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USS Skate (SSN 578) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Skate (SSN 578). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 91 crew members registered for the USS Skate (SSN 578).

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Haner, KenSTS2(SS)1976 – 1981SonarWhat a great learning experience. Many old DBF vets who road as close to a SS as they could get when they started to disappear. Wild Bill Nixon (the COB of the MOB), Jocko Fallon, Bull Nuke Hubbard, BJ, Clyde McVicker,
Gager, Arthur profile iconQMC (SS)Aug 1976 – Aug 1977NavigationRelieved QMC (SS) Charlie Hall. My best Quartermaster was Steven Kazan. Captain Asafaylo was my CO.
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Sueker, JamesEM-2(SS)Jan 7, 1977 – May 5, 1981"Suek the Nuke" or "Sugar Bear"
Clark, Billie (Yeoboy)YN2(SS)Sep 1977 – Jun 1979AdministrationAffectionately remember the names: Sugar Bear, Wally the Walrus, Grape Ape, Geek, Marf and Lt Gullick. While passing through the Panama Canal, I had to swing a couple of mail bags down to a tugboat. Two Waves caught the bags. Pretty blondes.
Zimmerman, Bill (Zman)IC-1/SSSep 1977 – Feb 1980IC
Sheridan, Steve, Eagle RockSep 29, 1977 – Dec 30, 1980A
Adams, KevinMM1(SS)Dec 1977 – Jul 1978A
Miller, GaryMS2(SS)Dec 1, 1977 – Jan 23, 1981MSSkate was my 1st boat, where I earned my Dolphins, & made my 1st West Pac. I have many fond memories, & remember many friends. Jesus loves you all & wants you to turn from the evil of this world, & return to HIM.
Gattis, MarkMM1(SS)1978 – 1980A-GangDamn good Fast Attack! 2 Screws are better than 1!!
Johnson, Roger profile iconMM2/SS1978 – 1980M-Div LELT
Notre, DarrenQM2SSFeb 1978 – Jul 1980QM
Martin, DavidTM2/SSJun 15, 1978 – Apr 19, 1982WeaponsWestPac 80 standing beside Mike when taking turns on the hydraulic pump in the foward torpedoroom.
Kemp, DavidSTS2Sep 23, 1978 – Aug 21, 1982
Lenartz, JohnCWO2Dec 1978 – Aug 1979
Caton, BillEM1(SS)1979 – 1983Electrical
Nelson, RandyMM1(SS)1979 –MMark McClish and I were transferred from Robert E Lee, finished up overhaul and sea trials
Nelson, RandyMM1(SS)1979 – 1979MCame to Skate from RE Lee SSBN-601 with Mark McClish MM2 while Skate was finishing overhaul. Both Mark and I left the Navy after Skate's overhaul and all post overhaul testing/test dives etc were completed.
Royer, SteveMM1(SS)Feb 1979 – Dec 1982Stationed in Beautiful Hawaii, Westpack 1980 and 1982.
Demag, FredPN2(SS/DV)Mar 7, 1979 – May 28, 1981EXECScuba school in April 1980 with TMSN(SS/DV) Scotty Bruce. Softball, R-ball with Rich Healy, John Halisy, Skip Stangeland, Larry Wendland. Great WESTPAC 1980. Larry Galvin, Jim Durson, Mark Hale.
Scance, Lester DocHmc (SS) RetiredMay 10, 1979 – Apr 12, 1982Medical dpartmentGood Days at Beamens!!! Good Memories of a great Crew!!!
England, MikeMM1/SSAug 1979 – May 1983ER Sup. EastPac79, WestPac80,82. First cruise Rx scrammed, hydraulics failed, entire crew kept snorkel valve, etc open by taking turns on hyd hand pumps.
Cerini, JohnRM2(SS)Dec 1979 – Aug 1983Radio
Volner, TomCTM1(SS)1980 –One of the spook riders that qualified on the Skate. Rode in 1980 out of Pearl.
Pospisil, WarrenTMC1980 – 1983Weapons
Pond, MarkMM1/MMC1980 – 1983M-DivBest boat and crew ever!! My last Prototype instructor tour the detailer asked what I wanted. II told him the oldest operational fast attack in Pearl,wrote em immediately. Qual'd on 575 and like broke things I could fix!
Jernigan, Donald KellySTS3(SS)1980 – 1986Sonar
Lapeter, RichardEM1 (SS)1980 – 1982E
Ruggieri, Augustus (Gus)FTG2Jan 1980 – Apr 1983weapons
Laprade, MikeET2 (SS)May 1980 – Oct 1983ET DivisionEarned my Dolphins on Skate! It was a great time in Hawaii.
Hyser, ChrisMMI (SS)Jun 1980 – Jun 1984ELTCheck out USS Skate SSN 578 on Facebook too. If someone isn't here, they'll be there :)
Murphy, Peter profile iconCTT3Sep 13, 1980 – Nov 25, 1980Radio Room CTMy first trip on a submarine.
Leach, BobbyQMNov 1, 1980 – Jul 1, 1984NAV1st Boat
Dewey, JonesFTG21981 – 1983Weapons"We've got you coming and going."
Dempler, ShaneIC11981 – 1986ICLife is good in ky.
Convery, TjMM2/SS1981 – 1984A GangOh what a journey it was... Glad to have been there and done that...
Salsbery, JeffSTS2(SS)Apr 1981 – Sep 4, 1984sonar
Lee, DavidMM1Jun 1, 1981 – Jul 15, 1985EngineeringI was an ELT on the Skate and made 2 West-Pac deployments. My buddies were Kevin O'Donnell, Craig Haugen, George Alves (USS Tunny).
Lavender, Jeff (Lav) profile iconSK3Oct 1981 – 1985Deck SN to SupplyThe ship I Qualified in subs. Best time of my life. Working for Chief Pops, and finding the love fo my life while aboard.
Carbone, Alex profile iconsts2/ssOct 30, 1981 – Jun 15, 1984sonarcoached softball,football and basketball teams. won the base championship in basketball
Lavine, ToddRMC(SS/DV)1982 – 1983RADIO
Messier, PierreMMC/SS1982 – 1985A-Gangbest crew you could ask for.
Jensen, JoelIC31982 – 1983ICThe crew--a great bunch of guys, the best I've known.
Micucci, TonyLTFeb 22, 1982 – Sep 1984SupplyPork Chop
MacLean, JohnRM2(SS)Aug 15, 1982 – Jan 28, 1986CommunicationsWhat a great crew I served with during my tour. I didnt realize it at the time, but after 2 subsequent submarines the INDY and the San Fran, I realized that the Skate crew was the best.
Rieckenberg, RichardLCDR1983 – Sep 12, 1986EngineeringI was the last Engineer Officer on Skate
Short, RobertMM3Feb 20, 1983 – Sep 25, 1986
Koch, JohnFTG2/SSJun 1983 – Oct 1985Weapons
Hebert, KenETCS(SS)Jul 1983 – May 1985Reactor ControlsLast Bull Nuc
Samson, DavidE-5/ ET2(SS)1984 – 1986Reactor controls
Jones, LawrenceICFNSep 16, 1984 – Nov 10, 1986ICJust the beginning

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