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USS Ingersoll (DD 990) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Ingersoll (DD 990). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 424 crew members registered for the USS Ingersoll (DD 990).

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Brown, DennisDC21994 – 1998OD/RMan I had a hell of a good time. Please any one that i served with please write 02/13/06
Garcia, MarcosAMS21994 – 1995HSL-37 AIR DETThe finest ship i ever been and the finest crew i ever me this was best westpac of all.i also looking for the 1994-1995 cruise book.does anybody have an extra one or willing to sell.please contact me at
Ring, JamesBM2Jan 1994 – Jan 1997DeckHello shipmates. Retired in 2004 and we are living in sunny arizona! We can be reached at 602-708-3751 Drop a line!
Beltowski, RonDC1(SW)Jan 3, 1994 – Aug 18, 1998RepairDrop a line when you can. I am now at Navy Leadership School, Coronado, CA
Butler, ChrisE-3Jan 5, 1994 – Sep 15, 1996ODHad fun....Maybe to much! Did enjoy the west-pac of 95-96 many great memories.Hope all you fellas are doing well.Posted 1-05-07.I'm @ for now.
Gancerez, AdanGSMFNJan 14, 1994 – Aug 17, 1997MPHello people! I'm Back! Remember me? well just so that you know I cross rated to OS...BUT i will always remember "Once a Snipe, Always a Snipe" (Don't know who said that but its true!)
Clark, Chuck, BoatsBMCFeb 23, 1994 – Oct 15, 1997Deck
Bonilla, RubenDCFNMar 1994 – 1996Repair2nd command, great times, best pac's., "Bad Ass Crew". To all my "West Coast Mexican's", Where you at !!!!!. We "Rocked" that boat, "What's Up".
Bryant, KeithSTGCSMar 1, 1994 – Mar 1, 1997CAPut forth a lot of effort, made a lot of great and lasting friends.
Kelley, ToddOS3Mar 1, 1994 – Aug 18, 1997OIHad the best times in Pearl Harbor with my friends and my ship.
Stephen, KensingerOS2 (SW)Mar 1, 1994 – Mar 30, 1998OI
Price, DougOS3Apr 1994 – Jul 14, 1997OIGreat to see some names from the past. It is hard to explain to people not in the Navy, how important shipmates were and how the ship worked. It might be better not to have them know. If ever in Cincinnati, look me up for a beer!
Sullivan, Bryon (Sully/ Irish)IC3Apr 1994 – Mar 1996CJ
Lefavore, BohRM2Apr 1, 1994 – Nov 10, 1997OC Ingersoll has a special place in my heart. I met the best friends of my life there to this day. Mike, Steve, Rob, Kevin, to shout out a few. We had some good times. People who I respect, Rocky, Jim, Coffdog. Look me up, I am the COMMO at NCTS Naples
Cleaver, NathanE-4Apr 21, 1994 – Nov 11, 1996Gunners Mate Guns/ Rescue SwimmerI can believe they sunk that old reck, The Oil Tanker it hit in 1994 should have sunk it first!!
Cunningham, DavidCDRJun 1994 – Mar 1996It was a great honor to have served with such an outstanding crew! I wish all the very best!!
Balman, TedOS2(SW)Jun 1, 1994 – Nov 11, 1997OI
Johnston, BrettBM 3Jun 13, 1994 – Jun 13, 1997DeckHad a blast. I hope everyone is doing well.
Hester, BrianDC3Jul 1994 – Nov
Ting, WilliamE-6/GSM1Aug 1994 – Aug 28, 1997MPEnjoyed my time on this great ship! Best shipmates ever-MP DIVISION! Engineroom casualty-free WestPac '95-'96!
Baker, JamesRM1(SW)Aug 1, 1994 – Jul 1, 1997OCRemarkable ship, division and men. Hasn't been a better OC division in the Navy since. Departed Ingersoll for RDC duty in Great Lakes and then the Seabees, NMCB-5, just in time for Operation Iraqi Freedom. Retired ITCS(SW/SCW) and working as a GS.
Rodriguez, SidronioGMG3Aug 6, 1994 – Jul 8, 1995Combat SystemsGun Mount Captain Mt. 51 Forward Gun Mount
Rodriguez, SidGMG3Sep 10, 1994 – Jun 6, 1995Combat Systems
Gonzalez, CharlesE-6/HT11995 – 1997REPAIR
Rhoades, BrianFC21995 – 1998CMIf you know me say hey. Checkout my websites & I'm pretty easy to get a hold of. Anybody know where I can find Ethan Mason, John Mcquarcandale, Joey Mcnish, or anybody else I may have run with.
Hopcroft, DarrenGSM2(SW)Jan 1995 – Jul 1998MP
Stenger, ThomasE-5/ GSE2Jan 12, 1995 – Jun 1998mp
Stobie, MarkPetty officer second class RadiomanJan 13, 1995 – Jul 10, 1998OCHad fun still wanted to throw a rock at the ship when i left and curse it but ti was being tugged to west lock moth ball fleet
Stobie, MarkE-5/IT2Jan 14, 1995 – Jul 24, 1998OC
Vega-hernanddez, VictorRM2/E-5Jan 19, 1995 – Jun 24, 1998OD/)CMy first Navy command and one where I learned a lot about the Navy and about shipmates. Hope you all are well.
Carriedo, FranciscoGSM2Jan 20, 1995 – Jul 28, 1998MPI'm gonna miss ol Taz, did 2 deployments on it never had a better ship since then. Awesome crew, awesome times.
MacE, DanielSH3Feb 1995 – Jul 24, 1998supplyI cant believe they sunk her. I had a lot of great times on the ingersoll. I have heard from people that stayed in and they all say nothing compared to the times on the Ingersoll!!!!!
McCorquodale, John SK3Feb 1995 – Jun 14, 1998S1Great ship, great shipmates, and great times. Some of the best years of my life.
Myers, MichaelBM3Mar 5, 1995 – Jul 28, 1998DeckMy first ship. miss it and the great people that i served with. had allot of good times! its sad to see it a BM1 stationed at Diego Garcia.going back to Seattle soon.drop me a line
Rosenthal, Mike-roseyOS2Apr 1, 1995 – Jul 28, 1998OIHad fun and lots of laughs, sad they sunk that P.O.S. Served onboard USS Crommelin, HSL-41 and currently at Security Dept. NSA Naples, Italy as MAC. Drop a line if you get a chance.
Williams, RichmondRM2/RM1 (RETIRED CPO 2008)May 5, 1995 – Jul 28, 1998OCAfter leaving INGERSOLL. I served at CINPACFLT. From there I served as LCPO onboard USS RENTZ FFG-46 and then SWRMC San Diego as C2I Tech Support where I retired. Currently systems engineer at SPAWAR San Diego
Luallen, BryanCTM3Jul 1, 1995 – Jul 28, 1998OBHi all, Good to see all the familiar names. Like yourselves, I miss Ingersoll and those great deployments. BTW, I met up with CDR Bradley. He's retired, divorced and living off the fat of Australia.
Schmidt, KenFCCSJul 7, 1995 – Jun 19, 1998CGThe Ingersoll was a great ship with a great Chief's mess.
Yancey, RodneyIS1(SW)Aug 14, 1995 – Jul 1998OB
Silvestro, RalphOS3Sep 1995 – Jun 1996OIMy last ship in the Navy and definitely the best.
McGarity, ErikIC 3Sep 28, 1995 – Jun 12, 1995ICwhats up ya'll holla at cha boy at
Ferrari, BrianET3Oct 1995 – Nov 1999Combat SystemsGreat times and great fun on the Ingersoll.I did two deployments and met alot of good people.No need to treat grown men like children and you could talk like a sailor and no one cared.Men were men and sheep were
Ferrari, BrianET3Oct 1995 – 1998Combat SystemsGreat times and great fun on the Ingersoll.I did two deployments and met alot of good people.No need to treat grown men like children and you could talk like a sailor and no one cared.Men were men and sheep were scared.
Lepera, SeanSK3(SW)Nov 1995 – Jun 24, 1998Deck/SupplyYeah, I remember the "Delta November" device... I still tell the story... The best of luck buds... Oh, Days after decom I went back to Adalaide Australia for 3 weeks. December 9th I married in Maui an Aussie...
McGarity, ErikE4/ IC3Nov 5, 1995 – Jul 15, 1998Deck/ Combat SystemsWhat up shipmates! it was ahell of time.

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