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USS Halsey (CG 23) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Halsey (CG 23). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 365 crew members registered for the USS Halsey (CG 23).

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Wisser, SteveFTM21970 – 1971FOXWas DLG-23 when I was aboard
Freeman, RobertRM21970 – 1971OCI came aboard the Halsey just before the Westpac in 1970. I stayed with her until we decommissoned her in Bath, Maine. Awesome ship with a great crew. Would enjoy making connect with old shipmates. bobfreeman00(at)gmail
Popp, Randyem2Feb 1970 – Sep 1971e divisionWas on the halsey with my brother Jim Popp. Would like to hear from you
Degree (Now El-amin), Horace (Now Aqeel)YN2Mar 3, 1970 – Dec 9, 1971Personnel Department Captain's ClerkI enjoyed my USS Halsey DLG-23 tour. I made lifelong friends, and in contact with a very close shipmate. I have some very rare historical home Videos that I recorded at sea with my 8mm movie camera, like to share.
Deremiah, WilliamMMFNJun 1970 – Dec 1971MAssigned to AER. Was Water King and on Repair 5.
Brown, DougFTM2Sep 1970 – Dec 1971FOXA great crew to work and r and r with.
Erdmann, JimSNOct 1970 – Nov 1971DeckWent on a West Pac cruise and was in Viet Nam with her. A good crew
Westfield, RonMMFNJan 1971 – Nov 1971MUSS Neverdock! Picked up in PI, WestPac, Midshipman cruise July-bent props, gimped to Pearl with the Chicago and others, new props. Left SD for good will cruise around S America, to Bath Maine Decom GREAT GREAT DUTY!!!
Smith, Steve (Phil)FTGJun 1, 1971 – Mar 1, 1972WeaponsAssigned to Halsey when she returned from Westpac in 1971. Was on her around South America, left her in Bath, Maine went she went for extensive overhaul period.
Butterfield, Stephen /steveOSSN1972 – 1973Operations
Stafford, RussBTFN1972 – 1975B DivisionHalsey was always ready to steam when the rest were just thinking about it. Arrived under Capt Joes command and departed under Capt Macs. After fireroom ,Bravo Three work station.
Ryan, Thomasgmgsn-gmg3Jan 3, 1972 – Jun 8, 1976gunneryServed on ship when it was DLG and was on her when she was changed to CG and left in 1976 Worked for a GMGC Gray. One of the best chiefs I ever worked for
Ryan, Tomgmg3Feb 10, 1972 – Apr 26, 1976G divisionGood ship chief Gray was one of the best to learn from
Turner, EdwardMM3Apr 1, 1972 – Apr 21, 1975M
Turner, EdMM3Apr 2, 1972 – Apr 20, 1975
Turner, EdwardMM3Apr 10, 1972 – May 2, 1975M
Withers, MichaelOS2Jun 30, 1972 – Mar 16, 1976OIRe-classified from a DLG to CG on Jun 30, 1975
Whiteley, William profile iconLTjgJul 1972 – Sep 1973OEServed as EMO
James, Robert Boe profile iconEnsign/Lt(jg) - then; retired as CaptainAug 1972 – Jun 1976OI/Deck/ASWReported aboard during precomm as Ass't CIC Officer, later moved to Deck as 1st LT, then to CIC Officer and end as ASW Officer. 2 full deployments and 2 REFTRAs.. Served with great people (3 Captains). Enjoyed tour.
Long, TomMM2Sep 12, 1972 – Oct 1974M DivMy four years as a machinist mate provided excellent motivation for me to get a business degree.
Withers, MichaelOS3Sep 20, 1972 – Jun 30, 1975OPS/OIPlank Owner - Commisioned Dec 16, 1972. Re-classified from DLG to CG on Jun 30, 1975.
Talley, TheronICCSep 29, 1972 – Jul 20, 1976DIRecommissioned Halsey Was the last plank owner chief to leave. Retired in 1979 and live in Mesa,Az.
Hutton, BillETN2Oct 1972 – Jun 1974TWas on the "recommission" crew Bath ME Dec 1972--colder than crout-- We wer a DLG in those days
Knoll, Philip/philYNSA - YN2Oct 11, 1972 – May 1, 1976FOX - NX
Cadwallader, ChuckMSS2Oct 12, 1972 – Nov 7, 1976SUPPLYSorry to report that the Halsey was towed to Brownsville Shipwrecking in Texas in 2/2003, and is being scrapped. Great memories aboard and on the West Pac Crusies...
Wright, JohnMS2Oct 15, 1972 – May 22, 1976SUPPLYAn experience I will NEVER forget or regret. She was a GREAT SHIP AND CREW. I would do it time and time again. U S N for ever and again...JNO.
Trujillo, Steven / JelloHTFN-HT3Oct 19, 1972 – Mar 12, 1975RI was part of the re-com. crew. It was also my first ship fresh out of "A" school. I had a lot of great friends and times.
Adams, BillHMNov 1972 – Dec 1973Corpsman
Cross, DonGMM1Dec 16, 1972 – Apr 22, 1974Weapons
Weaver, EdwinBT2Dec 16, 1972 – May 16, 1976B DIVISIONPut ship back in commission sailed back to San Diego two Westpac's lots of memories. Worked after fireroom. Living in Port Orchard Wa.
Smith, Steve (Phil)FTG3Dec 27, 1972 – May 3, 1974WeaponsWould like to talk to any crew members from the 72-74 years.
Broyles, RonMM2Dec 29, 1972 – Aug 20, 1973Aux.Hope to hear from some of my old shipmates...
Johnson, DonETN3, retired as ETCS(SW)1973 – 1976CE
McLawhorn, LeftyMM3Jan 1973 – Jun 1975EngineeringWorked in engineers office for LCDR O'Connor. Looking to find Kent Porter and Ron Broyles. Ran the slush fund on WestPac '74 w/Will (BT1) who ran the water chem. lab...
Pizzella, Fred (Cook)GMM 2Jan 18, 1973 – Jan 2, 1976"G" DivisiomCame on board with the pre-comissioning crew in Bath Maine, left early in 1976. Feel free to email me for any reason.
Puritz, JeffQMSN jeff puritzFeb 16, 1973 –operationsI was on the recommissioning crew in Bath Maine. Went to ref-tra in Gitmo, through the panama canal, got transfered to the Stein and went on Westpac 73 and took part in operation Endsweep. regards to all shipmates!
Agnew, Larrygmg3May 18, 1973 – Sep 14, 1975gunnerygreat ship
Kubena, RandyYN3Jun 25, 1973 – May 5, 1976OPERATIONS
Linder, KeithBM3Sep 12, 1973 – May 17, 1976DeckFirst and last ship assigned to. Enjoyed my time and the crew. Enjoyed both wespaks cruise.
Daniel, Earl1974 – 1976OCGreat Ship
Bush, Mike Aka BushyHT31974 – 1976RepairAre any of you old squids still alive and kickin' or did ya' just sail off into the sunset? Feel free to drop me a line if you care to.....if not...smooth sailing to your next port of call!
Berglund, Phil (Cat)STG21974 – 1976ASW
Clunas, DonaldE3Jan 1974 – Feb 1977Propulsion Eng40 years sure have passed quickly All the best
Schindler, RichardEW2Jan 4, 1974 – Dec 31, 1976T-DivisionI miss my gang on the Halsey, especially Jim Braddock. Some of my best Navy memories are from the Halsey, the best of the Leahy class.
Salas, DavidQM2Feb 1, 1974 – Oct 31, 1977NXArrived on board in Subic Bay QMSA in '74, left in the Fall of '77. Three Westpacs, still a polywog. Someone explain to me how that is even possible.
Kehler, Michael 'Mike'E3Apr 1974 – May 1976n/a
Colbert, DeanMM2Jun 1974 – Jul 1975M Division, #2 EngineroomHad a great time on the Halsey. I swapped off because I wasn't ready for another West-Pac yet.
Dye, RandyPO3/SUPPLYJul 7, 1974 – Jul 7, 1977
Davenport, WillieMM3Aug 1974 – May 1978mLooking to contact Joe Stapp, Richard Seals, horelee,Rice or anyone one board from 74-78
Davenport, Williammm3Aug 1974 – May 1978manyone on the ship with me
Erickson, Robert / RatsoGMT2Nov 10, 1974 – Aug 28, 1978ASW
Muller, KennethDS1 (NOW FCCS (RET)Nov 15, 1974 – Jun 8, 1979DI

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