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USS Somers (DDG 34) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Somers (DDG 34). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 253 crew members registered for the USS Somers (DDG 34).

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Coakley, GaryMM11969 – 1972RThis was my last duty station, good ship,Great Crew
Reithofer, Josef (Kraut)YN31969 – 1970AdminWorked in the engineering and ships office.
Taylor, RichardE41969 – Dec 6, 1972weaponsEnjoyed my tour of the Tonkin Gulf and all the liberty ports.
Alvarado, JoseE31969 – 1971MM
Harter, LarryFN1969 – 1971A GangServed 2 wespac cruises.
Firestone, Craig (Squatty Body)GMM 3Mar 1969 – Dec 1972WeaponsMade 3 tours of Vietnam in 4 yrs. Great learning experience working with the 5/54 gun guys & missile gang! In 87 I returned to the Service & retired in Oct. 2002 as GMM1.
Hayhurst, Richard J.CS2Mar 31, 1969 – May 23, 1970Supply, Camp Teinsha commisarryI was in charge of the Camp Teinsha Butcher shop.
Brown, JeffLTApr 1969 – Aug 1970ASWWestPAC cruise late 69 to mid 1970. Left in Hawaii after getting the ASW "E" nailed down. Remembering the good stuff-Hong Kong, Sasabo, stopping at Midway, the camaraderie the crew, the skills of my sonar, gunnery and torpedo gang.
Dill, JohnETN2May 1969 – Jul 1971OE2 VN deployments, including being first one-gun ship to go on Gun Line. As CWO4, I attended SOMERS' DeComm at Pearl with ex-XO CAPT Mike Clarity in 1983.
Brookshire, DavidGMG2May 1969 – Jun 1971WGTwo tours to Vietnam '69-'71...First One Gun Ship to go to Gun Line. As the only Rated Gunners Mate while on the Gun Line in 'Nam, I remember only sleeping 2 hours every third day when we refueled. Retired from Navy 1991 as LCDR
Cackowski, Leon (Ski)FTG-2May 1969 – Jul 1973WGThree WestPac tours, as an FTG. I was either in the gun director or Gun Plot the times we were shot at. Favorite Port O'call was Vancouver, BC in '69. Who remembers showing the Middies the "sea bat"? Two equator crossings left indel
Yates, DennisETR2May 1969 – Aug 1973OEThree WESPAC tours. Served with a great bunch of guys.
Windham, OtisFTG2Jun 1, 1969 –WGSomers was a great ship. I gained lifelong friends as a result of my duty aboard her.
Chartier, BobE4 DISBURSING CLERKJun 10, 1969 – Dec 7, 1972SupplyHad great memories of WESTPAC. 3 WESPAC tours.
Parker, TommySH 3Jun 22, 1969 – May 10, 1970Supply
Williams, Jamesftm2Jul 1969 – Aug 1971wm
Johnson, DouglasBTCMAug 1969 – Jun 1972MCPOCIt made me sick to my stomach to see the pictures of this fine lady going down, it brought tears to my eyes and memories to mind.
Alleshunas, Billem3Oct 1969 – May 1971ehad a good time leared alot about the world had some good teachers e div. hade alot of good guys
Carlton, DamonE 3Oct 22, 1969 – May 24, 1971supplyhello to all shipmates its hard to belive its been 40 yrs i live in goldsby okla
Gibbens, JohnMM3Nov 1969 – Dec 1973MServed on USS Somers for 3 west pac tours in Main Controll from Fireman thru MM3. Served as Water King for last 2 years for M div. under Senior Chief Donhoffer left the Navy in June 1973 after my 3rd West pac
Gibbens, JohnMM3Dec 1969 – Jun 1973M
Stark, TimFTG21970 – Sep 1974WD3 tours and a lot of miles. I remember having to clean spilled oil from the gun director in the middle of a typhoon. Found a dead albaros up there so what were we doing out in the storm? A lot of great people on this ship.
Merrilees, JimEN21970 – 1971A GangThe best time of my enlistment was the period I spent on The Somers. Lots of fond memories of all the great liberty during WestPac cruise and crossing the Equator. I was mess deck master of arms and had my own liberty schedule!
Lane, Charles (Chuck)FTMC1970 – 1982This is his daughter - he died in 82 but served on the Somers. I'm looking for anyone that may have known him. Please email me. Thank you!!
Lane, Charles (Chuck)CPO-FTMC1970 – 1982I'm his daughter, looking formen who may have served with my Father. Please email me.
Nazarenus, LarryFTM31970 – 1974WM3 deployments in 4 years, always on the go but looking back it was some of the best times of my life!! Have joined the USS Somers crew members assoc. / If you have not done so you really should!!
Frederickson, JohnE4Jan 1970 – Nov 1971EngineeringI was assigned to the aft boiler room. Many of my crew mates in that boiler room were great guys. I hope they're all doing fine nearly forty years later. After leaving the Navy, I went to college, got a Ph.D. and have been a geneticist.
Callahan, MichaelLN2Jul 13, 1970 – Apr 11, 1974Personnel (Ship's Office)Got out of the Navy in 74, and went to the University of Montana. Got commissioned in the Army, retired in 89 and work for the Army as a Leadership Specialist conducting Leadership Seminars all over the world. Live in Kansas City Metro area. Later!
Johnson, DouglasBTCMAug 1970 – Aug 1972Senior Enlisted Advisor/3M OfficerGood ship, good crew, good times , excellent co's, Good CPO's(for the most part)
Alexander, Tom STG3Aug 1970 – Aug 1972SonarI would welcome anybody who served with me but would especially like to hear from Monte Breeden, Michael Boeking, and Mike Quinn. I am already in touch with Michael Zematis
Sloan, MikeBM3Aug 5, 1970 – Aug 10, 1973WDServed on board for 2 VN deployments
Hiatt, RobertSMSNSep 15, 1970 – May 19, 1971DECK/SIGNAL BRIDGELeft Somers to serve on USS England until 1974. Went to College taught school for 7 years and now work for the Dept of the Army at Ft. Leonard Wood Mo. Have worked for the Dept of Army for 20 years. Retired from the Naval Reserve.
Navarro, JoeBT2Sep 23, 1970 – Jul 7, 1976BThat was one long boat ride 5 years eight months and twenty five days to be exact!
Grisham, JackIC1Nov 1970 – Dec 1971R
Driscoll, BruceETR3Dec 20, 1970 – Oct 28, 1973OEEnjoyed my time aboard the Somers
King, DavidLTJG (SC)Dec 27, 1970 – Feb 28, 1973SupplyI was Asst. Supply/Disbursing Officer. I was aboard when SOMERS was homeported in Long Beach and was aboard for the WESTPAC cruise in 1972.
Ben Tucker, BenLtApr 1971 – Nov 1973Missle Officer, NavigatorI joined the Somers in Westpac in the Gulf in April 2001 for the rest of that deployment. We had a yard period upon return and then deployed early in 72 extended gun line periods a GREAT crew and wardroom . I was priveld
Faultersack, DavidETR-2Apr 2, 1971 – Jul 15, 1975ElectronicsThe USS Somers was a great ship. Being a Radar Electronics Technician onboard the Somers was one of the best jobs I have ever had. Hello to all that served!
Smith, Joseph (Ray)BT2May 15, 1971 – Aug 30, 1974B

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1968 | 1969 – 1971 | 1972 – 1974 | 1975 – 1977 | 1978 – 1979 | 1980 – now

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