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USS Doyle (FFG 39) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Doyle (FFG 39). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 238 crew members registered for the USS Doyle (FFG 39).

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Beekman, John A. JrBM22001 –hookers
Reid, Dario(jelly Belly)GSE22001 –MPI hate all frigates, but I can't seem to get away from them. Well, at least I got EOOW Qualified....It wasn't worth the pain.....LOL
Blanchard, CodyBM2(SW)Feb 14, 2001 – Feb 15, 2006
Izdepski, SkiMA2(SW)Mar 15, 2001 – Dec 18, 2003CMGreat times, and some not so great times, but all things considered it set me up for bigger and better things in the end.
Arnett, MattE-5/DCApr 1, 2001 – Sep 22, 2004RI had a great time. It's all about the men you served with. Even those you don't like, You got there back and you are brothers for life.
Wojciech, KulaEM3Apr 20, 2001 – May 19, 2003A lot of beer and Vodka. Few Good even Great times and a lot of CO masts. But Im done with that now.
Gardner, DavidGSE1(SW)May 7, 2001 – Sep 10, 2004MPENGINEERS THE BEST IN THE FLEET
Oberbeck, Brandon "obe One"GM1May 25, 2001 – Jul 12, 2004CMFirst, Thanks CM Division. Second, the good comes with the bad. We have a ton more good memories, the bad ones are just big single ones. haha. or 76mm ones. whichever. haha
Lescher, Tomm "Leprechaun"HT2Jun 8, 2001 – Dec 17, 2004RIt's not about the Navy, it's not about the's about the men you served with and how you impacted each others lives. I served with a group of guys that made me a better person today than when I checked on board. I miss them all.
Leach, JohnTM3Aug 2, 2001 – Jul 1, 2003CA
Spears, Jesse,DC2 (SW)Aug 11, 2001 – May 5, 2009RWhat an adventure my time onboard this ship was. Thank you all for one hell of an adventure... the things we've done and the places we have been... Y'all be safe... peace...
Stamps, ReddITSN(SW)Sep 20, 2001 – Feb 9, 2005OC02 -the best IT's on the waterfront!!!!To all the IT's serving since the time I have been on. One of the onlyships to be ESWS qualified. To all my guys. live life
Padgett, BenE6/IT1(SW)Oct 12, 2001 – May 26, 2006OCGreat ship to serve aboard except for lengthy time of the "Pain". You guys know what Im talking about.
Toler, Rod "Doc"HM1(SW)Oct 17, 2001 – Aug 3, 2004NXLoved my time on Doyle. Great SNFL Deployment! Moved on to IDC School (Big Doc School) in San Diego for now. Looking forward to the IDC job on another FIG
Tapley, JoeEN2/E-5Dec 15, 2001 –i am having a great time so far
Daniel, GeorgeLCDR2002 – 2004Supply OfficerMy time on DOYLE was the best in my career . The Captain (CDR Martin) was an awesome boss to work for and the crew (especially Supply Dept.) was by far the best I have ever sailed with. I would serve and fight with that crew any time.
Thorsson, ShawnLTJGJan 2, 2002 – Apr 1, 2003A, OD, CD, TRAINING, ADMINI'm out of the Navy now. I enjoy the fact that people don't call me "sir" unless they're about to say, "you're making a scene."
Renfrow, SamET2(SW)Jan 18, 2002 – Feb 13, 2006CEI had a great tour on old girl. I met a lot of great sailors and visited some great countries on 3 deployments I made. I learned a lot from all those that served on her and hopefully she gets a few more tours before she is decommed.
Rick, WilliamsDCC(SW)Apr 2002 – Apr 2004RepairThis had to be the worst tour of my entire career. My crew that worked for me, you guys were awesome, hardworking young men and I wish you gentlemen all the luck in your lives and careers.
Williams, JamesBM1(SW)Jul 2002 – Apr 20051stReunited with the best SCPO in the fleet - Joe - Retirement ship, 2nd SNFL, 1st Med and man I miss driving that RHIB and boarding ships
Washington, JoeSCPOJul 10, 2002 – Oct 17, 20071stStuff happens for a reason.
Washington, JoeBMCS*SW*Jul 10, 2002 – Nov 18, 2007First Leading Chief Petty OfficerThis by far has been the best group of Sailors I had the pleasure to serve with. My motto was to take care of your people, discipline where warranted. I always believed and passed on to my fellow sailors, to be true in what you do.
Garl, ChristopherETCAug 15, 2002 – Oct 10, 2005CEDamn I miss all you and the times we shared. The bad times were rough, but the good times will last forever. Thanks to all of you.
Bivins, JohnathanDC2(SW)Aug 15, 2002 – Mar 15, 2004ERGreat SNFL Deployment!!
Ruthart, Jerad (Rudy)E-5/QMSep 23, 2002 – Sep 20, 2007Deck and NAVThe best Frigate in the Basin. Minimize the Pain!! DDSS DONE DEAL!!
Corkill, RobinETC(SW)Nov 11, 2002 – Jun 7, 2004CEOutstanding Tour - Outstanding CREW - Outstanding Department and Division. Thanks CE, and BZ for 100% each and every day... You guys are AWESOME!
McManus, GregSK2(SW)Dec 27, 2002 – Jul 28, 2005S-104' was the worst year most of us have ever seen in our Navy careers, but because we stuck together we made it. Remember it's all about the Chiefs and Blue Shirts. It was a pleasure serving with you all. Rock On!
Green, Dc2(Sw) TariqDC2 (SW)2003 – 2005RepairWish I'd never left the ship,
Smith, VaughnGSMCJan 3, 2003 –ENG LCPOFirst Frigate and last. Serving with the best crew ever!
McNeal, Royce (Pops)QMSN(SW)Feb 14, 2003 – Jun 5, 2004NAV/ADMN
Martin, TonyCDRMar 28, 2003 – Nov 8, 2004Commanding OfficerIt was an honor to serve with best our country has to offer. My wardroom, Chiefs mess and crew were all outstanding Americans. They never let me down. We all worked real hard to make the old girl operational again- Thanks Again Men
Patterson, Gary profile iconMS2Apr 10, 2003 – Jan 1, 2004s-2holla
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Sharpe, JamesMAC (SW)Apr 17, 2003 – Mar 12, 2008XGreat tour. Outstanding bunch of sailors. I was proud to have served with you. Stay out of trouble!
Adams, Nick (Shag)CS3Jul 16, 2003 – Jan 26, 2007S-2It was straight and i enjoyed the time but i have to dip and say holla at ya boy.
Saglime, KGM1Sep 2003 – Oct 2007CG
Iacouzzi, JustinE4/SK3Jan 7, 2004 – Jan 11, 2007S1THIS WAS MY FIRST SHIP AND I LOVED EVERY BIT OF IT.
Daniell, David "Blue"FC1Jan 26, 2004 – Aug 3, 2009CM
Pegus, MelvinQM3Apr 2004 – Jan 2008ONRep Tampa Fl, Trinidad.
Jetter, DanielSAApr 2, 2004 –ODRepresenting the backbone of the Navy. Deck seamen run the navy.
Garcia, Thomas "Pedro"FFG39Apr 21, 2004 –1stdeck baby number 1 stunnas
Garcia, Thomase-4May 2004 – Dec 20081stgreat crew miss everything bout this ship
Crowell, JosephITSNJul 4, 2004 – 2005OperationsPutting out fires and catching drug smugglers. Hooya
Mendoza, GabrielQM3Jul 7, 2004 – Jan 1, 2008
Mendoza, GabrielQM3Jul 7, 2004 – Jan 1, 2008ONDOYLE WAS A GOOD SHIP I ENJOYED IT WHILE I WAS THERE
McCord, DameonE5/ GM2Aug 19, 2004 – Apr 27, 2008CMThe crew was amazing, we good times and bad ones, but i will never forget the crew.
Rubio, ChristopherSK2Nov 28, 2004 –S-1God willing this is my first and last but if I have to do it again I pray I get to stay on the Doyle. This has got to be the best bunch of "people" I have ever worked with and for that I am greatful. I Love this misfit family. thanks al
Limon, FranciscoE3/SNDec 6, 2004 – Aug 16, 2008OD/1stBeing in the Navy has been my best experience in the world. I'd like to say i i to all my ship crew members. And i look forward to all my upcoming voyages although i am going to miss my loving wife while i'm off at sea. ...THE DOYLE ROCKS!!!!!
Geiser, ColieBMSN2005 – 20091stAwesome experience. Great times underway and in port, will never forget my shipmates in 1st division, a lot of crazy times. Thanks for the memories
Lodato, RobGSE2May 2005 – May 2010MPI hated every minute while stationed on the Doyle, but missed every minute when I left.
Pena, HarrisonE-2Sep 2005 – Sep 2008I just want to give a big kiss and a hug to my wife America and I want to thank God allmighty for helping me through basic training and through his grace i am still here sorrounded with good people. God bless all of you and your families!!!!!!!!!!!!
Robinson, RonaldABHAN Oct 31, 2006 –Deck DivisionUnforgettable experience crew and memories, Forever bleed Navy Blue And Yellow!!!!!
Love, MichaelCS1Mar 2007 – Jun 2010S2Uh where love at
Windsor, AdamDC3 WindsorMay 25, 2007 – Aug 1, 2008Thee R Div!!3 different ships in 4 years and the year and half on the Doyle was legendary. First 6 month Africa Deployment. That will forever live with me and all my shipmates.
Tauzard, D (Taz)FC2Aug 22, 2007 –CMGo Doyle!!
Yowan, JohnOSSADec 7, 2007 –Navigation
Stanavage, JohnBM3Dec 9, 2009 – Jul 29, 2011OD-01

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1984 | 1985 – 1989 | 1990 – 1995 | 1996 – 2000 | 2001 – now

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