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USS Briscoe (DD 977) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Briscoe (DD 977). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 605 crew members registered for the USS Briscoe (DD 977).

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Scrivens, JoyceIT1(SW)2001 – Oct 2003OPERATIONS (OC)Enjoyed my time aboard the Briscoe , meet alot of good people. Retired Feb2004, working for Homeland Security,(TSA) @Norfolk Airport..hit me up on facebook..
Daniels (Watson), TiffanyE6/YN1Jan 3, 2001 – Oct 15, 2003ADMINMy tour on the Briscoe was a great experience. People come and go but the memories will last a life time. I have never known a crew better than the crew of 02-03 cruz. TIFFANY.WATSON@NAVY.MIL
Thompson, CherylFC3(SW)Feb 2001 – Jan 2004WMFirst ship, one of the best crews.
Griffin, JustinFC3Feb 9, 2001 – Aug 18, 2001DCPOne and only ship I ever set foot on. I got kicked off for being gay ... thanks guys.
Hardaway, Wayne (Tae)OS2 (SW)Feb 15, 2001 – Oct 3, 2003OIMy First ship! I Love it! It was the Best of times it was the worst of times. I met some real good people and friends. I wouldn't change it for the world. Long Live the Briscoe Bad Boys!!!! Decom Crew
Fiandaca, DavidHM2Mar 2001 – Oct 2003medicalI was the jerk with the tatoos and the Anthrax shots....ha ha....loved the Briscoe and loved the crew and will remember her for the rest of my days....I wish I could sail on her again
Loewenstein (Wilkins), MichelleFC2Apr 1, 2001 – Dec 16, 2002CEMy first and only ship. It was.... interesting.
Laafar, RedouaneEN3May 6, 2001 – Oct 2, 2003EngineeringShe was a great ship, I had so many memories that never going to fade or forget. We had some hard times and other enjoyable moments. inside her hull we all brothers and sisters. we worked as one and we keeped her alife until her last breath
Zunino, Simon "gianni"STG3(SW)Jun 15, 2001 – Oct 2, 2003CADecom. Crew. Lot's and lot's of memories.
Hanke, JeremySH1Jul 10, 2001 – Oct 2, 2003S-3
Needham, TimothySTG3(SW)Jul 22, 2001 – Oct 2003CAThe Briscoe was amazing. After leaving the Briscoe and transferring to the Thorne I realized how good it was on the Briscoe. I had some of the best memories on the Briscoe and will never forget it. Now I'm out of the Navy finishing my degree.
Fudala, JeffOS3Jul 28, 2001 – Oct 3, 2003OIHard to believe it has been over five years since the DECOM. We had some good times and some bad ones. Met some cool characters my time on the Briscoe.
Sewell/gaffney, RosemaryLTAug 2001 – Oct 2003OpsI enjoyed serving on BRISCOE more than I ever thought I would. So many great people and memories! Thanks to the decomm crew for making it such an incredible experience!
Farrow, SheriMS1(SW)Aug 2001 – Jun 2003S2I cant believe I am saying this, BUT, I do miss that ship and the crew!! Ya'll truly gave me a run for my leadership and maternal skills. The teamwork and closeness of the crew is what I miss the most.
Lassobueno, AlexanderSeaman E3Aug 2001 – Sep 2003DECKNever forget when Seaman Finzi felt as sleep aft-lookout....and drinking wine from the ward room...Lots of great
Kitchen, KatrinaEW3Sep 2001 – Oct 2003OWGreatest people I've ever served with and the best command.
Slay, NeilSK1(SW)Sep 13, 2001 – Oct 1, 2003S-1Hey you all, Livin' in metro Atlanta, Holla back!
Slay, NeilSK1(SW)Sep 25, 2001 – Oct 31, 2003S-1Hello all, glad I found you! Miss the ship, miss the crew!
Medeiros, JenniferASWO/ENSOct 2001 – Oct 2003CALoved that ship and miss it - Navy was foolish to decom it and sink it so fast. ASWO on a new DDG now-does not even compare! Plan to continue with ASW for the rest of my career-that must scare my STGs! Hey Senior Lamont!
Ribbecke, JessicaE3Oct 2001 – Oct 2003DECKI HAD SOME FUN TIMES ON THAT SHIP!!!!!
Hernandez, Jose BM/E6Nov 1, 2001 – Jun 1, 2003DECKBest experience I've ever had! By far best crew in my career!
Kinard, JessicaSTG3Nov 19, 2001 – Oct 2, 2003CA/ ODLoved the Briscoe.. Most memorable moment meeting my future husband on there, Spencer.. Had great friends..
Bailey, StevenDD 977Nov 27, 2001 –Still think about it from time to time Don't miss it though. Finished my degree working on family. on myspace
Davidson, WaringE-9/CSCMNov 29, 2001 – Oct 2, 2003S-2Learned a lot about peoples hidden personalities. Enough said.
Richins, Brian A.GSM3Dec 12, 2001 – Jul 29, 2003M
Middlebrook, LatroyIT1 (SW)Dec 17, 2001 – Oct 2, 2003OC - Radio/ADPMy 4th ship in 14+ years. A very well kept ship. The crew was tight and that made the SHIP successful. Hate to have her sunk with all the memories. I have been on 2 other ships that have been sunk, the BIDDLE and MISSISSIPPI... a darn shame.
Bradley, BlakeQM3Feb 10, 2002 – Oct 12, 2003NAVThis ship was definately one of a kind shipmates! I was sad to see her go, but glad I served aboard her in her call to greatness in Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom.
Hernandez, RobertFC3Apr 2002 – Aug 2003CE
Arnold, MeredithOSSNApr 1, 2002 – Oct 5, 2003OPSAs much as I complained about being aboard the Briscoe, I really miss it! I had a great deployment and met some "interesting" people! Ya'll take care DECOM CREW!!
Cooke, DustinGM2Apr 1, 2002 – Jul 14, 2003CSG1First ship, have many fond memories, including Chief Morley pimp-slapping me when I missed movement. Went to ST-8 for 2 yrs, now I'm a recruiter. Somebody kill me. Watch out for those pesky whales, gunno.
Trujillo, Anthony G.GSE3Apr 20, 2002 – Oct 3, 2003Eng.Rust bucket with alot of bugs, but we knew how to handle them.
Minsky, David /"Boner"STG2(SW)Oct 2002 – Oct 2003CAMy 2nd ship and 2nd decomm. Now I'm on the USS Thomas S. Gates and we'll decomm shortly. Who decomms 3 ships in a row??!! Someone please help me.
Conley, JeremySNOct 1, 2002 – Jul 1, 2003DeckI'll never forget the experience of being out to sea on Briscoe. I transferred to an amphib and ended up getting out early. If I would have had the opportunity to stay on Briscoe I would of finished my 4 years.
Veiga, PeterET1Oct 20, 2002 – Oct 3, 2003First ship, pretty cool, loved being part of Iraqi and Enduring Freedom, Decom Crew, hitting whales, etc.
Goins, StevenCTR2Dec 2002 – May 2003CTTAD to the Briscoe for her last deployment.
Valdez(duran), ValerieE-5/FC2Dec 2002 – Aug 2003CM
Mills, RandyAE3Dec 5, 2002 – May 17, 2003AviationThe Briscoe was a once in a life time adventure. She will always hold a special place in my heart. DECOM CRUISE!!!
Ditonno, MarkAE3Dec 15, 2002 – May 18, 2003hsl 44 airdalei only cruised for a short period but i made alot of friends along the way.
Pfeffer, JoshENFeb 3, 2003 – Oct 2, 2003Aby the time i got there it was a rusted out POS but it got us through the war in iraq therefore i am greatful.
Tucker, Steven W.SNFeb 8, 2003 – Oct 2, 2003OD01First ship. Wasnt the best in the world but had fun. Decom crew, Whats up?
Eastman, BenjaminSNFeb 8, 2003 – Oct 2, 2003ODO 1What the REAL Navy is about!
Iriarte, JosephGSM1(SW)Mar 2003 – Oct 2003MPDecom crew
Storm, CrystalSN E-2Mar 1, 2003 – Oct 2, 2003OD01First ship-had fun great experiences - loved the whales!
Thom, MichaelSNMar 2, 2003 – Oct 2, 2003DECKDECOM CREW

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