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USS Henry M. Jackson (SSBN 730) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Henry M. Jackson (SSBN 730). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 179 crew members registered for the USS Henry M. Jackson (SSBN 730).

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Castleberry, ArthurMM31985 – 1990A-Gang
Patterson, Michael (Pattman)STS3/ss1985 – 1986SonarI fought hard for and was proud to have earned my dolphins and consider the crew I served with an awesome bunch! I only made 3 runs before being forced to leave, some of the best times of my life!
Watson, DennisJan 1985 – Aug 1989
Brown, BrowneyeMM3Jan 1, 1985 – Jan 1, 1989A-Gang
Brundige, ScottSN(SS)Mar 8, 1985 – Dec 22, 1989DeckMy first few years in the navy, on the HMJ, were good. I sometimes think back and miss those days and the crew that made it such a special time.
Mrazik, TonyEM1(SS)May 1985 – Nov 1989E
McKinney, MitchQM2/SSAug 1, 1985 – Oct 14, 1988NavigationLooking for some of the old guys, Townsend, Woody, Millet, Neal. If anybody has a good POC on them let me know.
Nash, PaulSTS3Aug 6, 1985 – Oct 8, 1987Sonar
Pursley, DickMM1(SS)Oct 1985 – Feb 1989MPlank owner on the 'Fifth & Finest'.
Burns, DaveE-NOTHINGOct 15, 1985 – Dec 15, 1987DECK-DIVGood times on the ole H MARU!! Miss alot of you guys that I served with and still see alot of you in the Silverdale area.
Wiedemann, MarkMT3Nov 1985 – Nov 1988Weapons
Turner, Jim profile iconCaptainDec 9, 1985 – Feb 1988Commanding Officer
Ennis, Jonathan SpencerSTS3 (SS)Dec 30, 1985 – Mar 7, 1988Sonar
Martin, LarryET11986 –NavETMy memories are fading; some are gone... I've missed it all since I've gone... If anybody remembers anything, let me know. Thanks.
Borke, Alanmt21986 – 1989sm
Moellman, JonMM11986 – 1990M
Gihring, EugeneEMCS(SS)Jan 1986 – Mar 1988EngineeringBull Nuke, good times good crew, retired March 31, 1988 after 23 years
Lewis, Christopherseaman 2Jan 5, 1986 – Jul 2, 1986navigation quarter master
McFall, ThomRM1/SSDec 1986 – Feb 1989CommsComms then, Engineering now. Had some good times and plenty of "Just in case" you know who. hehe. "McFall, first is was Schmidt, then Clark now it's you....." Don't forget to check the bottom of the burn bag!!!!!
Hoffman, Jim1987 – 1988RCRC div. LPO for a while. Only on board for a year and a half. Enjoyed the crew, had a good time. I just wish the engineer would look at you when he talked - that eye.......
Woolley, ToddE31987 – 1989Deck
Gabehart, TomMM1/SS1987 – 1990M-DivDamn it was cold on the Delta Pier. I'll always remember having my own Penthouse in between the Supply Lockers on MCUL. Was nice to graduate into a 9 man after my first patrol. I am on Facebook if you want to say hello.
McCreary, EarlFTB2(SS)1987 – 1990Weapons/Fire Control MissleWhats up al - shoot an email to remember ole times
Semler, RexET1 (SS) / ETC RET.Jan 7, 1987 – Aug 1990RCPull out Source Range A, my name is on it
Laizure, BrentMS2/SSFeb 1987 – Oct 1991SupplyServing on board with such a great crew is still one of the highlights of my life. I still tell stories of some of the great times we had. Someday maybe we can get together and laugh.
Lader, LaurinMTCM(SS)Feb 3, 1987 – May 1, 1990MissileIt was an honor and a privelige to serve onboard the 5th and the Finest.
Box, JohnRM2Mar 1, 1987 – Dec 1, 1990Comms
Lennox, JerryMM3May 23, 1987 – Nov 14, 1990mm Auxillarybeen a while since ive put one of those emergence air aporatices on lol
Keaty, JayET3Aug 1, 1987 – Feb 18, 1988NavigationShort time, I was the one hurt in a car accident right after the patrol where we hit the fishing boat during bay trials. great boat, wish that I was able to stay. My memry is pretty sparse but not of the time that I had in the Navy or on board.
Keatley, TroyE5Oct 28, 1987 – Oct 22, 1995
Alvarado, PeteFT1Dec 1987 – Apr 1993Fire Control / Combat Data SystemI served with the greatest collection of men under the sea. I will always remember great times with this awesome crew. Let me know when you're in the LA area. Take care.
Arey, PhilQM3/SSDec 20, 1987 – Sep 8, 1991QuartermasterServing in the USN Submarine Fleet and especially aboard a Trident was the most challenging , rewarding and honorable chapter in my life. Nothing in life gives me more pride than my silent service aboard a boomer.
Chandler, Earl "Mongo"MT3 (SS)1988 – 1990Weapons
Fawcett, MikeETCS1988 – 1991NavigationOne of my favorite tours of duty!
Kolbet, LanceIC2(SS)Jan 1, 1988 – Jan 1, 1990I sure miss the smell on the boat, but not "pinky" IC Chief riding my xxx.
Steiner, GaryET3Jan 12, 1988 – Jun 1, 1988SNAlthough the crew was tuff, the trip was fun. I regret not being able to do more for them.
Ericksen, DuaineFNNov 1, 1988 – Sep 1, 1991MedicalI served with doc"collins", he has helped me become the best I could be.
Wollenslegel, TimMM3/SSDec 1988 – Jul 1992A-GangerGood times,bad times I remember them all,mess cranking,powdered milk,shootn trash,the cooks stinkn up our bunk room,Ed Millers bad hair cuts,dink list,my brother Jon playn guitar down in mcll, tackn on my fish,time up in the bridge off
McEwen, KevinMM11989 – 1992Machinery
Butch, Anthony "Tony"MM2/SSJan 1989 – Sep 1993A-GangI was a former US Marine who joined the Submarine Service. An A-Gang on the blue crew wishing to hear from former shipmates.
Vogel, Mike (The Toe)MM2/SSMay 1989 – 1993A-GangThe best of times
Raus, Eric profile iconET2Sep 1989 – Oct 1992Nav OpsLookin for HMJ Goldies, C4 Fighter Pilots, AHoles from Idaho, and whoever else gives a crap.
Wilson, BenEM1(SS)Nov 1989 – Jun 1993EHope everyone is doing well...
Leblanc, RoyTM2(SS)Nov 1989 – Sep 1990Torpedo
Milliron, BrianMM3/SSDec 27, 1989 – May 14, 1993AuxiliaryHi guys'! Living in Minnesota and have an erosion control/hydroseeding business. Look me up at I still remember all the Baker "Fatcrack" stories. Good Luck!

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1984 | 1985 – 1989 | 1990 – 1994 | 1995 – now

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