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USS Moinester (FF 1097) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Moinester (FF 1097). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 275 crew members registered for the USS Moinester (FF 1097).

Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1975 | 1976 – 1978 | 1979 – 1982 | 1983 – 1985 | 1986 – 1989 | 1990 – now

Scarbrough, James D.RM31973 –pre commissioning crew//plank owner
Sterlacci, MichaelEM31973 – 1977R
Bepler, Vincent OSSAMar 1973 – Sep 1975OPS/CICWas on Precomm crew. Went to Weswego, LA to bring ship to NNSY Portsmouth, VA. Plankowner, 1st trip to Gitmo; and shakedown cruise. Had a great time until it wasn't. I will never forget the MMCC plankowners of CIC.
Smith, Ernie "Smitty"STG3Jul 1973 – May 19753rdWas a member of the precommissioning crew, present onboard when ship was brought from Avondale Shipyard, Weswego, LA to NNSY Portsmouth, present a commissioning-2 Nov 1974, transferred from Naples, Italy during first Med-Cruise.
Friedman, SteveIC2Oct 1973 – Oct 1977RPlankowner
Watson, Jeffrey H.OSSN (THEN)1974 – 1977OIPre-commissioning crew
De Perro, Joe (Dee)HT31974 – 1977RPlank Owner - Fond memories - thinking more about it now in my later years.......Still with Pam!!!!!!
Wilson, SteveETN21974 – 1978OPS
Bivins, JohnET11974 – Jul 1977ElectronicGreat division, great crew.
Bourgond, GregorySTG11974 – 1976SonarCurrently a minister, professor, author, leadership consultant, husband, father, and grandfather. Was a CS Lewis visiting scholar living in his home in Headington England while I wrote two books. Married 47 years.
Horan, RipSTG31974 – Jul 19773rdPlankowner
Pace, RobertRM2Jan 1974 – Jun 1976OCPlank Owner.....had a great time with a great crew.
McConnell, DaveEMCMMar 12, 1974 – Jul 14, 1978RThis was a great ship for me. I made E-8 and E-9 onboard. My first R-Div. Ensign was Duane Covert he retired as a Captain and I attended his retirement. Hope the ship has a reunion in the future.
Ogburn II, JackOS 3Mar 25, 1974 – Mar 24, 1977OI
Dowdell, EdRM2Apr 1974 – Jul 1976CommunicationsPrecommissioning crew and Plankowner.
Youngblood, ScottMM3May 1974 – May 1976m divgot to be a plank owner on this unique kind of destroyer. this was actually the cleanest boat I managed to be on. does it matter that it was new
Thomas, RonaldRM2Jun 10, 1974 – Aug 10, 1978Comm/ETHad some great times, especially the 1st MED cruise and the ECHO-2 incident.
McConnell, James N. "Mac"FTGSNJun 30, 1974 – Sep 10, 1977Some of the best years of my life!
Lucas, Mike (Luke)MR2Jul 1974 – Dec 24, 1976RPre-comm and Plank Owner. Left on Christmas Eve 1975 on leave and 5 days TAD before discharge in Newport RI. Commissioning crew a great bunch of guys.
Eannone, RobertHt 2Jul 1, 1974 – Apr 1977RepairOn pre-com at a warehouse at Norfolk, Commission crew, first deployment, Shake down, and departed as a plank owner .
Smith, Ernie (Smitty)STG3Jul 11, 1974 – Jun 1, 19753rd DivisionWas on Precomm crew. Went to Weswego, LA to bring ship to NNSY Portsmouth, VA. Plankowner, 1st trip to Gitmo; Transferred on 1st Med Cruise in Naples, Italy. Quad zero, TACTASS operator, LSE, supply PO
Conrod, BruceGMGSNAug 1974 – Dec 19782Plank Owner and pre-com thru 1978
Eichholtz, DannyGMG2Aug 2, 1974 – Dec 4, 19772ndGreat first ship and one that I carry so many memories. Conrad and I were in the same A-school class and Sr. Chief Whitt and Chief Corder taught me a lot.. Steve and Tara even came to my retirement.
Hearn, DanielPN3Aug 6, 1974 – Jan 24, 1976PersonnelPlankowner and keeper of all leave files. Worked with PN1 Hamilton.
Eichholtz, Danny R.GMG2Aug 10, 1974 – Dec 4, 19772ndPre-comm/Plankowner.
Carroll, JefferyMS3Aug 28, 1974 – Nov 10, 1977
Stuart J. Cvrk, StuENS/LTJGSep 1974 – Jul 19771st and 3rdA plankowner, I was the first ASWO to deploy on Moinester.
Thomas, CurtisE5 SHIP'S SERVICEMANOct 1974 – Sep 1976Supply
Harkins, GaryBT2Nov 1974 – Jan 1976BPlankowner
Irwin, ClydeSANov 1974 – Apr 1980SupplyI sure have some great memories of our trip to Italy, and Greece. Worked with a bunch of great guys.
Younger, JerryQM3Nov 1974 – Jun 1977nav-adit was the good years of my life
Leighner, Richard [burt]mm3Nov 1974 – Aug 1978eng
Hamilton, MichaelPN1Nov 1974 – Apr 1976NAV/AD DIVISIONPlankowner! PN1 who along with PNSN Hearn in conjunction with all ship's office personnel and under guiding hands and professional oversight of our X. O. LCDR FIJAK prepared administratively for commissioning of ship..
Harkins, GaryBT2Nov 1, 1974 – Jan 13, 1976BYes, a plank owner
Walthall, StuartSANov 2, 1974 – Mar 1977Served as Boatswains-mate onboard. Gitmo cruise and Med cruise. Good memories......
McGlothlin, MichaelOS 2Nov 19, 1974 – Oct 26, 1977OperationsWas known as Big Mac, came aboard as part of the precommisioning crew and I left the ship near the end of the second Med cruise.
Hall, GladeGMT31975 – 1977ASThe Moinester was my second ship, and last. The experience made me grow up after it was all said and done. I started out SR, then went to Great Lakes for GMT school . I took care of the ASROC launcher like it was my own.
Gaines, ArthurBMCMay 17, 1975 – Aug 24, 1978firstserved as 1st Lt
Hill, DennisTM2Sep 1975 – Aug 19793rd

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