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USS Tattnall (DDG 19) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Tattnall (DDG 19). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 396 crew members registered for the USS Tattnall (DDG 19).

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Ditmore, RobertGMG 1 (SW)1987 – 19902nd
Ford, Victor "Ferrari"FC1(SW)Jan 27, 1987 – Jan 30, 1991SAM
Delong, Deansm3Feb 1987 – Mar 1990comunicationsMy first ship and had a lot of great ports. Met alot of nice guys and had plenty of fun in the med.
Morring, S.l.OSC(SW)Mar 1987 – Jan 1991OPSI joined the Tattnall when she was in dry dock at the Jacksonville Shipyards. She was one of my favorite commands. "Buy Me A Souvenir"!
Russell, Jack "guido"OS3Mar 1987 –I came onboard the Tattnall when she was drydocked in downtown Jacksonville. I left right before her Med cruise. Would be great to hear from you guys.
Hall, KevinEW3Mar 1, 1987 – Oct 10, 1988OE
Barcus, Don profile iconGMM3Jun 15, 1987 – May 19, 1989Anti Submarine"I Will Remember" and have. Some of the best moments of my life. It wasn't just a job, more like a working party in the rain at 0200. Turn to and Bravo Zulu to all my shipmates.
Phillips, Leroy (Flip)STG1SWJul 1987 – Jan 1991as22 yrs active duty, the best of them were on board tattnall
Lally, SeanBM2Aug 1987 – 1991Deck 1st
Nixon, EdRM2Oct 27, 1987 – Oct 27, 1991OpsBest of Times
Nixon, EdRM2Oct 27, 1987 – Jan 1, 1991
Lee, OgdenBM3Nov 1987 – Jan 1991FirstI enjoyed this vessel and appreciate all those guys who served with me, Learned how to be a true boatswains mate, BMC Wedge, all my OS buddies Dave Markham,Jose Gonzales, my Philipino boy Lising, Francis Brewer
Weber, Carl (Webdog)HT/DC2Nov 15, 1987 – Nov 15, 1989RHello old shipmates!
Holman, KennethE3Dec 1987 – Mar 1989PERSONNELMy best time in the Navy were spent on that awesome vessel. Started in deck division and moved to personnel before going to personnelman A school. Went from scarred follow to a competent leader. We were the Navy's Finest
Diaz, Raul profile iconDC2Dec 1, 1987 – Jan 18, 1991ROn hindsight // best time ever in the NAVY was on the Tattnall…
Cawrse, JimLT JG1988 –BoilersI came on board supposed to be the fire control officer and the CHENG Larry Fouts noticed that I was ex enlisted. Next thing I knew I was Boilers Officer. (because being machinery officer would be too easy for me, according to him)
Richardson, Claudis/richBM31988 – 1991BOATSWAIN MATEI served aboard Tattnall during DESERT SHEILD and I also did two 6 months deployment
Laubert, Robert / BobSH1 (SW)1988 – 1991SupplyI enjoyed working with an awesome crew. I'm looking forward to a ships reunion with my buddies.
Havet, MikeFC21988 – 1990SAMDidnt really appreciate the ship and crew untill I left. The destroyer navy rocks. I left the Tattnall shortly before decom to go to a west coast ship and while it was fun to do a west pac it just wasnt the same
Rodriguez, HerbTM3 (SW)Jan 28, 1988 – Jun 1990ASExcellent Ship with an Outstanding crew.
Hall, TomFC3(SW)Feb 6, 1988 – Dec 17, 1991SAMI know who threw the Captain's Gig cover over the side. Remember they would make us put that ugly thing up while we were off the coast of France for their BBQ's.
Albawab, Mohi Aldin/mikeMAC (SW)Mar 1988 – 1991AMy first ship
Jackson, Shannon (Jacko)EW3Mar 1988 – 1991OIRemember being underway when Saddham attacked Kuwait. I was on watch that night in CIC. Freaked me out!! Good times with Reagan, Sasser, Burke, Hall, EWC Ford. A lot of good ports, a lot of good friends!
Hall, ThomasFC1Mar 1, 1988 – Dec 10, 1991SAMI was aboard until she was decommed, good times.
Allison, MarkSK2(SW)Apr 1988 – Dec 1990Supply (GSK)You always remember your first ship. Every command since had to live up to USS Tattnall. I remember the great men I served with and our journey together. I hope one day to see them again at a reunion.
Cline, KenSM3Apr 19, 1988 – Jan 1991OSBest signal bridge on the East Coast. Anyone know where abouts of SMC Boles
Coppage, RaymondIC3Jun 8, 1988 – Jan 21, 1991A&EGreat ship was on Decom crew and very strange when she went dead inside
Dedman, Donald profile iconDC2Dec 21, 1988 – Dec 31, 1990E2
Dedman, DonnyDC2Dec 24, 1988 – Jan 1991EngineeringWe're back, coming soon to Jacksonville, FL. Best crew under the best Captain, We had a great reunion a few years ago and I look forward to the upcoming events and meeting everyone.
Johnson, WayneBT/E-31989 – 1991Engineering/Fire Room OneI was there when we decommissioned her. She served well
Gleason, JackieFC-31989 – 1991WEPSMookey, Connie, John, Danny, Mike, Darrel, Gary, Vic, Tom. All good people
Brooks, Patrick (Bernie)MMFN1989 – 1991Eng#2 engine for her last 3 yrs. The best times in the Navy. Kinnan and I are looking for Matt Meyers and Don Massey.
Solar, MarcGMM31989 – 1990
Koch, John / JokerMR 11989 –R
Atkins, RandyBtfn1989 – 1990Engineering
Fisher, DavidE41989 – 1991OS
Brown, JohnnyBM3Jan 1989 – Jan 1991First DivisionHey Bernie drop me a line or give me a ring! 606 768 3809
Eaton, Damien Shark Guarnieree2Jan 1, 1989 – 1992bosenmate mess crank chief mess
Oconnell, TimFNMar 1989 – Jan 18, 1991HI BOB HOGUE, I remember drinking a few cold ones with you & eating clams on the halfshell for the first time. I see you DID 20 congrats! I am a Merchant Marine Engineer now . I Wish you the best take care.
Drahos, ChuckE-6 MM1Mar 6, 1989 – Jan 19, 1990MWas LPO in main control. Met some great people and have some great memories from my time on Tattnall.
Eckelberry, RodgerSTG2(SW)Jul 1989 – Dec 1990SonarShe was a beautiful ship with a fun crew. I saw her in Philadelphia a few times after decom and before she was scrapped - an inglorious end for such a great ship.
Lising, LarrySN(CSC)Aug 1989 – Apr 1990DECKAngel Gonzalez, remember me, your filipino buddy? Chief's mess' mess cranks. How are you buddy?
Hansen, JamesGMGSNAug 1989 – Feb 1991GMGI will never forget
Sheehan III, PaulFN(BT)Sep 1989 – 1991#1 FIREROOM
Haynes, Anthony (Trey)BMSNOct 20, 1989 – Mar 2, 1991Deck
Hannah, AltonEMFNOct 22, 1989 – Dec 21, 1990eng
Shopshire, KevinOS1Oct 26, 1989 – Jan 18, 1991OILooking for former shipmates from the decom crew, especially OS2 David Fisher
Dietrich, BrianET2Nov 1989 – Jan 18, 1991OPSGreat ship. Great crew. Transited the Suez Canal for Operation Desert Shield. Great cruise the summer of 1990.
Cannon, MikeFNNov 1989 – 1991E #1 Fire roomBest command ever!
Mangano, TonySNNov 10, 1989 – Oct 15, 19901ST Div, NAVEXMy 1st Ship, I will Alway remember.
Gonzalez, AngelSMSNDec 1989 – 1991OperationsMade the last Cruise on the ship for Desert Shield!
Fogg, Robert (Froggy)FNDec 1989 – Dec 1990Engineering / Boilers / EB02Med Cruise 90 Fleet week 90 - Pensacola, FL Decom crew
Karal, Scott F.E-3Jan 1990 – Dec 1991Engineering
Eichorst, StevenBM1 (EXW)Jan 13, 1990 – Jan 1991DECKWhen i first seen her moored up at Mayport she was everything i expected in a war ship.
Henrichs, ToddOSSNFeb 23, 1990 – Jan 18, 1991OpsJust seeing who is still around
Tell, ChristopherBT3Mar 22, 1990 – Jan 11, 1991B DivisionN/A
Hogue, BobbyBT2Apr 1990 – Jan 1991BThis was my 2nd tour onboard Tattnall. After a tour onboard the USS LaSalle, I went back to decommission the Tattnall, I still consider her the best ship during my 20 yrs in the navy. I cross rated and retired as a GSMC in January 2001.

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