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USS Bainbridge (CGN 25) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Bainbridge (CGN 25). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 685 crew members registered for the USS Bainbridge (CGN 25).

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Eustice, ChristopherEM21971 – 1973Engineering
Moon, ThomasHM21971 – 1972medicalGood ship. Later served with Marines, then joined the Army. Became a nurse later a PA. Served in Nam, and 2 tours in Iraq. Retired (res) USA LTC 2008 with 40 yrs service. What a ride
Yates, MikeSTG3Jan 20, 1971 – Dec 29, 1972F2
Crawford, Donald "bruce"ETN-1Mar 1971 – Mar 1973RCNo. 2 ER RC Div LPO '72-'73. So short-staffed, when rest of ship on 6-section duty, we were on port-and-starboad. In order not to demoralize us, they quit sounding Liberty Call in the engine room. Great guys in Engineering to work with.
Guttenberg, RobertIC1Mar 1971 – Jan 1975EThe memories of WESPAC,Pearl,Olongapo, Yankee Station,Yokosuka,Hong kong,Singapore,Bandar Abbas, ORSE, Fixed the ships whistle once so Capt Bill S could make some noise.As an IC nuke had to know nuclear power & gyroscope
Gipe, DennisQM2Apr 1971 – 1974NavigationI looking for David Blalock 1971 hi George
Cole, Bobgmm1Apr 1971 – Nov 19, 19762ndworked in both fwd and aft missile houses and armory
Clegg, Richard (Rick)RM3Apr 10, 1971 – Feb 2, 1972Ops - CommunicationThis was my first ship but my last duty assignment of a 4 year hitch. I made a few friends that have never left my memory.
Weiss, JoelFTM3Jun 1971 – Dec 20, 1973FIRE CONTROLANY FT'S OUT THERE?
Kirk, DonSTG1Jun 1971 – Jul 1974FoxGreat Ship with top notch ASW systems. It was my privllege to maintain them. The crew was the best in WESPAC.
St. Andrews, RichardSH3Jul 28, 1971 – Jun 9, 1974SupplyI ran the ships main store and my friends called me (The Saint) I am looking to find old friends. So if you remember me give me a call (860) 942- 4829
Martinez, TommySH-3Oct 28, 1971 – Oct 28, 1975SupplyHelp guys! I need some information. Does anyone remember me falling overboard during WestPac Cruise?; 303-665-5932
Griffith, MikeET1 REACTOR OPERATORNov 1971 – Jan 1974RCLast and best duty station. Was lead to leave the Navy and pursue a civilian career. Enjoyed the ship, technology, shipmates. Wild Bill was a piece of work. The war was not fun.
Fiordaliso, JosephEN3Nov 1971 – Dec 1, 1974A72 days in the indian ocean,....then we hit the PI :) and someone fell overboard during a wespac
Watson, JjEM2Nov 1, 1971 – Mar 1974EAt the time it was a pain, but looking back it was a real experiance that I would not have missed.
Bean, James (Jim)IC1Nov 23, 1971 – Aug 23, 1973E
Ortiz, VictorSH3Dec 1971 – Jun 1974SupplyHad some great times aboard that ship. Where has everyone gone?
Westerlin, TomIC21972 – May 27, 1974
Cleveland, JimE21972 – 1975MWas in the engine room and the log room during my time on the ship
Roemer, RonRD/OS E-51972 – Feb 1974Operational IntelJust looking for fomer shipmates. Still is SoCal. Retired March 09 from fire department.
Cunningham, MichaelEW11972 – 1974Electronics WarfareShipmates Forever 1955 - 2017
Frazee, CurtisEM3Jan 1972 – Oct 1975E DivisionEnjoyed my time, hated the watches, inspections, mess duty, and GQ. Enjoyed going over seas. Will never forget the nuc's shouting down the nuc reactors. Dead in the water! Anyone remember that?
Skinner, GeorgeQMSN/3Feb 1972 – Aug 1973Deck/ NavigationWhat a great time. After a tour in 'nam with the 1st Cav, the Westpac on the Bainbridge was quite a party. Long Beach was too ! Got out after 18 months, but had so much fun I came back in and stayed for 22 more years !
Harris, Everett (Happy)MM2Mar 1, 1972 – Nov 1, 1975M
Barrett, DanRM2Mar 22, 1972 – Oct 31, 1977OCHad a lot of good memories. My Dad and 2 brothers also served aboard. Dad (Jim) was MMC, Gleyn was RM2 and Scott was non-designated SN in 1st Div.
Knight, BobFTM2Apr 1972 – Jun 24, 1974Fox
Elk, DavidPN2Apr 3, 1972 – Oct 10, 1975AdminServed with Ron Greth, Jim Pettit both fm PA. Did liberty w/both in Singapore &Ron in HongKong.Can't find either. Loved the moonlit nights on deck and sunbathing.The stars at sea-gorgous.Capts Sheridan and Newell#1 USN
MacKey, RickMS3Apr 9, 1972 – Apr 13, 1975SUPPLY
Ragland, LindellSk-3May 12, 1972 – May 1976Sk Divlook for crew members of the 1st div. and membersof Sk Div,from 1972-1976
Rios, TonyE-3May 15, 1972 – Sep 28, 1974GunnerWish I was still there.
Swank, TerryE5May 30, 1972 – Oct 20, 1975RC
Herbert, GaryIC1Jun 1972 – May 1976RL
Van Hise, JonMM1Jun 1972 – May 1976EngineeringOlongapo and Bandar Abbas, can you imagine two more interesting ports of call?
Hayes, JimMS2Jun 9, 1972 – Dec 8, 1975SupplyFor most of my 3 years aboard the Bainbridge I was the ships night baker and pastry chef.
Derr, DennisHM3Aug 1972 – May 15, 1974HWas DLGN-25 back then. When reported onboard was told Sailors belong on Ships & Ships belong at Sea. And we sure did. Served with a GREAT CREW & Proud to be their DOC.
Gearman, William (Bill)EM1Aug 1972 – Sep 1975RLLooking for any other ELTs from this time period.
Earl, RichardDk3Sep 1972 – Jun 1974Deck and Supply
Chenell, PaulMM1Sep 25, 1972 – Nov 11, 1975EngineeringWould like to hear from shipmates.
Geddes, BruceE6 MM1Oct 9, 1972 – Sep 8, 1973RLHello to any RL Div guys from the 72-73 westpack cruise
Peck, EdSNNov 1972 – Apr 1974Deck / Supply The Big 25 was the best of my 3 duty stations. The best crew. The most fun. Subic at 18 years old was a real learning experience. A whole different life time.
Glover, StanOS3Nov 6, 1972 – Jun 21, 1974RadarI also remember him falling overboard because we had to plot the position of the last coordinates...Ha Ha! Whatever happened to R. Patterson who was also a radarman? We won a lot of awards back then....I am retired now!
Balmer, Billseaman recruitNov 13, 1972 – Aug 5, 19761st Division . I remmber Tommy falling of the ship, I was at the helm and turned the boat around pick ur ass up. DONT LEAN ON THE LIFE LINES SAILOR. I remmber all the good times with great men and finding the best the world
Balmer, BillseamanNov 21, 1972 – Sep 5, 1976bmANYONE DIDNT FRY THE BRAIN ON TYE STICKS
Gauthier, AlMM1Dec 1972 – Dec 1975MHey are any of you old Bainbridge sailors out there???
Tilley, DougOS3Dec 1972 – Mar 1974OI
Moore III, RoySM2Dec 26, 1972 – Jun 15, 1976OCHad a memerable time. Learned the ropes and worked with some great guys. Would love to hear from anyone. I retired as an SMC in '94. I now work for the US Border Patrol.

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