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USS Jack (SSN 605) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Jack (SSN 605). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 144 crew members registered for the USS Jack (SSN 605).

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Cuneo, BillEMC(SS)Mar 3, 1963 – Dec 23, 1966E
Roessler, EdET1Mar 15, 1963 – Apr 1, 1968RCLucky to have served with such a great crew (and softball players). I now can enjoy fine memories of those 5 years.
Hein, MichaelRMCS(SS)Jun 21, 1963 – Mar 19, 1968OPSCommissioning Crew, Diving Officer of the Watch. Great bunch of guy's. Will always remember them! Outstanding shakdown cruise of the Caribbean Sea. lot's of fun and mostly work.
Ashley, BobET1Jun 23, 1963 – Aug 15, 1968RC-DivNever a dull moment on the Jack. Spent 5 memorable years on Pre-comm crew most of which I think was in drydock!
Holmberg, Dallas (Dal)MM1(SS)Jul 1963 – Aug 1966A - DivPre Commissioning Crew in A - Gang with Smitty, Goldie, Irwin, "Hose", Brocious, McCall, Beach & Fowler. Best A-Gang ever. Made the infamous, 24 Hr. Failed Engineering Run - Back home under "Diesel Power".
Willfong, JimEN2(SS)Oct 1964 – Jul 1967AGood times with good guys. "Crash" Jordan not only dropped Admiral Rickover's grapes, he fell from the first platform all the way into the torpedo room without a scratch on him----scared chief Sweeny to death!
Cruz, Rogelio Jorge S.E3Nov 1965 – Jun 20, 1966SUPPLY
Stepkin, Richard YeoYN31966 – Aug 1967Where is the greatest comshaw artist ever in the Navy - "Goldie" Goldman - Remember "crash" Jordan - Never without a bandaid or cast? - remember when he dropped Rickover's "seedless" grapes down the Hatch?
Stepkin, RichardYN31966 – 1967SubmarineCommissioning Crew - 1st dive -
Sikes, LewisMM1(SS)Jan 1966 – Mar 1972MachineryLast member of commissioning crew to be transferred. CDR. D.G. Smith, the original XO returned as skipper
Leclair, Gary "leaky"MM1 SSJan 1966 – Sep 1970MachineryStill think of the Boat and old friends. Pete, Lucie, Millie, Louie S, Louie M, Tom are just a few. So long ago.
Lusignan, Bob (Lusi)MMIJan 1966 – May 1970MachineryIt's been a long time , it would be great hearing from my crew mates
Leclair, Gary, Leakymm1Jan 1966 – Aug 1970mechanical
Meads, Richard/richETN2Jan 1, 1966 – Oct 10, 1968RC
Meads, RichardETN2 (SS)Jan 1, 1966 – Sep 30, 1968RC-DIVHad a great time/ precommissioning/ Time stubling over Admiral Rickover when we wiped the Turbine forward thrust bearing/ seeing a part of Carribean before I left to get married and back to back watches with Ski as we
Neves, Ed (Black Cloud)IC1 (SS)Apr 1, 1966 – May 10, 1969Commissioning crew, petticoat cruise and Caribbean shake down with Capt. Urbanzyk and Nato Ops out of Scotland with Capt. Smith which included a cruise thorugh Loch Ness, Scotland.
McFarland, Jim / MacFT3(SS)Aug 1, 1966 – Feb 14, 1969WeaponsCommissioning crew. First dive. Shakedown cruise. Crash Jordan (RIP) selling me his 58 Chevy. Scotland, San Juan, St Croix, Ft Lauderdale, New London & Kittery. Elliot, Sommers, Yogi, DeLoach, Gerry, Millie(RIP), Fleming
Dougherty, R.w.ETR 2Feb 1968 – Aug 1971Reactor ControlEnjoying life in Montana. Enjoy hearing from any of the old crew.
Hitchens, WilliamE-4Mar 1968 – Dec 1971SupplyThank you
Hitchens, William (Hitch)CS3 (SS)Mar 11, 1968 – Dec 21, 1971SupplyThree Years Eight Months and Twentyseven Days of Fun
Duncan, StephenIC2 (SS)Jul 1968 – Aug 13, 1971Fwd IC ElectricianTime has erased the neg. (mostly) and retained the pos. I recall the adventures and the guys I served with. More and more I realize how valuable those times were. Bad movies, scrubbing the Battery comp, Scotland & all that time in ship yd.
Jubinski Jr, Nicholas (Jabo)CS 2Aug 1968 – Feb 1970Supply - Commissary
Samson, DavidMMCS (SS) Ret.Sep 1968 – Apr 1969A-GangI remember in the shipyard Dennis Brocies (sp) and I got smoked on Devron paint in the balllast tank,when the sonar guys pulled our vent line to use in their tank!
Tyger, GaryMM1Nov 1968 – May 1972M
Forgey, Moody / Kim profile iconFTG1(SS)Nov 1968 – Jan 1971WeaponsDavid G. Smith was the Commanding Officer. RIP Dan Zandri - Piglet
Duncan, John profile iconEM2Nov 14, 1968 – Jan 8, 1971E DivisionExcellent Crew. Played hard and worked hard. I played too hard at times but always had someone to drag me home. Leroy Shaddox (may he rest in peace) and his stories about "Petey"
Ingram, LarryCTT21969 – 1969Naval Security Group, NSA Ft. Meade, MD
Beane, DonaldENC-SS1969 – Jul 1970A DivisionIt was a great experience serving on a SSN. SSN means Saturdays, Sunday & nights. I spent only 3 months in my homeport during the year I was onboard. I have a ships Plaque I am willing to part with.
Kirejczyk, Richard/dick/dogFTGU3Jan 1969 – Dec 1969weaponsSpent a year on Jack, great time started in the yards in Portsmouth, a cruise or two. Great time. Got out to get married. What a life.
Stock, TonyETR3Mar 1, 1969 – Feb 28, 1973
Tattersall, RickE3Jun 14, 1969 – Feb 28, 1973SN GANGWould like to get in touch with some of my friends
Baldassini, DouglasIC31970 – 1972Interior CommunicationsOf all the events in my life, Serving aboard a Fast attack Nuclear Submarine left me with some of the most lasting memories. The comaraderie is something I have yet to find working in the public sector.
Biffle, Jim (Biff)FTG3-2Jun 1970 – Jun 1974WeaponsA great group of people. Never had that level of esprit de corp since.
Paquet, JohnMM1(SS)Jun 15, 1970 – Jan 8, 1974MGreat crew, good memories. Often times a sound, a smell or seeing something trigers thoughts of a time long long ago as a sub sailor. The good times and friends will never be forgotten.
Minadeo, JoeLtJul 1970 – Aug 1972Supply OfficerGreat times at sea and the shipyard. Absolutely a great crew except for the XO Porter.
Rodrigues, JoeE3Jul 1970 – Apr 1974A-divlike to get a hold of some of the guys I was with . that would be great after 40 years to see how there doing
McEwen, BobETR2Oct 5, 1970 – Sep 9, 1973Reactor OperatorI'd like to get in touch with former shipmates -- Mark Olsen, Onum Dougherty, Larry Eckdahl, Ed Deats, Gary Morse, Tim Bean, Steve (?) Hewitt, Matt Albright, Herbie Rials & lots of others whose names elude me right now.
Hayes, BobFN/SS1971 – 1972Seaman Gang / Leading SeamanBoy was it cold up in Kittery that winter. We were in the yard and the steam pipes froze on the crews living barge.
Kehoe, JimETR2SSJan 1971 – Dec 1973RC
De Rouse, GaryMM3 SSJan 15, 1971 – Jul 1974A DivisionShould have stayed when I had the chance.
Kerrigan, PatrickQM 3 (SS)May 1, 1971 – Nov 12, 1974OPS/NAVI worked for Chief Knox, and Lcdr. Fuerbacher. I also served in the U.S. Navy, U.S. Army and U.S. Coast Guard Reserve. I was activated for Desert Shield/Storm and served overseas for six months.
Henderson, BreckLT j.g.Oct 1971 – Sep 1973E DivisionMy first Navy assignment. Arrived during overhaul at Portsmouth, then on Med deployment where we were the first sub to enter port in La Maddelena.
Totten, RodneySK2 SSDec 1971 – Jul 1975StorekeeperThose were fun times two med runs plus 69 days under the ice look back and would do all again met a bunch of great guys

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