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USS Essex (LHD 2) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Essex (LHD 2). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 420 crew members registered for the USS Essex (LHD 2).

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True, StephenET21993 – 1997OCIt was the worst ship that I was ever on. E-mail me.
Barker, BobLCDR1993 – 1995CHENGGreat tour - ship's first WesPac deployment. Bittersweet tour - retired after this great CHENG tour.
Bonta, James , IIBMCJan 1993 – Jun 1994Deck/ 1stretired off of her command sucked at the time. so did the department head and 1st lt
Hardin, ObiAT3Jan 1, 1993 – Nov 25, 1995AIMDYo. Many lessons learned. Couldn't wait to leave but wouldn't change a thing. Sweepers Sweepers!
Lopez, GeorgeCTO2/E-5Jan 10, 1993 – Feb 7, 1996OSHad some great times on-board. Original Maiden Voyage Crew.
Iriarte, JosephBT3Feb 1993 – Nov 1996MP-1
Bohn, CharlesE-5/BM2Feb 1993 – Dec 19961stOriginal crew member. Loved every minute being on the Iron Gator. Great crew great times. Packed a lifetime of memories into 4 years.
Robel, RussLI1 - LICApr 1993 – Apr 1996Admin - X2 DivGreat platform. Advanced to Chief. Designated Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist.
Gal, MikeBMSNJun 18, 1993 – Jun 19, 1997DECKHaze grey and underway !!! Whew !!!!- Capt Berg
Autry, BobbyDS2Jul 1993 – Sep 1996CDFun while it lasted.
Jump, JoeBM3Jul 1993 – Aug 1, 1997DeckLost all your phone numbers in the washing machine. Looking for some of my old drinking buddies.
Robinson, JohnYNCAug 1993 – Aug 1996Admin/Pers/LegalPrecomm, Maiden vogage, Panama Canal, Westpac 1 & 2, From Berg to Cassidy to Winns. It was an adventure and it was FUN. God Bless you all.
Bohn, LarryOSCS(SW)Aug 1, 1993 – May 14, 1994Operations Department
Duchesneau, JimQM2Aug 18, 1993 – Jan 18, 1997NavigationGreat ship terrible command. Met the best friend in my entire life, SN Pete Morrision. Jimi Jimi CoCo pop. Oh yea and Sweepers Sweepers, got sick of that. Great times wouldn't change it.
Evans, ChrisAOSep 9, 1993 – Jul 18, 1998CWHello to all! IYAOYAS put essex as subject
Brown, JoshEN4Oct 1993 – May 1997A Division
O'quinn, James (Quinn)FNOct 10, 1993 – Sep 20, 1995Remember a lot of guys that I dont see here. Had the time of my life. I WOULD NOT trade it. I got bounced before my hitch was up, But still had a fine time. Im out now and work in the oilfield, as a derrickman.
Doelker, Robert (Allen)E-4/EN3Oct 30, 1993 – Sep 14, 1998A-Gang
Rossmann, DaveE-3Dec 1993 – Jun 19951st & 2nd DeckWestpac 1994/5 I am interested in getting back in touch with some old friends. E-mail if you remember me, thanks.
Watson, TimE3Dec 1993 – Sep 1995Deck 2ndWow what an adventure. Lt. Dan where are you so I can pick you up and put you in the wheelchair?
Carmichael, DanielAO3 (THEN)Dec 2, 1993 – Nov 26, 1995WeaponsYo Jim where ya at?
Thrailkill, JasonBM31994 – 1998Deck 1st & 2ndlol ... What a joke. ... Hope it has changed since I was there. ... 1st and 2nd pac ... lol ... again joke ... hope it was better once the females got on board... stick it out, doesn't last long ... better times on outside await
Jones, Jason1994 – 1996v-3some good times guys
Skinner, WilliamE-31994 –STA PlatoonBest Six month Deployment!
Summers, JosephGsm3Feb 1994 – 1996Mp
Floyd, BryanMM3Mar 1994 – Dec 7, 1997p-21st and 2nd westpac pumping bilges from the AMR running ECCTT drills Still have the "Fishing Report". Wog Days, Maddog, Cat, Mikey, droopy, Ed, Joe, Jim, Lyle in the stacks, Chad, Blank, Dean
Vasilopus, SteveOS2Apr 24, 1994 – Apr 24, 1998OI
Vasquez, John P.GM1(SW)May 2, 1994 – Mar 9, 1999C4Armory Leading Petty Officer - Supervises 8 Gunner's Mates. Responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of over 250 small arms, four 25mm guns, 38 Ready Service Lockers, and fourteen ammunition magazines.
Harder, TravisABF3May 15, 1994 – Jun 15, 1997V-4Fucking hated V-4
Haws, KeenYNCJun 5, 1994 – Jan 25, 1996EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENTI am working for the US State Department now. I'm now in the IRR and hope to retire in the next couple of years!
Fry, Dennis V.MM1 / MMCJun 15, 1994 – Apr 15, 1998A-Gang / P-2West-Pac #1 & #2
Evans, "Shorty"AO3Jul 1994 – Jun 2001CWIYAOYAS
Molina, GregSM2Aug 1, 1994 – Aug 31, 1996Communications DepartmentMade some good friends that I sill keep in touch with.. I Was there for Her Maiden Cruise as well.. Made some great memories on board her, and received my (SW) pin with SH2 (SW) Medina when it really meant something.
Menghini, TonyABH3Sep 1994 – Apr 1996V3What's up V3? Joe Chamberlain, Ben Black, Josh Newton, Beamer, just a few of the great guys I got to serve with and drank plenty of beer with too! Good times, but glad they're behind me!
Decicco, MichaelSGTOct 22, 1994 – Mar 24, 19953/1 Scout Sniper PlatoonAwesome maiden voyage. The air conditioning never quit (mmmmmm air conditioning)
Frate, DavidHM2Oct 23, 1994 – Sep 1996medHad a lot of great memories.
Laskodi, ShaneLCPL E-3Oct 24, 1994 – Apr 25, 1995AIMD ParaloftI remember Chambers, Bautista, Lee, and that crazy SOB Sheetz. All you Power plants guys were Sierra Hotel also. Take care you all
Montee, StanCPLOct 25, 1994 – Apr 19951st LAR Delta Co.This was my first WestPac and the maiden voyage of the Essex. Became a ShellBack on this cruise...good times. I look forward to seeing her again one day.
Pate, Lonnie1stSgtNov 1994 – Mar 19953/1 H&S Co.Maiden voyage, Southwest Asia (Operation Southern Watch), Somalia (Operation United Shield), great Marines.
Martinez, Dennis profile iconIC31995 – 1996E
Rasbury, John (Razzzle)MM2Jan 5, 1995 – Jun 1, 1997P-1great time on this ship.
Kahler Jr, JamesMR 2/E-5Jan 5, 1995 – Feb 18, 1998R-DivisionMachine Shop
Bratton, KeithABJan 7, 1995 – Sep 25, 1997V-3
Reid, Chuckmm3Jan 13, 1995 – Jul 25, 1998P-1Only and last ship. Lots of memories and pals. P-1 Lower level. Cromwell, Jackson, Puzon, Smitty, Davis, Few, Pappa Will, Cheif Duggy Fresh. Miss the friends. Not the job.
Hart, BrandonSH3Apr 1995 – Sep 1998S-3SH1 Robertson (ROBO) Argh! Great ship, great friends, awesome ports of call. Tough seemed like we were always out to sea! Much better time than my 8 yrs in the Air Force following my naval service.
Taggart, BrianMR3Apr 12, 1995 – Jul 30, 1997ENG-R ERO6 (mr shop)it didnt seem like it at the time but Essex was the best ship i have ever served on. currently mr2 deployed with NAVELSF in the big sandbox.
Trapsi, MarkABFANApr 17, 1995 – Sep 18, 1998V4/AIREnjoy the cruise and the places i've been. I enjoy the people that i work with flight decks and below decks. I wish I would stay for my shore duty.. Hey Travis Harder your the "ROTTEN APPLE OF V4"
Kelleher, Caoilte/mickMM3Apr 23, 1995 – Jan 4, 1998MP 1Is there anybody out there?
Graham, RossAZ1Apr 30, 1995 – May 1, 1999AIMDReally enjoyed the time that I had when I was there. Trying to locate AM2 Michael Walker AIMD
Abell, ChuckPH1May 1, 1995 – May 1, 1999OZ - PHOTOLAB/JIC/PAOLPO of OZ Division and WCS of Photo Lab. Supervised SITE-TV and PAO. FCPO VP, EAWS Coordinator, 1997 Ship's Sailor of the Year.
Ebeling, JeffE-3 ABFANMay 15, 1995 – May 7, 1998fuelshey everyone
Holden, DukeMM3Jun 1995 – Jul 1998eng. A-gang
Gillies, BruceNCCS/NCCMJun 1, 1995 – Jun 30, 1997NXESSEX Was a great ship. Had a wonderful cruise and made some wonderful shipmates.
Bawar, Romie profile iconSH3Jun 1, 1995 – Aug 1, 1997S-3Enjoyed my last command in the Navy, while homeported in San Diego! Miss my fellow SH's and the the rest of the crew, as well as the Marines when they were onboard. I don't miss filling up the vending machines lol
Daywalt, ShaneMM3Jun 26, 1995 – Nov 27, 1999Engineering
Keller, JayAG2Jun 30, 1995 – May 31, 1998OABest ship in the NAVY!!!
Arquillano, QABF3Sep 1995 – Jan 1999Airseen half the world but didnt get to enjoy shore duty. would've been nice handing out towels and bowling ball on the dry side. oh well. i enjoyed almost every moment on that ship, except for that one ABFC that tried to make my life a living hell.
Reese, RobertE-2Sep 1995 – Apr 1998V-4Grapes got to love them.
Pertiller, Arthurms1Nov 11, 1995 – Jul 30, 1998Supply
Mason, ChazIT1(SW)Dec 1995 – Jan 2000CR
Little, JasonABH3Dec 12, 1995 – Dec 12, 1997V-1Good times in sunny San Diego.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1991 | 1992 | 1993 – 1995 | 1996 – 1998 | 1999 – 2000 | 2001 – 2003 | 2004 – 2005 | 2006 – now

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