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USS Tinosa (SSN 606) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Tinosa (SSN 606). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 204 crew members registered for the USS Tinosa (SSN 606).

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Chamberlin, RogerET2SS1980 – 1981navs-optsHello guys i am still alive anybody know where Sam Singer is? HI Kevin
Goodinson, GoodyMS2/SS1980 – 1983SupplyGreat times on the tilt'n T. Many good memories, great group of guys. Awesome liberties! - some of the best days of my life back then! ...Columbia - Panama - La Maddalena - Athens ...oh yea - Great Times!
Chamberlin, Rogeret2Mar 10, 1980 – Jan 4, 1983nav opsstill think about those times
Day, StephenEM1 (SS)Sep 1980 – Feb 1982E
Graham, BillDSSN(SS)Sep 20, 1980 – Mar 20, 1981DeckWas TDA from USS Dallas for 1980-1981 Med Cruise, earned (SS) on USS Titling "T" during Cruise.
Nesbitt, DonE-4/MMNov 1980 – Sep 1982A gang
Booth, JohnEM2(SS)1981 – 1985ElectricalNo remarks, just remembering back. Hope all are doing well.
Gray, MarinoE-11981 –QMGlad to see we all did well after leaving the Tinosa. May you all be safe during these trying times we find ourselves in.
Gallow, KevinET2Jan 1981 – Jun 1985ETI had many experiences that I will remember forever. I served with a diverse crew that I still tell stories about. I remember my first day onboard when the boat was in port in Italy and we listened to the Super Bowl.
Wilson, SteveET2/SSJan 1981 – Mar 1983Reactor Controls
Pierce, VictorRM2/SSMar 1981 – Jul 13, 1984RadioGreetings gentlemen. Hey Willie. Been a long time since I spoke to any of you guys. The last I heard Troy Cooley lived in Sarasota Fl. and works for the post office other than that don't know location of anybody else. Drop me an e-mail.
Pierce, VictorRM2/SSMar 1981 – Jul 12, 1984Radio
Almy, RickSK2Apr 10, 1981 – Mar 10, 1983SupplyAnyone who would like to correspond please e-mail me and put in the subj line Uss Tinosa
Flaugh, RickEM1/SSJun 12, 1981 – Jun 16, 1985E
McCardle, WilliamQM2\SSOct 15, 1981 – Dec 1, 1984QMHi Rick,Kevin and Don if you want further information about Steve Logue email me
Mow, MarkETCS (SS)Dec 1981 – Sep 1985Reactor ControlsMet great people through the Tinosa. Time onboard and places seen are never forgotten. Live in Alexandria, Egypt last 2 yrs working Egyptian Navy contract (2nd time Romeo Sub project 12 yrs ago) US Submariners are respected everywhere.
Tryon, DonMM31982 – 1984ELTHi guys,I had a lot of good times."The ELT will be firing water slugs in AMSUL"
Woods, MarkET11982 – 1985Reactor ControlsIt seems like a million years ago, and yet sometimes it's just like yesterday. The Tiltin T was always good to me, with great adventures and wonderful memories. She gave me drive. I now have a Ph.D. and 2 Masters.
Litzendorf, Bill - LitzETCS/SSJan 1982 – Apr 1985NAVOPSSam Singer retired from the USN and lived in the Groton area.
O'Meara, Bille1 e2 e3 e2 e1Apr 15, 1982 – Jul 15, 1984A Divison found this site just messing around .Willie if you check this site send back a message you to rick or vic or any other to hear how you all have done.
Lyons, EdMM2/SSJun 4, 1982 – Jul 28, 1986Enjoyed the people that I worked with. Retired from the reserves as a LCDR in the ED Community after 26 years. Anyone know where Don Tryon is?
Spitta, AdolphMM2(SS)Jun 9, 1982 – Sep 10, 1984AUXHad a great time on tinosa, remember lots of friends, anybody remember frisbee?
Wallace, JamesRM2(SS)Dec 10, 1982 – Jan 20, 1986RadioTinosa Summary for me: Qualified Submarines onboard the 606 in June 1983. Two COs; One XO; Two NAVs; 4 COMMOs; Two RMCs; 4 COBs. Overall an awesome experience and crew to serve with.
Sanders, MattSTS1(SS)1983 – 1985Sonar
Ottman, Glen / OttoMM3 (SS)Jan 1983 – Sep 1986A-GangFound this site by accident, glad I did. Names like Gant, Peterson, Linster, Gerdin, Houlnee and many others. If they ring a bell, shoot me an e-mail. I retired in 05 as an MM1 (SS/SW) and now work for a motorcycle escort co. in CA. Otto
Parker, J. D.QM3/SSJan 1983 – Dec 1987NavigationThe Tinfish and her crew helped prepare me for life. Thanks! J. Daniel Parker, M Div.
Gormley, RobertLTApr 1983 – Jun 1986Nuclear OfficerAgree with others that the CO (Snyder) was the best ever. Glen Sieve (may he rest in peace) was funny and a great character! I really miss the crew that I served with.
Wood, DougEM1May 1983 – May 1986EGreat crew. still hang with Rick, Barry, and John after 30 years. Duke was still the best CO ever.
Dearo, JonathanSTS1/SS/DVMay 23, 1983 – Jul 30, 1987sonarSTEALTH BOAT
Gerdin, MikeTM2/SSOct 1983 – May 1987Weapons
Aversa, MikeEM-2Oct 10, 1983 – Oct 14, 1987Deep diving, silent running WAR machine....Tinosa was a great boat. Sure do miss those early morning field days. I work at PNSY now and all the old timers remember the Tinosa as having a great crew.... Guess they didn't know us too well..
Kelly, JimIC2(SS)Oct 13, 1983 – Jun 21, 1987ICThe Tinosa was a lifetime of memories. No where else in this world can you get in to so much trouble and get paid at the same time.
Gibson, KevinET1Oct 20, 1983 – Oct 25, 1985Reactor Controls
Laney, Kenneth RQM1(SS) to QMC(SS)Dec 1983 – 1986QM
Cota, Charles (Chuck)MM1/SS1984 – 1986ELTAnyone know where Bob Walsh is?
Agosta, Chris "Doc"HMC (SS)1984 – 1987MedicalI was surfing the net and stumbled onto a lot of shipmates. How are All you guys doing?
Trahan, HerbSTS1/SS - STSC/SS1984 – 1988SonarOne of the best boats I had the honor to serve on........Great crew!!!
O'connor, MikeMM1Apr 1, 1984 – Jan 16, 1989Machinery
Landry, BobICC(SS)Jun 1, 1984 – Jun 1, 1986Forward ICThis NQSP CPO checked aboard & enjoyed working with Duke, MMCS Pete Peterson, TMC Chaisson, COB & HMC Chris. After14 yrs on Carriers, Tinosa was a great experience.
Gaeth, ScotMMCS(SS) NUKE1985 – 1988MCurrently working & living in Alexandria, Egypt fixing and repairing old US ships they bought from us. Have a lot of friends and memories from the 606. Currently divorced and on my own. Hunting and fishing all I can.
Wince, KevinMM11985 – Oct 1988M Div
Johnson, WilliamMSSN1985 –SupplyReported to the tinosa while she was in overhaul at the portsmouth naval shipyard,met some great shipmates and am interested in getting in touch with them to catch up.
Chagnon, MikeETC/E7Apr 1, 1985 – Dec 12, 1988ETReported aboard on April Fools day! Captain Snyder was the coolest CO I ever served under. Had lots of fun on our post overhaul shakedown in the Caribbean. Made two Med runs and two Northern runs. Tinosa was a good old boat!
Chagnon, MikeE7/ETC(SS)Apr 1, 1985 – Dec 23, 1988Forward ETMet the boat in the shipyard at Kittery,ME. Pretty loose crew at that time. Duke (Capt Snyder) waved instead of saluting on my first POOD watch when he arrived for work in the morning. COB was a trip (what do you want, you F'n snatch!)
Linton, GlennEMC(SS)May 13, 1985 – Jul 1, 1987Electrical
Contreras, RamiroSTS 2 (SS)Jul 1, 1985 – Jul 28, 1987sonar
Schnitzler, William/ TrogRM1Aug 1985 – Jun 1987
Czupryna, MikeSTS3Oct 20, 1985 – Jul 10, 1989WeaponsTook me a long time to finally realize how great my times were on Tinosa. Lifelong friendships and memories. Thanks to all.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1970 | 1971 – 1975 | 1976 – 1979 | 1980 – 1985 | 1986 – now

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