat
Addington, DanielTM2 (TMCS)Nov 1, 1986 – Jan 1, 1990W-3
Pangelinan, Roque/pangySKCM/SWNov 10, 1986 – Aug 1, 1988Supply/S7Retired onboard USS MCKEE (AS-41) - 30 yrs
Lightner, John profile iconE3/ICFNNov 19, 1986 – Oct 20, 1989RepairMissin Cali S.T.I.L.L.
Taylor (Kepsel), Deanna TaylorDP2Dec 1986 – Dec 1989S-8I served as part of the data processing division, loved every second especially our trip to Alaska!
Giannoni, Barry / GinoHT2Dec 1986 – Feb 1989R1-11A, S9great ship need more of them
Torres, RobertoBT3Dec 26, 1986 – Dec 1991B - EngMckee was my first ship. WOW, what a ride!! Til' this day I still think about the people that I came to know. She will always hold a special place in my heart as will her crew that she so safely carried.
Morgan, RickyBT3Dec 26, 1986 – Apr 1992B-DivisionHad some good times on the Mckee. Made alot of amazing friends there and would like to get back in touch w/them. I would like to say the McKee and its crew will always have a special place in my heart!!
Morgan, RickBT3Dec 26, 1986 – Aug 5, 1991Eng
Coon, CarlBt3Dec 26, 1986 – Sep 7, 1989BHad a great time on the mckee learned alot taught me how to be a "BT" which i still am today working at a power plant running two big ass boilers, contact me @

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