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USS Peoria (LST 1183) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Peoria (LST 1183). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 337 crew members registered for the USS Peoria (LST 1183).

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Barber, RandallMAC (SW)1990 – 1993adminHello Shipmates. Had some great times with you all. Who can forget that #1 softball team we had. Thanks for the experiences.
Ricasata, PhilLT1990 – 1993Shipmates - great memories, great crew, great ship. I am saddened to share with you that LCDR Carl S. Cato passed away this summer (2006) from a sudden heart attack - RIP.
Hart, BrianHMC(SW/AC/FMF)1990 – 1993AdminOf the four ships I was on this was the best. MIss the old Admin crew, HMC, MAC, NC1, PN1.
Faulkner, ScotlandGMG31990 – 1993deck and 3rdwow! seen names i have not thought of in years! yall were the best! love talking about the navy days. In dallas now 3 kids. A/C sales still running my mouth!! Does anyone have pics I lost my cruisebook and uniforms in a fire.
Frantz, Jasonen31990 – Jan 1994eng.Great ship. Learned a lot
Hill, David (Tom Stone)EN31990 – 1993EngineeringHad a lot of fun. Great ship with a great crew.
Weinstein, AdamE-3 SNJan 1990 – Mar 1991DeckI joined the ship during dry dock in 1999 "SUCKING CLOVERLEAFS" Knucklebusters and needleguns. Replaced the non-skid on the whole flight deck!! That sucked. Sneaking down bow ramp on restriction. OS3 Howerton, Scanlon, anyone email me
Windham, GlennPN3Jan 3, 1990 – Jan 27, 1994AdminBest Liberty Ports! Crazy Times! Only ship stationed on. Currently still in the Reserves (PS1), 4 more years to go. I'm a Veterans Counselor/VA Certifying Official at Connors State College in Oklahoma.
Bailey, Robert profile iconSNJan 10, 1990 – Apr 1, 1991Deck Dept.
Weaver, AlbertDECKJan 25, 1990 – Jan 28, 1993had a lot of funback in those days.would like to hear from the crew.
Sundeleaf, GearyDC3Apr 1990 – Feb 19, 1993ER09
Rich, JohnRMSA/RM3Apr 10, 1990 – Jan 18, 1994OCThis was my first ship and loved every minute on it...Met a lot of good friends and some I keep in touch with today. That was 17 years ago and now I'm an ITC...How time flies...
Jackson, SylvesterOS2May 13, 1990 – Oct 13, 1993OperationsReally had some great times there SM2 Leonard, OS3 Gemes, OS2 Hill, RM2 Jones "Mikey", OS3 Santee the whole crew. Miss yaw if your ever in Atlanta holla at OS3 Gemes and I are here keeping that part of the crew 2gether.
Hunter, JeffreyCorporalJun 10, 1990 – Mar 10, 1991USMCSailed on the Peoria during our units trip to the Gulf. Seen action in the First Gulf War.
Collier, CharlesE-5/ET2Sep 1, 1990 – Jan 24, 1994OEI had some of my best times with alot of you guys, would love to hear from you guys here's my email address
Neri, MiguelSH3Oct 1990 – Jan 1994SupplyGood memories being on the great Peoria. Hope all of my old shipmates are doing well. Miss you all!
Eric, BauerET 3Nov 1, 1990 – Jun 10, 1993opsI still have nightmares about Chief Wedge during drills. Anyone have pics and stories they want to share. I can barely remember. Hope all is well with you guys. Great knowing all aboard. Drop me an email to catch up
Perry, Dennis S.E-9/BMCM(SW/AW)1991 – 1994DeckWe worked our butts off, but it was the best ship. I appreciate all of the hard work from all those who I served with, I can never express how thankful I am. Retiring in 2006 and would enjoy hearing from old shipmates.
Uphoff, ShaneE-5/GMG21991 – Jan 28, 19943rdWouldn't have traded my time with you guys for nothin',.......
Cooper, David "coop"FC31991 – Jan 28, 1994Lookin' to get a hold of old shipmates. Maybe rehash old sea stories. Drop me a
Watson, MichaelEN21991 – 1993Engineering
Fraker, EugeneSNFeb 7, 1991 – Feb 19, 1993DeckI was in 1st Div. DECK DEPT. FIND OUR FACEBOOK USS PEORIA PAGE!
Sims, DarrenE-3 FiremanSep 17, 1991 – Aug 17, 1993R-DivisionHard to believe its been 20 yrs since my navy days!! had some good times and met a lot of good friends!!!
Stone, JerryE-4 / YN3Nov 19, 1991 – Jan 24, 1994AdminI miss some of my friends from the Peoria! I had some good times in Rodman, Panama and the Grand Cayman Islands! Hurricanes were rough at sea! I am glad to have served!
Easterling, Bob11Nov 20, 1991 – Aug 20, 2001
Spain, WadeE-4/ET31992 – 1994Operations
Parsons, ToddEN 1 (SW) ENC (SW) RET.1992 – 19945-169-O-E Number 3 EngineroomSnipes Rule. We busted our asses in the pit. EN2 Jones,EN2 Barnes EN3 Sann,EN3 Leo and several other. CWO3 Musto. Crusty Musty. The smartest MPA I have ever worked with. We had a GREAT softball team to. MS1 O' hearn #1 Passenger /Slacker onbo
Pena, Anthony (Enriquez) profile iconSN1992 – 1994DeckPanama and the Hurricane whoa it's a distant memory but it was all fun
Shoats, MelvinET3Feb 1992 – 1994OperationsThat ship and the people on it lived, worked, and played like a family and though sometimes we worked really hard. When Arizoga paid for everything we wanted to drink in Puerto Viarta I think that made up for it. He had to spend 2 months pay.
Todd, ParsonsEN1 (SW)Feb 25, 1992 – Jan 28, 1994MP EM03What a POS. The only good thing about the USS Peoria was the softball team and the day we decommissioned her. Snipe Rule!!
Counts, JustinOS3Jul 8, 1992 – Oct 21, 1993
Fernandez, Robert profile iconSNAug 24, 1992 – Jan 28, 1994DeckTo all the guys that served besides me while on the ship, I wish you all the best! Deck rules.
Jon Musson, Jone-1 to e-3Sep 1, 1992 – Jan 28, 1994Deck
Acker, DanDec 1, 1992 – Jan 28, 1994
Hobert, AdamBM3Dec 28, 1992 – Jan 1, 1994DeckHad a blast on the ship. SN Miller, BMC Perry, BM2 Rainey, you guys gave me some memories that I will never forget. Had a blast and leanrned a lot. Living in Colorado now and loving life. Give me a shout
Hold, KenFIREMAN1993 – 1994E.M. 01
Lewandowski, Kevin "Ski"FN1993 – 1994M&BI was on the decomm crew. It was a lot of work. Work in EMO3.
Harris, HeathFR1993 – 1994RWas my first boat. Got on board and went to escort the Hurricane back from New Orleans. Of coarse we hit the storm on the way. Got stuck driving everyone to the chow hall during decom mess cranking. Great People!
Byington, GeorgeE31993 – 1994Engineering1st ship and what great crew!!
Taylor, DevonEN1(SW)Jan 3, 1993 – Jan 21, 1994Eng. Dept. Supply POHey Gents. Great times on the Peoria. Me and 2 others stood the very last watch after Decom. before she was towed away. I went on to PRECOM LHD4 & LHD6. Instructed EN "A" School before retiring in 2004.
Holcombe, Christopher profile iconSM3Feb 1993 – Jan 1994OperationsI enjoyed my time onboard the "P". I was a Signalman 2nd class PO at the time.
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Lewis, Russell profile iconDCC(SW)Mar 1993 – Jan 28, 1994RepairOK time on this ship, good CPO Mess, generally a good group of guys in R division. Psycho hypocrite of a CO, good XO who became last CO. I got to make last 1Mc announcement & sign the last tag out as EDO that shut the ship down... cool.

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