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USS Mount Whitney (LCC 20) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Mount Whitney (LCC 20). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 942 crew members registered for the USS Mount Whitney (LCC 20).

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Williams, AngelaHM31996 – 1999Medical
Konjura, Stephen (Kj)RM21996 – 1999CRSpent lots of time painting over rust and washing dishes but still managed to make rank. Best part of it all was the people. Loved the time spent off ship with my pals. Partying in Italy was a great send off. Folks in CR drop me a line.
Dennemann, Chris (Nug)FN1996 – 1997REPAIRMy first command, was an undesignated fireman in R DIV. If you look around you'll probably find my tag somewhere along her passage ways, oh the days of the pregnant guppie. VOX MARIS!
Ott, DavidMM3Mar 1996 – Aug 19, 1999"A Gang"
Taglieri, David W.IC3May 1996 – Jun 1999
Sten, NickDC2Jun 1996 – Aug 1999RepairI would like to say hello to all me old pals, and tell every one else... well you know. All you DC, HT boy's and DFL's I want you to let me know how your doing. Anyone else that remembers me too.
Taglieri, DavidIC3Jun 1, 1996 – Jul 1, 1999E
Record, Christopher RecordLI3/E-4Jun 5, 1996 – Oct 29, 1999Intel/AdminArrived after A-school as LISA, left as LI3. Worked in the print shop, did my share of cranking, went on MTW's maiden 6 mos med cruise. Learned a lot about life on this ship, still teaching me I think. I wouldn't trade it.
Silva, SteveRMSNJun 10, 1996 – Aug 8, 1998comm
Lemaire, SamanthaE2Jul 1996 – Dec 1996ENG
Weems, HustonRM3/IT1Jul 29, 1996 – Jul 11, 2000CD, CMHello to all those CD Division guys. I also had great time in Gaeta. Mama's Place, Sarrapo Beach and the Jambalgangeem lady. Im still in and picked up LDO; currently TAD to Baghdad until Dec 05. Looking forward to seeing some of you again.
Sanchez, DavidIT2Aug 8, 1996 – Aug 1, 2001Comm / Radiothe best and worst time in my life, a privilege to serve
Nicholson, Dirty De3Aug 27, 1996 – Aug 26, 20002 ndif ya want to chat need to get some info if anyone could help me out
Zinnerman, MonaIT1Sep 1996 – Sep 1999Communications
Medina, Luis A.BM2Sep 13, 1996 – Sep 13, 20001st/ RPPO for the time in Gaeta
Wagoner, RandallRM2Oct 1996 – Feb 1999COMSECONDFLT COMMS
Bockstruck, EdJO2Oct 1996 – Oct 1998IPSome good times. Lots of good friends. Many a watch. Hope to hear from some old shipmates.
Tell, ChristopherMM1Dec 16, 1996 – Dec 2, 2001B &M DIVISIONN/A
Warren, DarylE-5Dec 21, 1996 – Nov 23, 2000COMM/ Tech Control You guys were great! I enjoyed my tour their on the Whitney. It was great working with C2F, the Whitney is by far the best ship to be a good communicator. The first ever Med cruise was just GREAT! I enjoyed showing C6F how we operated as a TEAM.
Edwin, AyalaMM3Jan 1997 – Aug 2000Boiler
Jacobson, JessicaPC3Jan 1, 1997 – Sep 11, 2001It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. I made some of the best friends of my life.
Quisenberry, Stephen QIT2Feb 1, 1997 – Aug 10, 2000CD/RM/IT who knows anymoreholy crap where is Silva? no one knows says chief... What's up, Dave, Houston, Amidon, Dillon, Rob, Duncan, Sheer (don't know where you are), Bennett, Zimmerman, McDowell, Sanders, Stillwell, Tedford and anyone else I missed...Email me
Parker (Was Coard), CharleneE-6/EM1Feb 28, 1997 – Feb 2, 2002E
Blake, AngelaEM3May 1997 – Dec 1998Electrical
Smith, KFC2Aug 1, 1997 – Aug 1, 1998OWGreat crew except for a callow few who ruined the experience. Whatever... I'm in one of the country's best medical schools now. I obviously got something out of it. Thanks Eric for giving me a chance.
Buckland, ChuckIS2Aug 1, 1997 – Dec 15, 2000Intel
York, WilliamEW3Sep 3, 1997 – Aug 1, 2001OX
Meyer, NaomiIS2Sep 10, 1997 – 1999Intel
Hawkins, Daryll (Hawk)IT3Dec 1997 – Jul 2000CRStill kick'n
McKenzie, Katie (Nickname "Mac")RMSN/RM3Dec 1997 – Jan 1999COMM/TECH CONTROLHad great friends on board and many memorable adventures in Puerto Rico (1998) and Spain (1998). I can't believe "Building 20" is still in one piece after all these years.
Blevins, David , Jr.YN3Mar 26, 1998 – Apr 14, 2001COMSECONDFLT ADMINPart of Numerous JTFEX's and International Review 2000.
Altice, Chad...ticeIT3Apr 1, 1998 – Jun 19, 2000COMM/CRLots o luv to comm. dept. during the trip to Italy. Lots a beer left that country with that crew.
Hofsetz, JeremyE-2May 9, 1998 – Mar 31, 1999main controlI was the first sailor to be sent to camp Leguine North Carolina for CCU. I was also sent to captains mast four times in five months befor being kicked out of the Navy
De Hoyos, AlfonsoE2Jun 1, 1998 – Sep 17, 1998deckWas there only a short time...the only person i remember is Hosfetz (remember me?) Everything else in that period of my life was a blur...If i could do it again I'd have stayed..since it was my choice to leave the Whitney..oh well life went on...
Ford, LelandDSSN/FC3Jul 1998 – Apr 2003OE/CE/CISSome good times, good friends and plenty of good memories... Gaeta was a blast (of course most of it was spent on the road trips to Naples and Rome), and CJTF/HOA was... yeah never mind.
Cope, JonathanIT2(SW)Jul 8, 1998 – Jan 2003Message center
Scales, Torrrance (Torry)E3Sep 1998 – Oct 2000drity deck
Banfield, John (Lisa)LISASep 12, 1998 – Feb 4, 2001EXEC What a great time, but a lot of hard work. For the first two years I was there I thought the ships name was Mt. Fieldday. Drop me a line.
Stevenson, DougEM1Sep 20, 1998 – Jul 2, 2003EI served during the only 2 deployments (1999-2000, 2002-2003)ever made before the ship was transfered to MSC. I would do it again if I could!
Ryan, DouglasSH3Oct 17, 1998 – Aug 30, 2000Supply S-3This is Taylor Ryan. What's up Chief Lampkins, Hilliman, Brockington, McKeithon, Chris Hernandez, Cynethia, And Buentello, oh and Oliveres! 1998-2000 SH Crew
Robledo, ChristianMM3Nov 1, 1998 – Apr 15, 2002BHey wats up. Hit me up at or call me at 210 489-0588 if you want to talk. laters
Delisi, VincentGM1Nov 20, 1998 – Sep 11, 20021stLots of great times with great people. Good ship, fine crew, and to many of coats of paint! Loved the deployment to Geata, Italy, and all the ports we hit along the way. Old crewmates, feel free to contact me, would love to hear how you are doing.
Shinault, RonFM2Dec 1998 – Sep 1999BRWe did a ton of painting and had a great time! I left early due to stupidity but wish I had stayed now that I'm older.
Marquez, MatthewDC3Dec 12, 1998 – Jun 9, 2002It was a great ship, I was there 3 1/2 years and made a lot of good friends.
Olivo, RobertBM3Dec 17, 1998 – Jun 14, 20011stLoved my time aboard the USS Mount Whitney. I had the time of my life aboard I wouldn't trade that time for anything. My shipmates are always on my mind and what they are doing now. Deck Dept. glad I was in that dept.
Brickey, JamesET3Dec 18, 1998 – Nov 11, 2002OE02There was alot of good times and bad times but the good definitly outweighed the bad. Med cruise in 99, Fleet Week, Balt Ops, and many port visits. Give me a holla!
Kreiser, JimGM2Dec 22, 1998 – Jul 12, 2003OWI served on that pig for 5 years. Everyone said it never went anywhere. MY ASS. Damn thing wouldn't sit still. Deployment in 99 to Italy, 2002 to the freezing north atlantic, and to the HOA later that same year. I had fun, but it was time to

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