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USS Mount Whitney (LCC 20) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Mount Whitney (LCC 20). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 976 crew members registered for the USS Mount Whitney (LCC 20).

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Ridge, DavidHT32002 – 2003rit was short in time and the ship was old but the crew was the best made lots of friends to i wish the best to email me at
Hammers, JosephMM22002 – 2005Oil Lab
Boyd, Darylmm32002 – 2004Banyone from b-div look me up
Shillingburg, BrianE-7Jan 2002 – Nov 2004EServed as LPO/LCPO for E-Division. Best Shop I worked with in the NAVY. I retired after shore duty in 2006
Vizcarra, HectorFNFeb 2002 – Oct 2004MHello MTW crew. I am Vizcarra from M division ( the engineroom messenger). It was a great experience. I learned how to deal with people. right now, I'm a salesman and I don't have to wipe oil and takeout the trash anymore. I have a real job!!!
Ruckdeschel, William/beakerBM3Feb 2002 – Nov 2004DeckHey all how is every one doing send me an email if yall want I'd love to chat and catch up.
Maxwell, JimmyMM3Feb 9, 2002 – Jun 7, 2005b boilergona miss it will always remember
Treider, TexDC2(SW)Mar 1, 2002 – Aug 1, 2003RepairShe took me lots of cool places, but it was time to move on.
Glass, DanielGM1(SW)Mar 3, 2002 – Dec 11, 2004GunneryWhat a wild ride 22 years and it was fun I miss the old Navy though.
Smith, ShurlockCTNMar 13, 2002 – Mar 13, 2005ADPLoved it. Would like to go back. Ciao
Stevens, Richard (Canuck)DK3(SW)Apr 15, 2002 – Aug 26, 2004S-4 DisbursingGreatest Disbursing Office in the Fleet. Many thanks to DKC Woodard, his leadership and compassion for the DK Rating was uncanning and unforgettable. Thanks for everything!
Woods, CaseyHT3May 2002 – Jan 2004Repair
Henderson, ErwinET3/E-4Jul 15, 2002 – Dec 4, 2004CE
Clayton, Waltere4Jul 24, 2002 – Oct 2004s-5the cook really ran the ship
Turk, TimLTAug 2002 – Aug 2004
Barrio, RonnyCS2Aug 27, 2002 – Jan 4, 2005S/5OH MAN!! The MIGHTY Mt. WHITNEY. What can i say? a great ship, a good school and a wonderful beginning for my navy career. I remember hearing mt. whitney? yes building 20, YEAH RIGHT!!! 2 months later deployment for 7 months what a welcome. SEE YA!
Shenenberger, Don/docLCDRSep 3, 2002 – Jun 23, 2004Medical OfficerBest job I ever had.
Williams, TocarruE3Sep 14, 2002 – Sep 15, 2004B-DIVI had many good times and many bad times but in the end i enjoyed the experience. would do it again in a heart beat.
Vivian, EricaSM2(SW)/YN2(SW)Oct 2002 – Dec 2004Navigation/ AdminWhat a deployment to the Horn of Africa. Met some good people. Made some good friends that I'll never forget
Wynn, AmandaE-4/IC3Nov 10, 2002 –C4I
Bill, LilE-4Jan 14, 2003 – Dec 19, 2003MI stepped into the gates of hell! Loved it, hated it, glad I'm gone.
Vannorman, Derrick profile iconSNJan 18, 2003 – Feb 11, 2005Deck 1stThis was my firsy command and I never thought I'd want to go back but I do.
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Korwan, KurtisPH2 (AW/SW)Jan 27, 2003 – Jun 21, 2004MediaMedia? More like Quarterdeck Cleaning Div. I was there for the Horn of Africa and the ship yards. Then on to Nova Scotia for a few days. Thinking back, I miss being on the ship and being a part of it, but it was time to go away.
Padron, TaylorE-4Feb 19, 2003 –s-2
Webb, DanielleCSSNFeb 20, 2003 – Nov 5, 2004S-2I spent almost 2 years on the Whitney. I had good times, bad times, saw and did things I never thought I'd experience. I will never forget the "Mighty Mount Whitney". I hold her and all of my fellow sailors near and dear to my heart.
Wise, BryantE-5/SH2Mar 7, 2003 – Nov 10, 2004S-3The best D*** Ship in the Navy.. The SH's ran the ship for sure...!!!
Austin, JoshuaE3May 2003 – Sep 2004Deck
Walker, SamuelET1(SW/AW)Jun 20, 2003 – 2006C4I/CECan't say I have enjoyed any of my time onboard. I'll have over 15 years in the navy by the time I leave. Just waiting for my time here to be done to move on to better things.
Padron, TaylorE-2Jul 9, 2003 –
Barnes, CliffE4Aug 28, 2003 – Jun 8, 2004S2So what do you want to know about building 20.... It was almost a cruse ship except for the 25mm and working at all hours of the day on quails, training, and quails. I miss everyone i served with even 2nd fleet... I
Thomas, JaninePS3 (FN)Aug 29, 2003 – Oct 12, 2004B EngineeringI enjoyed the time I spent on the Mount Whitney. It had it's ups and downs, just like everything else. I'll never forget some of my shipmates. I wish we could have stayed in touch. Good Luck to all. Use the Navy for all it's worth. I did.
Ballinger, AshleySNOct 2003 – Aug 2004DeckI had some great times on the Mt Whitney..met some good people. I have some awesome memories.
Moermond, MelissaNov 2003 – Feb 4, 2004DECKFound it.
Wellman, JessicaSNNov 6, 2003 – Aug 21, 2004DeckI have had some good times on Mount Whitney, met some great people, I will miss everyone so much. Mount whitney was a great ship to start out on. I wish everyone the best of luck in everything they do.
Galante, NicholasSNNov 28, 2003 –
Galante, NicholasSNNov 28, 2003 – Apr 9, 2005Decktrying to recconect with my ship buddies
Aguirreferrara, MarissaSNDec 1, 2003 – Dec 1, 2006I have been on the Mt Whitney for about a year and i have experienced and learned so many things that i never thought i would. Not only that but i have had so much fun and i look forward to the things that are coming my way in the future.
Long, RickysnDec 19, 2003 – Oct 2004decki had a blast
Ford, Amberazan2004 – 2005Deck
Mells, KhristenCS2Jan 2004 – Nov 2004S2This was absolutely THE BEST COMMAND of my entire Navy career! I met a lot of awesome people AND worked for some GREAT 1st classes and Chiefs! I wish this had been my first command.....
Cooper, Ron "Coop"OS3Feb 17, 2004 –OPS/OIThis boat is def different. But overall it is a good ship, Its a pleasure to be a Sailor onboard this MIGHTY WARSHIP PUSHING IT TO ITS PEAK PERFORMANCE....(Capt. Ladd "WHEELS" Wheeler)
Gobble, PaulE-1Apr 23, 2004 –I report to the ship on April 23, 2004. I am excited to be joining from what I hear is a first class ship and crew. Can't wait!
Ernst, BernardE-2May 5, 2004 – Sep 17, 20043rd DeckOn to "A" School!
Wagner, JasonE4/YN3Jun 2, 2004 –exec
Cochran, Jesse (Cock)MMFNJul 14, 2004 –B fireroomreported mid july. hotter than shit down there but hey we find ways to have fun,i'm leavin in oct, but will take what i can from here.
Shaver, Bill3RD ENGRAug 10, 2004 – May 16, 2005engine room mscwas part of the operating crew that took over from navy, boy did they leave us a real mess, & a ship that to this day still smells like an overflowing septic tank, we'll probabbly never get it fixed, should have let it go to the breakers.
Strenczewilk, Jonathan "Stretch"IC2(SW)Oct 4, 2004 –CC/CEThey confuse me on a daily basis, all in all not too bad though
Hurst, LaurenE3 OSMar 8, 2005 –I am excited that I will be joining the crew on the USS Mount Whitney. I've heard nothing but GREAT things and I cant wait to become part of the "crew."
Hurst, LaurenOS3/E4Mar 12, 2005 – May 6, 2006OPS/OII miss Italy and enjoyed the port visits Mt Whitney had. Best of luck to the rest of yall on onboard.
Vise, RyanPC2(SW)Mar 25, 2005 – Jan 31, 2008Exec
Llewellyn, LuluE-3/SNJun 2005 – Sep 20052ndI wasn't there for long, but it was a blast. I will miss everyone! I wish everyone the best of luck in thier future ambitions! Deck was the best!
Brown, JenniferIT2Jan 3, 2006 – Dec 4, 2008ADPI was the command artist for a while. I now have a website if any of you guys have pictures of my work let me know I will take any photos I can.
Moon, Ryan "Moonpie"IT2Aug 10, 2007 – Aug 10, 2009COMMSWow! There are a lot of people who complain about being on any ship in the Navy lol, but there isn't a bad thing I can say about The Mighty Whitney. I have had the chance to see 20 different countries so far!

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