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USS McKee (AS 41) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS McKee (AS 41). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 572 crew members registered for the USS McKee (AS 41).

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Rogers, AnnE-4 BM31984 – Oct 1987DECK 2NDI enjoyed my yrs of service on one of the best ships. My involvement with our Adak Alaska trip was the highlight of my career. Working with the people truly showing our team spirit. To all my shipmates who served on the McKee . God bless you all.
Williams, PaulaBM31984 – 19881st, 2nd and 3rdUSS Mckee was the good ole days with Bm3 Willie Mae Burge, BM3 Rhonda Travis, BM3 Althea Thomas,BM1 Reese, BM2 Cobb, BM3 Gary Williams and the rest of the gang.Oh I cant forget about Morales and McVey. Email me would love to talk to you
Boylen, DanielFT11984 – 1987FTMiss San Diego a lot. This was way before the gas lamp district was fashionable. ADAK was interesting.
Adrrianza, CarmenMS1984 – 1986Food ServiceA lot of memories in the USS Mckee, does anyone remember who was Ms USS Mckee????
Rogers, Ann (Boats)bm31984 – 19872nd division deck deptMy 3 yrs of service on board were the most amazing time I can remember. I did the Adak Alaska trip, went to Mazatland Mexico, numerous trips to San Francisco. Making a lot of long time friends.
Clayton, Thomas G.DC11984 – 1987R7I worked in the Lock Shop as one of three guys. It was a very small shop. reported on the Ship as A Welder but was placed in the lock shop as I had locksmithing back ground. It was a great time. became a shellback.
Sager, JillE4-E5Jan 1984 – Aug 1984S3
Johnson, Royce CarlMMFR/MM3Jan 1984 – May 1986R-4I'd like to say hi to all of my old shipmates, and an extra loud shout to everyone in 67H Mast and Ant. Shop. Never forget all the good times on board and everywhere else. A pleasure to serve with you, my best to all.
Hannon, Charles C.HT3Feb 1984 – Aug 1986R-1
Cipolloni, MatthewEM3Feb 1984 – Nov 1986R3had a lot of good times. miss my old friends. hope all are doing well.
Rogers, AnnE-4/BM3Feb 1984 – Sep 16, 1987First and Second DeckIt was my first time at being at sea, and I really enjoyed the calmness of the seas. Meeting new people on board extended into my family for yrs to follow. As military will ALWAYS BE FAMILY.
Testa, JamesMR3Feb 4, 1984 – Aug 18, 1986R2Great times on this boat learned a lot and had fun.
Ruggieri, Gino (Rugg)TM1Feb 24, 1984 – Feb 27, 1990W-3
Retzlaff, PaulHT1Mar 1984 – Feb 1987NDTHad lots of fond memories onboard. (Met my wife of 16 years now on that 'Love Boat') By the way, my wife was then known as TM3 Denise Allen.
Truempy, EricTMSNMar 1984 – Sep 26, 1986Moss ShopDoes any here who served around the time I did. Knew or know TMSN Greg A Kinder and how I might be able to find him? I've been trying to find him ever since, I left the McKee.
Roberson, MaryPN1Apr 1984 – Feb 1987PersonnelMet some great friends onboard serving under Captain Robertson - I will always remember the cruises to Canada and Mazatl├ín.
Lofton, TinaQMSNApr 1984 – Dec 1985Navigation
Phelps, Robert (Bob)HT1(sw) Robert s. phelps (AQAO)Apr 4, 1984 – Jun 18, 1987QA divisionI learned a lot and it was the best experience of my life. as a quality assurance supervisor/Assistant Quality Officer.
Riordan, Tim(fat Rio)AS-41Apr 24, 1984 – Jul 1, 1987BT-3worked with a great bunch
Villalobos, Willie profile iconMR3May 1984 – Dec 1986DC-divServed in the engine room then DC Div Repair locker 5 Maztlan and Vancover Have pics email copies on request Made MR2 at NTC-SSC signup to list jun2012
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Yeakel, TomMM-1May 2, 1984 – May 28, 1986
Taylor, RebeccaMM3May 20, 1984 – May 20, 1988AEmergency Diesel Room. Anchor Windlass Room
Bolin, Rickysh3May 22, 1984 – Nov 20, 1986s3
Gilchrist, VictorTM3Jun 1984 – 1986WeaponsWow this sure brings back old memories. I had a great time with my boys MAC and Hinkley and Kenny from Youngstown, OH. Life sure was alot simpler back then. The Navy really molded me into the man I am now !!
Cochran, Todd (Toadman)EM3Jun 1984 – Sep 1986R-3I had a great time working in the "rewind shop" of the R-3 division. I'm actually still in the same line of work. Electric Motor Repair. I Met a lot of great friends that I have lost touch with.
Echavarria, IrvingEM3Jul 4, 1984 – Oct 7, 1987R3Navy was a great experience and made friends with some of the best people. Shoutout's to my best friend Roby ( What-up West Coast !! ) and Gino ( my NYC connection ). Brian , Rosser and all the fellas.
Heather, StewartEM2Aug 1984 – Dec 1989The McKee was a great first tour. E-Div was great, we were like family. I had a great time!
Desnoyers, AlanE-4 MS3Sep 10, 1984 – Jan 21, 1986S2this was my first surface ship that I was on I worked very hard with a great gally crew and made alot of friends and would like to get intouch with them MS5 Crawford thats you
Appelhans, DaveTM3Sep 16, 1984 – Sep 10, 1989Weapons
McCormick, Mike (Mack)TM2Sep 17, 1984 – Sep 18, 1987W-1 Moss ShopIt was a great shop to work in and tons of friends out there I would like to get in touch with.
Gray, MilesE-5 IM2Oct 1984 – Jan 1989R4What I learned on the McKee I still use to this day... fixing US Navy ships and submarines.
Henthorn, RonnieIC1Oct 10, 1984 – Oct 27, 1986R-5 & EThis Ship was Decommisioned too soon. She still had a lot of years left. What a shame.
Miller, MartinHT1(SW)Nov 1984 – Nov 1985R-0Worked in the ARRS office generating and compiling reports for the Repair Officer and Ship Sups.
Major, LesterIC-3/E4Nov 1984 – Nov 16, 1989Electrical
Thielemann, MaryE-31985 – 1986DeckMary (Rollins) Thielemann Served aboard USS McKee from mid 1985-mid 1986. Transfered to work in SubBase 7 Admin due to preg. Received emergency discharge due to a family hardship in July 1987.Trying to connect with old friends from both.
Maldonado, EileenEM1985 – 1987EA Big hug and hello to everyone who served at the same time. Does anyone know what happened to MM Paul Brown the really tall guy on board our ship? I would like to say hello.
Lowden, MichaelMM1 (SS)1985 – 1988R-5 Rad Con
Concannon, KarenE31985 – 1986opsnav
Garcia, TamaraDP31985 – 1987S-8Some of the best years of my life was on that ship! Frakes and I would sit at the top of the ladder in the galley and watch the sailors coming up. Looking to reconnect.
Albright, CherylE31985 – 1987Engineering
August, CraigPM2Jan 1985 – Apr 1988R1Hello all. It would be nice to hear from anyone that served onboard the USS McKee.
Riddell Grefe, AnnieRM3Jan 1985 – Aug 1987Communications
Pipher, DeniseBM2Feb 1985 – Dec 1988Deck 2,3,Rigging Loft,Repair Office, Sail LoftJust looking to get in touch with any old friends
Miller, Eric BubbaEN1Feb 1, 1985 – Nov 15, 1989A GangI loved serving time on this ship after spending time at sea. i made a lot of great friends and i am still looking for tj moore from illinois ,bt smitty from the boston area, and ellen krecker from illinois around chicago.
Peixoto, Mark (Pix)SK2Feb 2, 1985 – Sep 10, 1987S-1 & S-7Mazatlan, Adak, San Francisco. Good times! Supply rocked. I am married with 2 kids and living in the Bay Area. life is good. I hope everyone is dong well!
Rohr, JosephTM2Mar 1985 – Feb 5, 1987W-1, W-3, W-4During time onboard, didn't really get to see to much. I met a lot of good people and made some good friends.
Henderson, Adam ( Hollywood )BT3Mar 13, 1985 – Aug 18, 1989
Vogeding, ViciHMApr 1985 – Jul 1986Medical
Paullin-flynn, SaraPMApr 16, 1985 – Apr 16, 1986ROLooking for K. Barton
Davison, RobMM3Apr 27, 1985 – Jun 24, 1989R-9/R-8/R-7Anyone remember a skinny loudmouthed QAI ? Lookin for Cary Waldrep, Vince Pearce, Dan Wallace, Dirk Livingston,
Neilson-grimm, MickyHT2May 5, 1985 – Oct 23, 1991R-1Seeing whose out there Loved being on that ship & all the good friends I met on the Love Boat!! I still wrk for the Fed Govt and teach welding at the local college in IA/IL feel free to email
Mazzaferro, DonnaPN2May 10, 1985 – May 10, 1987Personnel
Driskell, BunnyEM3Jun 1985 – Aug 1988R-3
Maldonado, EileenE3Jun 1985 – Oct 1986EMAnyone remember tall Paul? What ever happened to him?
Edwards, AnnaSH3Jun 1985 – May 1988S3WOW!! What great times on the Love Boat!!! Have been in touch with several friends but would love to hear from more.
Hardin, DebbieFireman/E3Jun 1, 1985 – Oct 31, 1986FirstBattery/Lighting Shop/ 3rd Division/1st Division
Winter, MitchBT2Jun 6, 1985 – May 1, 1988BI'm seeing names I haven't thought about in twenty years. The Mckee was a great duty station, especially in San Diego!
Winter, MitchBT2Jun 9, 1985 – May 1, 1988BI'm seeing some names I haven't thought about in twenty years!
Roby, WalterIC2Jul 1985 – Jun 1987I enjoyed my time in the Navy and especially on the McKee. To all the people I can recall,Brian, Ech,Rosser, Campbell, Isacc,Veronica,Kathy,Ruggeir,Pam. God Bless!
Pena-gulski, DianaYNJul 1985 – Oct 1987Ship's OfficeMet Paul Gulski on the McKee, he led me to Jesus while underway, we got engaged, experienced Alaska together, married in Aug.87. Celebrated our 22 anniversary in Alaska with our grown children in '09. Still married! Love the McKee!
Terry, SuzanneFRAug 1985 – Oct 1987A-GangHad great times, many friends......and alot of partying.....What a great way to spend my older teen yrs and what a way to grow up fast......
O'Neil, Doc3rd class POSep 11, 1985 – Apr 30, 1989Med
Munoz (Mertz), Julie MM2Oct 5, 1985 – Oct 7, 1993R5
Robel, RussLI3 - LI2Nov 1985 – Nov 1987Repair Admin DivisionGreat time being in my preferred rate for the first time in the Navy. Learned a lot from Chief Thiele and LI2 Ronnie Cunningham. Met Randy Boals and Gretchen (Zeller) Boals while aboard and are still good friends 2014.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1981 | 1982 – 1983 | 1984 – 1985 | 1986 | 1987 – 1988 | 1989 – 1990 | 1991 – 1992 | 1993 – 1994 | 1995 – 1996 | 1997 – now

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