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USS Halsey (CG 23) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Halsey (CG 23). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 365 crew members registered for the USS Halsey (CG 23).

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Hulford, Jack / Petesn1962 – Jan 1965DeckPlank owner
Waddington, JayE4Jan 1962 – 1966B
Bailey, AnthonyBM31963 –1stPlankowner
Bailey, RobertMM31963 – 1965APlankowner
Lick, RalphPN 31963 – 1965x-personnel
Weaver, BasilFTMCFeb 11, 1963 – Dec 5, 1966W4Plankowner
Quattrock, FrankEMMay 1963 – May 1964EPlankowner
Ketchum, KeithSNMay 1963 – Jan 1965navigationPlank owner
Byram, Tommy Lee "Alabama"SN/PN 3Jun 1963 – Aug 1964X - Personnel OfficePlankowner
Lockie, BillLTJul 20, 1963 – 1965FOXPlankowner
Hughey, RalphYN3Jul 20, 1963 – Feb 1966deck/operations yeomanCaptain H. H. Anderson was CO. upon commissioning. CDR E. L. West was xo. I am also a plank owner.
Thomson, BillEnsign/LtJgAug 1963 – Jan 1965E/A/RJust missed being a plankowner. Learned a lot about leadership that stood me well throughout my career after leaving the navy in 1966..
Conklin, KenFTM2Jan 1, 1964 – Jul 15, 1967W4
Sawyer, RobertMT-2Jan 2, 1964 – Aug 1966WeaponsGuided Missile Technician......aboard for two WESTPAC Cruises....looking for shipmates..
Fenstermaker, Marshall E.FTG3Aug 21, 1964 – Jul 14, 1967SeaveyI am looking for others who served with me.
Harshbarger, BarryMM3Oct 15, 1964 – May 13, 1967
Lewis, DeanRM3Oct 21, 1964 – Oct 10, 1966Communications
Harris, WilliamE-3Nov 1964 – Jan 10, 1968deck
Barker, TimRM-3Nov 1, 1964 – Dec 1, 1966Deck, Fire Control, Radio ShackI enjoyed the first two WestPac cruises and I still have my book. I never received one for the second. I would like to hear from George, Gary, Stan, Phil, and the Second Class PO who was married. I cannot remember his name.
Goggins, Gary C.RM2Dec 1964 – Oct 1966OCChf. Robert Whittaker, George Holman, Victor Graves, Mike McCune, Larry Elevier, Michael Sirhan, Serrono. Drop a Line Made Halsey's 1st two WestPacs My arm is still sore Holman when you tacked on my RM2 stripe
Kachurak, Michael profile iconFTM2Nov 20, 1965 – Jul 3, 1970W4Special prayers to Don Lemming FTSN for saving my life on Halsey WesPac refueling/oiler.Line returning ensnared on my life jacket.shouts went out,Don cut the line.For me-next thru the chock.GOD BLESS! YOU ARE THE HERO!
Webb, Phillip T.RD-2Dec 5, 1965 – Mar 3, 1968OIMade the First tour of duty in Vietnam, the second and left two thirds of the way through Halseys third tour in Vietnam Halsey was a great home away from home.
Smith, Avery profile iconE-5Dec 29, 1965 – Nov 23, 1969W4I was in W4 and worked as ASROC Gunners Mate GM E5 I served on 3 Westpac tours to Vietnam
Faul, Allen ( Awfawl )FTM31966 – 1970W-1You never forget the learning curve and the men you served with.
Zak, KennethFTG/2Aug 1966 – Dec 1969Weps
Innis, JimRM2/RM1Sep 1, 1966 –OCTwo tours 1966-67, and 1969-71. First tour was RM2 second was RM1. Decommissioned her in Bath Maine 1971. contact jinnis at swbell dot net
Woodard, SamFTM1Dec 1966 – May 7, 1971W-4
Walker, Palmer SpurgeonEM2Mar 18, 1967 – Oct 19, 1968EI was on 68 Vietnam course. Great Ship. Would love to hear from shipmates that was on the ship during the same time.
Strohaker, John G.01Apr 1967 – Mar 1970OperationsHomeported in San Diego. Made 3 Wes-Pac cruises John Strohaker passed away 9/18/15. Online obituary: in Clarksville, AR
Rowlett, Rollom.m.2Jun 1967 – Mar 1970F.E.R. Mach. Mate 2steamin' at the Ashau Valley
James, GeorgeFTM3/FTM2Aug 1967 – Aug 1972FoxFirst time on Halsey, I was a missile tech. Second time 55B tech. First cruise to Vietnam with U.S.S. Enterprise (CVN 65), USS Long Beach (CGN 9), USS Bainbridge (DLGN /CGN 25), USS Truxtun (DLGN/CGN-35) First ship in 25 year career and the best.
Metternich, HenryFTM3/2Dec 1967 – Dec 1968FoxHalsey was my first ship. Remember working many long nights with Jim Owens on the forward 55B. Also remember spending days polishing the wall in the forward passageway fox division owned.
Warner, MikeCYN3Jan 1968 – Sep 1970Comm.Would love to hear from anyone that worked in the Radio Shack with me!!
Edgemon, Buford (Scurvy)GMM2Jan 2, 1968 – Nov 20, 1969W1Where the hell is everyone, I know your not all dead! Contact me and we will go to Subic Bay and see how many Bars we can destroy
Gagne, Billrd2Feb 1, 1968 – Jun 1970oican't believe she's scapped. Benice to hear where everyone has ended up
Heald, FredETN-2Aug 1968 – Dec 1969Communications
Pelletier, DavidICFNDec 9, 1968 – Nov 15, 1970ICI was probably he most mischevous sailor ever on the Halsey. But loved taking down the wind speed indicators or diving for the pit sword.
Graham, CarlGMM1 GMMCJan 19, 1969 – Oct 30, 1972W-1Came onbard as a GMM1 assigned to after missle house. Made GMMC on Nov. 1 1970. Chief in charge of after missle system and command career counslor. Retired as GMCS 8-1976.
Herman, WayneCYN3Jul 1969 – Aug 1971COMDESRON 7I was part of the COMDESRON 7 Staff and was a CYN who worked in the Radio Shack.
Baker, PernellSK3Jul 14, 1969 – Nov 10, 1971Supply
Dognazzi, John (Al)BTOct 1969 –BI was aboard when the sip was put out of commission in Bath Maine. I stayed aboard during the ship yard period and recommissioned her in 1971. Halsey was the best ship afloat in the Navy during that time. Great crew and great Officers,
Houghtaling, GeneRD3Nov 1969 – Aug The good ship Halsey. I bought a 750 Honda in Hong Kong on the way back from West Pac in 71. Flew back early from Subic Bay. I remain in the san diego area
McKernan, JimSeamanNov 15, 1969 – Jul 2, 1971Deck and Radio ShackVolunteered for Vietnam Service while a Naval Reservist. Served on one West Pac cruise in Tonkin Gulf in 1970-71. Very good men served in Halsey. Worked on Deck and then was in Radio Shack.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1969 | 1970 – 1974 | 1975 – 1978 | 1979 – 1981 | 1982 – 1984 | 1985 – 1987 | 1988 – 1990 | 1991 – now

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