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USS Bainbridge (CGN 25) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Bainbridge (CGN 25). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 685 crew members registered for the USS Bainbridge (CGN 25).

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Lemke, Dave (a.k.a, chow machine or limp line)ET11973 – 1974ET then FirewatchWas stuck on this ship waiting for Nuc School. Took it into the shipyards in Bremeton, Wa. Was on long enough to know that Subs had to be better duty. Ran mid-shift firewatch division (>80 guys) at the ripe age of 18.
Haarke, Ted2nd Class Machinist Mate1973 – 1975ReactorGot onboard in Long Beach, Calif. Assigned to # one Engine Room, Did alot of in & outs then Westpac. Refit & Refuel in Bremerton. Afterwards, went back to the east coast aboard the Eisenhower
Robert, CauseyHM1 (E-6)1973 – 1976Medical DepartmentGreat ship, with great memories. Best duty station during my 10 yrs. active service. Looking for Ronald Herron.
Dykes, EdLTJGJan 2, 1973 – Mar 1, 1975RC, E
Davis, JamesENS1Jan 2, 1973 – Jun 19, 1975OL
Chadwick, DouglasEN3Apr 1973 – Jan 16, 1976firemanServed on board my whole enlistment. One west pack to the Indian ocean and Vietnam. We ran out of food, and had to tow the U.S.S. Kitty Hawk when it ran out of fuel.Oh what fun. I met many cool guys while serving.
Barton, Lawrence 'Bat'ETR2, ET1, SELECTED FOR ETCMay 23, 1973 – Aug 11, 1978RC
Hammond, ParksMM2-MM!Jun 1973 – Sep 1974R-2 Rad-ConVietnam, Indian Ocean, and Gulf cruises, went to Bremerton for overhaul
Banta, JamesMM2Jun 1973 – Nov 1974M Division
Rasband, AllenMS-3Oct 28, 1973 – Jun 21, 1977Supply
Bredeman, BruceET1Nov 1973 – Apr 1977RC52 days in the Indian ocean...ran out of real food...bug juice and chicken noodle soup for days. Last midrats before unrep cleaned out the officers freezer.
Liberio, BillRM21974 –DRYDOCK!Bremerton Washington...RAIN RAIN RAIN!! What a proud boat...pure class. Looking for Jerry Eichelmen
Madden, JimSA1974 – 1976Looking for John Tapio and OD Mann
Morrison, RobertFTM11974 – 1979WeaponsGreat time and lots of fun. Remember most every name in those years. Sad to hear her scraped
Schultz, GerryRM2Feb 1974 – Apr 1977CommSaw many come and go. Came on-board on WestPac and went into overhaul. By the time we went on sea trials, I was #11 in seniority serving on the Billy B. Went through three Captains and a lot of friends.
Beeler, BlakeBM3Mar 9, 1974 – Mar 9, 19781stgood times.rick bell chuck wilkins.gary bean.what a good time
Erbe, Alex ErbeIC1May 1974 – Sep 26, 1980CDThe best 6 years (and the worst 6 years!) all on the Billy B! Running SITE TV was a blast!
Bost, RobDS1 DSCSep 1974 – Sep 1979CD
McKay, TerrenceMM3Sep 1, 1974 – Jul 1, 1977A
Nielsen, PatrickEM1Oct 1, 1974 – Apr 6, 1977EHowdy nukes!
Conklin, RayDS21975 – 1977Data SystemsDS3 in Combat Information Center. Earned DS2 in Reserves. Served under Rocky with Bruce. Drydock, Victoria, BC, Hawaii, and San Diego all expense paid cruises of a lifetime. Now Project Manager for Hewlett-Packard Co
Odonnell, OwenMm31975 – 1978A
Bean, GaryBM31975 – Feb 28, 19781st DivThe Bainbridge was one classy ship, I did all my evelotiiouns on fthe bridge and loving every minute of it...sea and anchor detail I was on the helm. same with unepping. It was an honor to serve on her...Gary L. Bean Sr.
Horst, MikeRM11975 – Jan 1, 1979OC
Hildebrand, EdE-3Jan 1, 1975 – Apr 1, 1976Deck
Tyler, StevenEW2Feb 1975 – Aug 1979CE Ihad some good times and met at lot of good people I consider friends
Lothrop, JoeSM3Apr 1975 – Jun 1977OperationsA growing up period of my life. Great time, great people. Love to reminisce of my days on the Billy B.
Buskuhl, Mike (Buddy)OS2Apr 1975 – Aug 1979OIFatboy where are you
Combs, TedOS3Apr 1975 – Apr 1977OIGreat time. Great friends. Love the Puget Sound area. 13th Naval District Flag Football champs.
Bailey, LanceSTG1May 1975 – Jul 1979F-2Great Ship. Great Crew. I've located some of the Sonarmen and Asroc GMTs. I'm trying to find the rest of them.
McDevitt, SteveOS2Jun 1975 – Jul 1977OILOVED THAT BREMERTON RAIN !! made some great friends...both onboard, and yardbirds...left the Navy after cross ratring to AW...made all my pilot ratings..and believe it or not ..have been an airline pilot for Continental for 18 years ...
Obershaw, RogerMSCSJun 1975 – May 1978SupplyBest ship & crew. Capt Almsted best skipper ever. Looking for shipmates during my time. Great Westpac.. Ret as Supply LT 7/86 and no, MS3 Eggers, you did not give me heart condition.
Wilkins, CharlesE/4 BM3Aug 1975 – Jul 30, 1977Deckwas onboard for last part of overhual and change of homeport.
Engler, RoyceLTSep 1975 – Jun 1978A, DCAGreat ship, great crew!
McDermott, StephenGMM2Sep 1975 – Jun 1978gthe cruise of 78,i got off in japan in june for discharge,missed the io.lots of good memories.MADDOG....
Burris, MarkRM2Sep 1, 1975 – Sep 8, 1978ocanybody remember that crazy westpac of 1978?
Sadler, JohnRM1Dec 25, 1975 – Apr 1979OC
Champney, GlennHT21976 – 1980A
Palmer, LarrySN31976 – 1979personnel2 good westpacs. Looking for Frank Hughes, Erikson, Thompson,
Bench, WilliamCWO41976 – 1983missile systems
Hess, JeffGMM2Jan 1, 1976 – Dec 14, 1979G SERTAfter missile house 1976-1978. SERT/After Battery Engagement Controller CIC 1979. Heloed off in December 1979 from Gonzo station to Diego Garcia and discharge in San Francisco.
Bosch, KdOS2 -- E5Feb 1976 – Nov 1977OperationsI was an Operations Specialist (Radarman)
Svensson, JohnICFNFeb 14, 1976 – May 9, 1979CDI reported aboard when the "Billy B" was known as Bldg. 25 at PSNS in Bremerton, Wa. I left for Gyro school 3 days before she got underway for west-pac., but I did catch back up to her about 250 miles from the Phillipines.
Vanmierlo, BruceETNSN - ETN2Mar 1976 – Dec 1979CEWho could ever forget the USS Braindamage - The Grey Ghost of the Orient...Haze Grey and Underway!
Sedlmeyer, StephenFTM3May 1976 – Oct 1979F1The shipmates that shaped my career.
Burnham, BullMM-2May 8, 1976 – Oct 7, 1980M
Westfall, SteveET1Jun 1976 – Aug 1978CE
Grant, Sean (The Bone)JO2Jun 15, 1976 – Jun 23, 1979CDWas the JO on board and did two WESTPAC's. I had some of the greatest times of my life while serving on board the Billy B. Came to her just when she left the yards in Bremmington, WA & left her in San Diego to head for shore at NTC.
Frans, WayneETR2Jul 1976 – Dec 1979Looking For Art Wygocki, Last I knew he lived in C Chicago. Sure do hate that Bainbridge is gone. Had lots of good times and some not so good on the Billy B.
Marks, Ronald K.MM2Jul 5, 1976 – Sep 10, 1979M2Best WestPac ever in 1978. only 14 days at sea at one stretch. gone for 7 months.
Albright, DonFTM3Jul 20, 1976 – May 20, 1980Combat SystemsSome excellent memories, interesting experiences and many friends made. Every time Dreamboat Annie plays by Heart.. I think of the Billy B, a great ship. Hello to the FT gang of 76-80. It is sad she is gone.
Bailey, CharlesMMC(SS/SW)Aug 1976 – Jun 4, 1979RLServed as LELT and then was Eng Admin Asst under LCDR George Gardner when EM1 Larry Baumgart was LELT. Capt Ted Almstedt,Jr. - an incredible naval officer! And the CPOs were outstanding shipmates. Thanks shipmates! Fair winds and following seas.
Morkunas, JoeFTM2Aug 1976 – Oct 1980F1
Coventry, Greg profile iconMM2Aug 26, 1976 – Aug 29, 1979M DivI previously served on the USS Enterprise (CVN 65). USS Bainbridge (a.k.a. Billy B or Building 25) was much better duty. Great crew...made many great friends & had a terrific West PAC in '78.
Dorman, DaleRM1Sep 6, 1976 – Feb 11, 1981OCLots of good times, had a great comm. gang..the Billy B was a fine ship ..
Glysch, RandyYN2Sep 16, 1976 – Jun 15, 1979PersonnelThis was a great ship and great crew.
Duchesneau, Dan (Dutch)MM1Nov 28, 1976 – Feb 28, 1980M DivisionRemember John Akunevich?
Sledd, Bob Sleddbm3Dec 20, 1976 – Dec 19, 1978first divisionrick bell tery grudi mike douglas il ike to no why i have to put so many reamrkes in this thing to make work

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