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USS Jesse L. Brown (FF 1089) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Jesse L. Brown (FF 1089). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 241 crew members registered for the USS Jesse L. Brown (FF 1089).

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Sebastian, Lil' ChiefPN31989 – 1992NAV/ADMINWow! Great site! ALOT of good and crazy memories! Party, trouble, and more trouble. Thank God those days are in the past. Any of my old shipmates... drop me a line! Currently serving in the Army. Been to Iraq twice.
Taylor, CharlesBMSNFeb 1989 – Nov 2, 1992DeckHello shipmates! I loved the Brown and my shipmates. I remember the 14 foot seas when the captain gave our SAR Swimmer (STSN) a direct order not enter the drink who went in anyway. My hat went out to his heroism. Live on JLB!
Broussard, RayburnBM3Feb 15, 1989 – May 10, 1994DeckHad some good times.Going through the canal,i lost track and the unitas.If any one was on board drop me a line.
Jack, JackENS - LTJul 1989 – May 1993Deck, Engineering, Nav/adminJLB was my first and only ship- almost made it a career onboard. Fond memories of the sailors onboard, BSing on the mid watch, beach at Rosie and Rio, Panama canal 5 times - last time driving, and shooting the big gun. A was a bad SP.
Hansen, PerryOS3Jul 1989 – Jan 1991O/IUNITAS XXX! Some of the VERY BEST times of my life! Like others, I feel I grew up on board the JLB. We worked hard to safely navigate her thru some rough seas. And, we PLAYED HARD! "O/I Div., I miss every one of you!"
Marquis, PatrickBM3Jul 1989 – Dec 1992DeckHey shipmates, just wanted to see who is still out there,
McCauley, JohnBM2Jul 10, 1989 – Jul 10, 1991DeckGold Ole JLB... I started looking for a ship's patch and ran across a lot of good memories. I will never forget the Panama Canal transit x 7.
Dennis, ChristopherOSSA-OS2Aug 1989 – Jan 1992OIThe best time I ever had in my life. I literally grew up on this ship.
Payton, TonyOS2Aug 1989 – Jan 1992OPS (OI)UNITAS XXX, Strait of Magellan, Curacao!
Phillips, Jimmy (Tex)OS 2Oct 1989 – Feb 1993OIUNITAS to GITMO, Bermuda to Grenada, Gulf to the Pacific, and all the stops in between, also took her to Mobile. Anyone else go from UNITAS to Mobile?
Muhammad, MukhtarLTOct 3, 1989 – Jul 24, 1992SupplyGreat Crew--Great Times. Thank you to all my shipmates for the service and sacrifice. God Bless!
Zapata, ZapRM3Nov 1989 – 1992JLB was my first ship. We had some great times. We were young and dumb on liberty, but got the job done when we were underway. Shoot me an e-mail if you get the chance, I would like to hear from some old shipmates.
Callahan, GeorgeEn3Dec 1989 – 1991A-Gang
Shelley, PatrickSTGSNDec 30, 1989 – Mar 1, 1992combat system
George, RobertFC2 (SW)1990 – 1994Weapons
MacKenzie, DavidMM11990 – 1993M/Aux1
Wathen, MarkQm21990 – 1992NavigationMy second ship.. I remember docking at Mobile AL. I charted the entire trip from Charleston to Mobile . We were supposed to change home ports after Charleston closed. That plan fell through! Loved the ports we visited!
Parker, LarryEM1 TO EMCMar 1990 – Mar 1992EGreat ship, great crew - made EMC in 1991, left just as the females were walking on . . .
Irmen, MatthewBT1Apr 1990 – Jul 1994B DivI worked in the Oil Lab and the Fireroom from 1990 until decomm. I enjoyed the ship but got real tired of the time at sea
Koller, MattFC3May 1, 1990 – Nov 29, 1991WEAPONS
Gary, AnthonyE5/STG2Sep 26, 1990 – Sep 27, 1992CSThis was my first permanent duty station after my 'C' School... I was there when the ship was stationed in Charleston and when they changed it to a fleet reserve ship and homeported us in Mobil AL.
Braid, JamesSeaman1991 – 1994DeckGood times... good people... no regrets.
Teseniar, BarryBM21991 – 1992DeckGreat crew and a pretty good tour. Learned a lot and moved on with life.
Schipper, MitchSTGSN1991 – 1994Weapons/Sonar
Ridgeway, SamathaSeaman/Personnelman1991 –USNRLooking for the name of the XO in the year 1991
Boyd, BradFC2Jan 1991 – Mar 1992W-2My first ship.
Bolatete, PedroPNCJan 9, 1991 – Dec 25, 1993xgreat memories of my ship's office. lil chief, baloo, junior, moore, todd, ync. remember pool parties at my place in summerville? xo reenlisted somebody over there, was that u junior?
Jefcoat, JoeyDK3Feb 1, 1991 – Sep 1, 2001supply
Sanchez, StevenEN3Jun 1991 – Dec 1991AI only did 6 months when females started showing up.
Sanchez, StevenEN3Jun 10, 1991 – Dec 12, 1991AI only did 6 months,just as females were showing up.
Weston, TrevorSTGSNJun 13, 1991 – Feb 1, 1994sonar/ weaponswhat a neat site any of the old crew who remembers me drop me a e-mail
Nichols, SteveMM3Oct 1991 – Jun 2004MI am Looking for MS3 Nick Johnson, anyone know how to get a hold of him?
Whaley, JohnDC1 to DCCOct 1991 – Aug 1992RepairI enjoyed this command the most. The shipmates worked together. They were considerate and willing to help when asked. The first ship I was on with 14 women and they did their part well.
Holt, MarvinEM2Nov 1991 – Jun 27, 1994EI came to the Brown after Decomming the USS Blakely. The Brown was a great ship! I recently found out that one of my co-workers father is a plankowner on the Brown, what a small world. It would be great to hear from anyone from the board.
Solis, LuisMS 3Nov 23, 1991 – Jun 23, 1994MS
Rios, MarioYNSNDec 1991 – Jul 1993Admin
Itoney, MatthewHT3(SW)Dec 5, 1991 – Jul 30, 1994R-1I was in R-Division for almost 3 years. I am looking for HTC(SW) Chris E. Bennett.
Dorsten, JimLTJGDec 27, 1991 – Jun 27, 1994Gunnery, Aux & ElectricalAruba (CDR Herb Hause) to Pensacola (CDR B.R. Malone), what a first ship! Honored to have signed the last deck log at decommissioning. As the Eygptians would say, En shah Alla.
Cohen, StuSN1992 – 1994many
Dockler, SteveBMC1992 – 1994DECK
Tucker, DarbySTG31992 – Jul 27, 1994Weapons/SonarDoo Doo Brown!! I remember when STG1 MacAdam left I was on quarterdeck watch with Eric Martin and Brad stopped to tell me, and I quote, "Darby you will never, ever amount to anything!" Haha! What an asshole! Had a blast!
Mocek, AndyBT3Jan 1, 1992 – Jul 27, 1994Eng
Johnson, NickMS2 Nick JohnsonJan 12, 1992 – Jul 27, 1994Supply S2If anyone wants to contact me my number is 843-685-3897
Delise, GaryRM3Jan 27, 1992 – Jun 10, 1994commPlankowner FML transfer to Egyptian Navy, What a mess that was!!
Kitt, TOSMar 1, 1992 – Jul 1, 1994opsLooking to reconnect with old shipmates.
Brown, Michael (Rob)SKCSMar 10, 1992 – Jul 15, 1996Supply LCPOGreat tour, good Chief's Mess. Went from FF-1089 to FFT-1089. Retired Fed 2005 as an SKCM
Brown, NickBT3Mar 10, 1992 – Apr 13, 1993BoilersHey everyone, I was in B Division from 92-94. Had a BLAST while I served on the Brown. I would love to hear from anyone that I served with. It would be great to catch up. I am in Virginia now but miss Charleston.
Daniels, DaveMS1Apr 1992 – Apr 1994s-2miss the boat, if anyone remembers ms2-ms1 daniels please feel free to email me, i had a great tour
Borschel, ScottMSSNApr 1992 – Jan 1994S-2This was my first command after MS "A" School. I am currently an ETC getting ready to retire.
Merritt, LisaYN2Apr 14, 1992 – Apr 14, 1994Ships OfficeHey JLB, my JLB memories are the bomb! I had so much fun on the ship. Maybe thats why I was always in so much trouble speaking of trouble I married that crazy ass RM3 Kendrick that's another story.
Rhoad, NathanFNMay 1992 – Dec 1993Any other SAM II's out there?
Rhoad, NathanFNMay 21, 1992 – Dec 2, 1994M
Blevins, Jason BrianFF 1089Jun 1992 – Jul 19941st
Robertson, ScottSNJun 8, 1992 – 1994DeckI had fun.
Gray, LarryOS1Sep 1992 – Jun 5, 1994OIGreat to see some of the names that I served with. Had some great fun and memories of the good ole J L Brown. Some of the people that sticks out in my mind are OS1 Murphy, OS1 Renfroe, OS3 Kitt, YN3 Merritt, just a few
Funkhauser, Tami (Funk)OSSNNov 1992 – Jul 1994OPSI used to be Penkivech Before I became Funkhauser. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. A lot has changed since the Brown and I have changed a lot too. Would love to catch up with some of my old friends. Hope to hear from you.
Gregory, Tami (Pinky)OSSNNov 1992 – Jul 1994OPSI was Penkivech before becoming Funkhauser back then. It was great serving with such a wonderful crew. I was really sad to see it all end when we decommissioned her. I would love to serve aboard her once again. Contact me if you remember me.
Byrd, KeithOS1Nov 1992 – May 1993OI
Hansen, ScottET3Apr 15, 1993 – Jun 15, 1994ET
Barrow, SteveIC2May 31, 1993 – Jul 28, 1994E-Division
Texeira, TonySNOct 1993 – Jul 1994Deckbeen a while....

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1975 | 1976 – 1979 | 1980 – 1984 | 1985 – 1988 | 1989 – now

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