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USS Leftwich (DD 984) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Leftwich (DD 984). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 540 crew members registered for the USS Leftwich (DD 984).

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Schreffler, GaryAW21990 – 1991HS-12Served onboard during Desert Storm, flying combat SAR missions. Had a great time, and fond memories of the 'wicked witch of the west"!
Hale, WillOS21990 – 1993OIWhat's up Boys! Hope all is well. Track me down, I'm in
Albert, Elizabeth A. TulensruBM31990 – 1993FIRSTWhere is Psycho Jones or The flat head 808 327-1086
Martin, Steve "Big Marty"QM31990 – 1993NavigationHello everyone thanks for all the great times and memories. To get ahold of me send an email to
Barnes, David ChristopherPO3 Barnes1990 – 1993STG3So interesting to find this site. Would love to hear from you guys!
Mabone, WillieYn1990 – 1993AdminYou can reach mt at has anyone ever heard from james davis aka shirty pimp
Bedinger, ChrisOS21990 – 1993OIOperation Desert Shield/Storm and Southern Watch.
Arocho, Johnnye-4Jan 1, 1990 – Sep 25, 1992communicationsIt wassad to watch the Leftwich sink, I sure miss the eastpack and westpacks.
Iliakis, Aristides (Mr. I)LTMar 1990 – Mar 1993SupplyGreat Ship!!!! Great Crew!!!! Great Memories!!!! Desert Shield/Storm, Hawaii!!!! The memories come rushing back!!! Hope all is wel!!!
Fife, LarryHT2Mar 9, 1990 – Jun 1, 1993ero1Best ship in the Navy!
Bedinger, ChrisOS2Mar 15, 1990 – Aug 23,
Davisson, RichardFC2May 1990 – Jun 1996Combat Systems
Bui, ZachariahGSE1 (SW)May 21, 1990 – Oct 17, 1997MPDC1 Misko, GSM1 Joseph, Edward Hereault, GSE1 Boyd, GSE1 Duran
Worthy, JackEW2Jun 1990 – Dec 1992OWGood times working,partying and golfing with many of you guys while aboard Proud to serve as VP of the EWWAunderPresidentCommander,Matrella,Kennedy,McCune,Gallman,Koken and the rest of the boyz form OI/OW div.Drop me a line.Where is Tyrone?
Hindsman, ScottJun 10, 1990 – Jun 10, 2003My days onboard Leftwich were fine days indeed!
Bennekom, Robert A. VanEM3Jun 30, 1990 – Aug 15, 1993EngineeringHad I great time on that ship and a lot of good memories sad to here they used it as a target.
Barnes, GaryFC1Jul 1, 1990 – Aug 1, 1994CM
Kroeger, TomLTAug 1990 – Mar 1993
Duran, John V.GSE2Aug 15, 1990 – Aug 15, 1992Main PropulsionLooking for David Russell, Timothy Pinell, or anyone that remembers me and would like to chat.
Via, BillE-3RMAug 16, 1990 – Aug 19, 1992Had some good people that wish I had stayed in touch with and what a long ride from honalulu to ship when the ozzies were in. If you new the times I am talking about the naps behind the radio racks because you could barely hold your head up
Venegas, RobertFC2Aug 20, 1990 – Dec 1, 1994cmbest and worst time of my life. got sick and navy sent me packing.
Coley, TimFC3Sep 14, 1990 – Jul 17, 1991CGI served during Operation Desert Storm in the Gulf War.
Gallmann, BrentEW2Sep 17, 1990 – Jul 17, 1995OWOutstanding people. Outstanding memories. Hope all my old shipmates are doing well....
Albert, Alfredbm3Sep 27, 1990 – May 28, 19941st divisionpsycho jones, flat head, old man vespo, vasques, sweet dick, dawson, monroe, stek ,bethke, bookie,evans (hillbilly), just wondering what the hells up. drop me a line. old party seadog-local boats.
Lively, DaveYN2(SW)Oct 1990 – Oct 1993NXGreat memories, great friends. Couldn't wait to get off now I wish I could get back on. Time is certainly fleeting.
McCallister, BrianGMG3Oct 1990 – Oct 1992CGthis was a very good crew. i had alot of fun while i was stationed here
Clark, Brian / DocHM1Oct 1, 1990 – Jul 30, 1992NX
Clark, Brian / DocHM1Oct 5, 1990 – Jul 26, 1992
Bates, BrianRMSANov 29, 1990 – Sep 30, 1991OPSWasn't on board long enough, but enjoyed every minute. Was happy to see her on "PEARL HARBOR" movie, but sad to hear of her demise.
Geremia, AdamCTO3Dec 1990 – Feb 1991Crypto IntelServed onboard crypto direct support for Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm in the Persian Gulf
Paradise, David1991 – 1995S-1
Hale, WillOS21991 – 1994OPSLooking for Jeff Gallon, Randy "Feltcher" Santerfeit, Aaron "Rughead" Emory, Kevin Drew, Sergio Villalva.
Goetting, MichealOS21991 – 1996OIGreat Times Great Friends. Hated to See Her go Like That.
Boxleitner, Bruce "box"OS21991 – 1994OILots of good memories on the Witch. Sergio, Hale, T. Johnson, The Goose. Good to see so many people on this list. Anyone shoot me an e-mail...
Lewis, Lew-lewHTFN1991 – 1993
Ameen, MikeEN2 (SW)1991 – 1997A-GangWhats up DAWG!!! Wicked Witch in the house kid!!! I can still remember play'n spades, tonk and bones in that berthing like it was yesterday. I think a few of ya still owe me money ya bastids!
Maxey, DavidRM1991 – 1993OC
Jeffcoat, RobertQm31991 – 1995NavigationAloha still in Hawaii lots of memories and pics on the wicked witch ,from westpack and wog day
Ondrik, Brian OxGMG3Jan 1991 – May 2, 1995CGWant to see how everyone is doing. hey Paul how you been. isee billy is still on your list
Austin, Brian/capt. AEN2Jan 1991 – Feb 1993A DivisionUSS Leftwich the finest ship and crew the USN has ever seen. From Desert Storm, Operation Top Spin, and the great parties from Bali to British Columbia, I HAD A BLAST!!! Looking for GSM1 Vanvalkenburg and EN2 Waddell
Hernandez, Rich/hernie BurgerDC3Jan 1991 – Aug 14, 1994R-Div.Best time I ever had in my young single life!!! Email me at either or I live in Vegas now!!!
Ellison, JerryFC2Jan 1, 1991 – May 25, 1995FCI didn't think so at the time, but looking back I had a lot of great times on this boat. In NC now -
McEldowney, MarkGSM1/GSMCJan 1, 1991 – Mar 24, 1994MPHad the aft engine room then the oil shack
Childers, TimBM1Jan 3, 1991 – Aug 23, 1991DeckGood Ship
Wiegand, DouglasFC3Jan 16, 1991 – Sep 10, 1993USNRGreat ship and crew. Gulfwar I and westpack are great memories and stories for my kids.
Mengarelli, MichaelQM2(SW)Mar 1991 – Jan 1995Information SpecialistShore Duty... Outstanding!!! Maps... Charts... JAPAN!!!
Buttrey, MikeCWO2/LTJGApr 1991 – Jun 1994OI/CICOGreat Ship!!! Great Crew!! Great memories.
Baumgarner, CrossEN3/E-4Apr 1991 – Apr 1994A-GangHey it's Cross, Jeff Olsen if you read this leave me a message or you can email me at I'm healthy and alive and doing great..thank god for medicine!
Commander, AaronEW3/EW2May 1991 – Jun 1994EWHawaii was great!!
Kennedy, MichaelEW3/EW2May 1991 – May 1994Great memories serving aboard the finest Destroyer with the finest crew! From WestPacs to local ops she was a proud and capable Lady! Lots of good times playing softball and kicking back with all you guys!! All the best to evryone!
Koken, PhillipEW3May 1991 – Aug 1994OWWow, so they sank the damn ship! That comes as a surprise... I am still living afloat, but the ship is a bit different these days... E-mail me @
Tucker, RonE4Jun 15, 1991 – Jul 31, 1994combat systemThis is tucker. anybody that remembers me, I had a red mazda rx-7. hola at ya boy.biscut you should remember me from that thing with the nurses. {black eye} remember.
Tucker, RonGMG3Jun 15, 1991 – Jul 31, 1994Combat SystemsAnybody that remembers me knows I had a big mouth, a small red car and loved to party. 20 years later still here! Miss Hawaii, miss the navy, miss my shipmates. I can be reached at
Knutson, Chaden3Jun 23, 1991 – Jul 23, 1993a ganggreat ship had a blast. great crew even better ports.
Moore, PaulGMG1(SW)Jul 1, 1991 – Jul 18, 1994CGI really enjoyed being the GUNNER while i was there for three years. Great guys like Lampe,Travizo,Alcala. Not you strickland! You were kicked out for gun decking temps,Lieing to the old man. You shouldn't have boasted in your remarks!!!
Heroux, EdGSE2Sep 1991 – Apr 1993MP
Gosnell, JimOSCS(SW)Sep 1, 1991 – Mar 1, 1995OI
Childers, TimBM1Oct 1, 1991 – Aug 23, 1992First Division
Ondrik, BrianGMG 3Oct 10, 1991 – May 10, 1995Combat Gunsthe best fun that i ever had. Lots of good memorys

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