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USS Skate (SSN 578) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Skate (SSN 578). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 89 crew members registered for the USS Skate (SSN 578).

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Resurreccion, MarioTN1957 – Sep 1958SupplyPlank owner USS Skate SSN 578
Emunson, Alfred (Huey)MMFA to MMCMay 1958 – May 1967A and M divisionI was the baby of the boat on the first trip to the North Pole in 1958. Left in 1961 for a year of nuke school and returned to the boat in 1962. Finally left the Skate in overhaul at Norfolk Naval Shipyard in 1967.
Kinne, DickEM1(SS)Feb 1, 1961 – Sep 1, 1965NucThe best boat, never missed an opt.north pole trip was crazy
Lovins, DavidYN1Jun 7, 1961 – Oct 10, 1962adminI qualified on the Skate and have some great memories serving with all of the crew at the New London Sub Base.
Canterbury, ClaudeMM2Oct 1961 – Jun 1962MMy first boat of seven. Gave Mdiv Chief, Archie Lusk a few white hairs. Qualified Basic Eng and LLER, but was transferred to SSBN611 during my final walkthrough for ships. Remember SUBICEX when the bilges froze over and saltwater valves iced.
Miller, DonFTG1 SSDec 1961 – Oct 1965Weapons
Fraleigh, Bruce " Hap "TM3(SS)Jan 10, 1962 – Jan 10, 1964GunneryAnyone out there who was on the trip to north pole in 1962 ?
Almer, FrancisET1(SS)Jun 1962 – Dec 1964Forward ETBest boat of my career. It was a steamer and always could do its job. The north pole trip was exciting except for the flooding in the engine room when we were under the ice cap.
Young, DaveMM2SSMay 1963 – Dec 1966AUX.
Ondo, JosephTMCM/SSMay 10, 1963 – Oct 10, 1968weapons
Yeager, JohnQM3 SSSep 22, 1963 – Aug 12, 1965I was the only Rebel on a boat full of Yanks! Hit in the port prop by an ASROC practice shot, struck the sea-floor at 240' off of Rota, lost of stern planes in "northern waters" and other adventures. Didn'trealize how lucky I was.
Carswell, Davidpetty office 2nd class1964 – 1968skate
Conahan, FrankMM1Jul 1, 1964 – Aug 1, 1969
Jacob, WaltFTG 2(SS)Apr 20, 1966 – Oct 21, 1969WeaponsGreat memories of a great bunch of guys and times. North run, Med trip and under the ice. Congo Lounge incident. Granby street shuffle.FTR flood and seeing Ingrahm shutting the door leaving me and Piggot in the room.
Kirejczyk, Richard/dick/dogftgu3May 1966 – Dec 1968WeaponsGreat time, Great guys, walked onto the barge in Portsmouth, VA and got my nose almost ripped off by glover, red for a week. Got better after that.
Brown, RobertTM3(SS)May 1966 – Sep 1968weaponsgreat experiences, met some great people, had a lot of fun and really wished I had re-enlisted for the next cruise.
Cloutier, Dennis (Clit) profile iconMM1 (SS)Jul 15, 1966 – May 5, 1968"M" DivisionDid most of my growing up on this boat. Picked it up during the "subsafe" overhaul in Portsmouth. Remember the first emergency blow during sea trials. We were the first sub safe upgrade to test it out as I recall.
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Ingham, AlCS-5Sep 12, 1966 – Jan 21, 1970From the ice to the White Sea, Scotland, Spain, France, Italy, Burmuda, St. Thomas, Puerto Rico, Fort Lauderdale, Norfolk and New London. Amazingly, they paid me to sail with a bunch of great guys.
Smith, DaleSTS3(SS)Nov 1966 – Mar 1970SN/STMy Qual Boat. Hard to forget the FIRST! Loved the trip to North Pole. Remember those we lost after transferring to Scorpion-Lcdr Loyd and Qm1 Morrisson. Hardest thing we ever did was to go search for them.
Murphy, DanFTG1(SS)Jan 1968 – May 1968WeaponsQuick transfer from Nautilus for a northern run. (Not my choice) Just married for 2.5 months then 81 days out (Jan to Apr). Enjoyed the trip and the crew especially the trip to Faslane, But opted out in June after 8 yrs.
Girnus, JackIC3 SSJun 1968 – Dec 1971ICGreat bunch of shipmates and memories-Bermuda-Free ride on USS Sturgeon!, Sounding the alarm for flooding in the IC space, 3 ice trips with 3 MUC awards.
Moody, Bill ( Peabody Kid)SK2 SSJun 6, 1968 – Apr 1, 1970SupplyMet the boat in Rota Spain. Searched for Scorpion. Med cruise in 68-69. Under ice ops 69-70. Served under DA Phoenix.
Johnson, Lawrence/ LpMM3SS1969 – 1975AuxilaryRemembering testing the under ice sonar, punching thru the artic ice pack, Snorkel sticking open and flooding out the IC panels and store rooms. Fixing the bow planes under way near Bermuda. Messing with cigarettes by holding them by the O2 bleed.
Mohn, CraigIC2 SS1969 – 1973Electricalnow retired, was both engineering and forward qualified when on board
Johnson, Lawrence (L.p.)MM3SS1969 – 1975A Div
Gula, Josephmm11969 –machinestMy brother served aboard the skate as a MM1 I think between 65 and 71. He passed away in 2008 after a 5 year battle with cancer. I would just like to see his name mentioned as a crew member of the Skate
Pelish, EricMM1 (SS)Jan 1969 – Jun 1971MLove all of the under ice trips.
Christensen, John profile iconMM1 (ss)Mar 1, 1970 – Apr 15, 1973Main PropulsionLots of boredom, excitement, and good times on this boat... Had lots of pals... Cdr. Phoenix was great CO. Really had a time as ships photographer, too... A real privilege for a nuc.
Cooter, CalvinYN1(SS)Dec 1970 – Jun 1972Admin.Initially qualified on SKATE.
Gee, EarlMM1(SS)Dec 15, 1970 – May 16, 1974MHad a great time and learned a good deal while on Skate.
Mead, Ian (Hyper)MM21971 – 1974AUX
Dean, SamuelIC3Jun 1971 – 1974Foward IC (ElectriChecked on board the day before the Boat departed for Portsmith VA for Refule and Overhau and was transfered off just after the Boat was floated. Spend two days at sea Qua on Jack SSN 605. salfish as 572
Zuppinger, Bob "Zupp"MM2Aug 1971 – Oct 1977"A" GangOther shipmates: Mike McGann, Danny Griggs, Marco Krager, Ken Irwin, Joe Phiffner, Joe Crapo, Harvey Rudack Med runs & Unitas, sleeping on Ipanema Beach, Rio. Good times & friends!!
Rao, SteveSK2Jul 1972 – Jul 1974SUPPLYQualified Skate, 637 and Los Angeles Class Subs
Jasionowicz, Frank JakeMM2 SSNov 15, 1973 – May 23, 1976MWE made a NATO, run a Med Run and a UNITAS run, I qualified on the SKATE. A Great Boat
McNellis, MichaelETN2(SS)Aug 10, 1974 – Jul 1976Reactor ControlsFirst UNITAS for a nuke Sub in '75...Great experience!
Ferguson, John ( Ferg)MS3 SSMar 6, 1975 – Sep 1, 1976supplyGreat cast of characters on board, save the CO. though not the "best" sailor, I have great respect, admiration and fond memories of all who I served with.
Coile, DavidMM2Sep 1975 – Dec 1978
Coile, DavidMM3Sep 15, 1975 – Dec 4, 1978MachineryMy first sub and the oldest. I still have a lot of good memories and even better "sea stories"
Sowski, Stevenmm3Nov 17, 1975 – Apr 12, 1977Machist Mate (non nuke)Had some of the best days of my life with a great bunch of guys

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