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USS Cimarron (AO 177) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Cimarron (AO 177). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 286 crew members registered for the USS Cimarron (AO 177).

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Terhark, JamesMM11995 – 1998M & A
Tanner, SheilaOS21995 – Dec 15, 1998OperationsRemember OS2 Stanley? Well, I got married and joined the Army. I was stationed with 10th Mountain and went to Kosovo for my first duty station. Now I am stationed in South Korea. So, who else remembers the collision at sea?
Mendoza, AntonioCIVILIAN1995 – 1999supplyyo guys, what's up? Sorry i gave some people a hard time back then, i matured up and working in the legal field. Hope you guys are successful in life. And the yrs. spent in the cimarron was the best i have in the military.
Kendall, RonMM2Feb 1995 – Dec 15, 1998MI now live in North Carolina, Married with 5 kids. I own my own Appliance repair company and play drums in a Rock band and record music in my studio.
Wise, AprilEN3Mar 1995 – Mar 1997A-Gang
Lapointe, GabrielAO 177Mar 3, 1995 – May 24, 19961st (hated it)Hey all who remember me. Joey Lanza, Mark Doyle, Robin Tirell, Matty Barthel, Louis Suhy, LT Jack Meagher, and even that 1st div. Officer chick. Good times,great golf, country bar drunks, all aboard the "Love Boat"
Orca, DinaSK3May 1995 – Nov 1998S1I just want to let you all know I had the best time and it was an honor to work with all my shipmates. SH1 Samuel Goscha and I are still married 16yrs now. We have 3 teenage children and currently live in Nebraska.
Smith, LeonE5 (SW) SK2May 6, 1995 – Nov 12, 1998S-1SK2 (SW) Smith assigned as (bulk cargo) Fuel Just wanted to say hello and thanks’ to all of you for the experience and your professionalism we had many long days on deployment. SK1
Barthel, MattMS2May 9, 1995 – Dec 10, 1998S-2STATIONED @ NAS OCEANA/ VFA34
Montgomery, Chris "Monty"SK3Jun 19, 1995 – Oct 31, 1998Supply S-1
Harkless, NadineE3Sep 1995 – Dec 1998Deck to SupplyCan be found on facebook and myspace
Brooks, AntonioSNSep 11, 1995 – Nov 11, 1999deck
MacIas, MonicaE-3 SNOct 1, 1995 – Sep 1, 19961stLoved being out at sea, and looked forward to going underway and spending my time at the Poniolo Cafe
Grant, EugeneMMC(SW)Nov 15, 1995 – Feb 4, 1998RASEWonderful tour on AO177. A real working ship, tight crew, and never a dull moment. "Now go to your stations all underway replenishment detail"
Greaney, JohnOSC(SW)Nov 16, 1995 – Sep 1998OIThanks for all of the great memories OI Division and the CPO Mess!!
Waltz, HeatherOS2Dec 1, 1995 – Dec 1998OIHad an awesome tour on this ship and met some really great people that after 15 years I still keep in touch with!
Dale, RyanDC31996 – Dec 15, 1998Repair. Of courseThis to funny. I want to say thank you for all the good times.And even the bad.I miss all of you even the DCA But will never miss the Navy or Hawaii. Wheres Chubby>>>>Good to see some of you stuck it out. >>Support our Troops>>
Ceaser, MerlinSH1Jan 5, 1996 – Nov 8, 1998S-3What's up Shipmates, I'm still doing my thing.......currently stationed in Yokosuka Japan at Fleet Assist, loving life. Hope everyone is doing well in life, you can hit me up at
Colon, JosephE-6/BM1 (SW)Jan 20, 1996 – Dec 15, 19991stBest Command I've sail with, I enjoy The crew and the officers all was worth to sail with. I really enjoy standing Conning officer underway and The Unrep just made days go quick. excercising on the ship made stress melt. great ship and I miss her.
Brown, EricSNJan 27, 1996 – Nov 15, 19981stJust put on 1st Class (as of Spring '04) and livin' large in Italy!!!!
Gibbs, Robert J.SNFeb 27, 1996 – Dec 15, 19981stHated my first Chief, was going to get out, went to another ship and saw the navy outside his realm. have over seven in now and will do 20 or more.
Cantrell, DamonLTMar 30, 1996 – Jun 1, 1998Electrical/Auxillaries/MPA/Fuelspersian gulf, collision, jebel-ali beach party, melbourne - wow that was a tough drive in through the breakwater, and lots more fun.
Sheares, FrederickOS2May 1, 1996 – Mar 15, 1998OIThis was my last ship/duty station in the Navy. Great crew. Drop me a line sothat we can catch up!
Ruffner, Mark profile iconSM2Jun 1996 – Apr 1997OPS/OC
Garner, ChrisGM3Jun 1996 – Dec 19982nd
McPherson, GeoffBM1Jun 1, 1996 – Dec 14, 1998RASEA great crew. Retired and living in Oahu. Hope all is well for you!!!1
Box, NevinET3Jun 16, 1996 – Dec 15, 1998OEMy second ship, but by far the best time I've had with a crew. We worked hard but we seemed to party harder, didn't we? I can't think of a better sea tour than I had on the 'Ron. Everything from Kona to the was fun as
Harvey (Denton), JamieBTFNOct 10, 1996 – Jun 5, 1998ENG/BThis ship was my first command and taught me a lot! Lots of good memories! I got out of the Navy in 2005 and I am currently a full time student working on my BS in Health Administration.
Belin, TaloshiaE3Nov 1996 – Jun 1998BT
Lavassaur, MicheleE-3Nov 1996 – May 1998M-division
Greathouse, JosephSN1997 –DeckI was only one degree off sir! (for 5 hours) Remember GQ in heavy seas? That was me too. Sorry bout that. Write me!
Burr, PhilipIT11997 – Dec 15, 1998OPS/COMMWorst ship I've ever experienced, but met some kick-ass people on there too! I'm at NSWG-1/MCD now on the strand.
Hoyer, AbbiHTFN1997 – 1998repairThe best learning experience ever!
Estrella, HowardSKC1997 – Dec 15, 1998S-1Greetings to everyone.
Brist, ColonelMS3/MS2Jan 1997 – Sep 1998Supply/GalleyHope to hear from some old shipmates.
Wynne, VeronicaSEAMANJan 1997 – 1998deckmy first command I learned some life lessons here. I'll NEVER forget.
Gonzales, Faye "Gonzo"SNJan 15, 1997 – Dec 15, 19981st DeckIt was the best growing experience that I could have ever had.The friends I made on this exceptional ship will never be matched in my life. It was the best time I had in the Navy and I will never forget my Cimarron family.
Bair, RoyHT2 / E5Feb 28, 1997 – Dec 15, 1998RepairI never felt like I fitted in w/this group as they had their own little group. I did enjoy the places we went and others in the ship have a couple of good friends that I still keep in contact with. "D" w/ custody of my 4 kids
King, DestineySNMar 1997 – Dec 15, 1998RASEThe memories will last a lifetime, from being my first ship, to sailing on the ocean, to West Pac, and last but not least: The CREW. Miss you all.
Carlisle, JeffIT2Apr 25, 1997 – Oct 31, 1998Operations/RadioNow stationed at COMCARAIRWING FOURTEEN (CVW-14) Lemoore NAS, CA
(Jensen) Smith, CandySHSNJun 1997 –S-3What's up shipmates?! Hope everyone is well and kicking ass!
Langley, DonnaE-3 SEAMANJul 15, 1997 – Jun 24, 1998DeckLast name is Wise. Live in Kansas City. Still married and have two boys. Drop me a line
Lash, David J.LTAug 1997 –Medical Officer
Burns, JasonE-4Sep 5, 1997 – Dec 11, 1998Boiler RoomI have been out of the Navy since 2001. I just got accepted for the Department of Corrections.
Bruno, JamesBT3Oct 1, 1997 – Dec 15, 1998BI am now an MA1 K-9 handler, stayed in hawaii until 2003, went to Puerto Rico, Decommed it and now I'm the Kennel Master at NAS Lemoore. If anyone comes here...God forbid!!! Look me up!!! Barthel give me a call.
Beasley, HeathE2Nov 1997 – Nov 19981st and RASEI hope everyone is still smiling and having a good time because I am
Whitaker, JessicaE3Dec 7, 1997 – Nov 15, 1998DeckFirst ship, Proud member of deck department. (Thanks BM1 Colon and BM2 Scaff for understanding me) Use to date SN Lester. I did 10 years and got out this past July. Working for an environmental engineering firm in VA. Enjoyed the good times
Harrangue (Riley), JamieSEAMAN1998 – 1999DECKWhat great memories, I hope all of the past crew have done well in life and have special memories of this wonderous ship--

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