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USS Du Pont (DD 941) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Du Pont (DD 941). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 174 crew members registered for the USS Du Pont (DD 941).

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Reed, Gerald (Ray)FT2Apr 1957 – Mar 1959FOXBoston was a great homeport. GTMO and S America, the Med cruise fun, then out into the world.
Hobbs, BobFT3Apr 1957 – Aug 15, 1959FOXPlank owner through the Inland Water Cruise. It was memorable.
Cunningham, PatBTFAJun 12, 1957 – Sep 23, 1958
Healy, FrankSNJul 16, 1957 – Aug 19592ndI am a Plank Owner, and a member of the original crew.
Crankshaw, JohnFT21958 – Jun 1961FOXDid 2 Med Cruises and the first inland sea cruise. Took care of Sky forward
Rolph, Urcilft21959 – 1962foxI spent nearly three years aboard the DuPont went from seaman apprentice to second class some of my best memories are from that time
Fedor, GeorgeFire Control Technician Second ClassApr 1, 1959 – Aug 1, 1961Fox DivisionHad MBPlot, Mk 68 System, MK 47 Computer & SPG 53 Radar; reupped, made FTM1 in Nov 1963, supported the Terrier AN/SPQ-5 Radar on USS Canberra CAG2; left ship in Viet Nam April 1965.Worked for UNIVAC on Navy Computers.
Tilbury, GeorgeLtjgJun 13, 1959 – Jan 19, 19612nd DivisionWould like to know about the DuPont association and any upcoming reunions.
Mervine, Bill (Harry)GM3Aug 1959 – Jun 1961gunneryJust returned from Dupont reunion. We formed the Dupont asso. If intrested, contact me! phone 302 798 9092
Holt, AlbertENS-LT(JG)Jul 1, 1960 – Jun 1, 1963EngineeringI served on the DuPont as Damage Control Assistant and Chief Engineer. I was Senior Watch Officer in 1962-63. It was an honor to serve with the sailors and officers I came to know aboard the Dupont.
Fischer, LouFT21961 – 1963Fox
Pelton, FredRD3Apr 15, 1961 – Oct 15, 1961Beach Jumper Unit 2I was part of a US Naval Special Warfare Beach Jumper Unit assigned to the USS Dupont for the duration of the Mediterranean Cruise. The ships crew was great, I made many friends.
Deets, RichardBTFNMay 1961 – Jun 1962Worked in the forward fire room and also in the Div. office. Great time on the Med cruise. Lots of good memories and good times with fellow shipmates. Have a few pictures of some fire room guys.
Withington, John (Jack)SOG 2May 1961 – Sep 1963Fox
Martin Jr., James L.FT2Jun 17, 1961 – Apr 10, 1964Fire Control ComputersNow That I am over 65 and retired, my memories of the DuPont are fond ones. I miss the crew. the Band. The good times. My only sad moment during my tour was being involved in finding The Thresher-Nuke sub lost off Boston and all aboard.
Sanner, JimmieET2Aug 12, 1961 – Jun 30, 1964OEThis was the first ship i was on in a career of 20 years i retired in 1980.
Bowers, BobEM2-EM1Jun 1962 – Jul 1966RI remember a close knit crew. Got tired of going on Med cruises. I think there were 4 in 4 years, plus Mercury and Gemini space shots. Also Cuban blockade & DOMREP. Went on to finish 20 years and retired in Nov 1976 as EMC
Sweet, Robert (Bob)RD2Jul 1962 – Feb 1966OI (Radarman's and Electronic Technician's)Participated in Project Mercury (MA8), Cuban Crisis, Dominican Republic (Intervention), USS Thresher Recovery, Project Gemini 5, Three Med. Cruises, Midshipman cruise down the St. Lawrence Seaway into Canada, Gitmo.
Lehman, KennethSTG2Nov 8, 1962 – Oct 28, 1964Fox Sonar2 Times to the Med. Looked for the Thresher but didn't find her.
Banchich, StephenMR21963 – 1964
Rogers, Larry "Rog"IC-2Apr 1963 – Sep 1966RLooking to hear from old shipmates, especially those who remember "THE DUPONTS" performing for Princess Grace and Prince Rainier in Monaco in 1966. "Haze gray and underway" "ASH"
Wyberanec, JohnTM3Oct 29, 1963 – Jan 29, 1967FoxI was very proud to be on, probably the most squared away ship in the Navy. I was aboard for the Gemini V shot. Three Med cruises. I was in the group that sang in Monte Carlo. The best night of my life.
Cirino, RickMM2Jan 3, 1964 – Apr 1, 1968MLooking for John J. Robinson
Cirino, Richard (Rick)MM2Feb 13, 1964 – May 18, 1968MI did 4 Med Cruises, Dominican Republic, and the first Viet Nam cruise when the Dupont Got hit and Belant was killed.
Gray, William "Haze"YN3Dec 30, 1964 – Jul 15, 1966FoxGemini V, Dom. Rep., and a couple of Med. cruises. Got off before the Nam cruise. Four years in Reserves after active duty. Worked with LT Powell in Weapons.
Bailey, JonEN3Jan 1965 – Jun 1967a gangMechanic on captains gig
Valenta, DavidBM2-WO1Jun 1965 – Jun 1968firstI made the navy my life and in the 24 years of service I served aboard 9 ships, most were very good but DuPont was my love. She is always on my mind. When I see 941 on a Clock I report to my family that it's.DuPont time.
Callies, Michael / MikeETN3Jul 1965 – Sep 1966OEI really enjoyed my year plus on the USS DuPont. Did a med cruise in 1966. Saw Princess Grace in Monte Carlo. Quite a thrill. Visited Malta, Cannes, Beirut, Istanbull, Italy and many other ports. Loved every minute.
Creel, WillieE-3Sep 18, 1965 – Nov 24, 1966BMMade med cruise in '66,
Manns, AlbertIC 3Dec 20, 1965 – Jun 9, 1969RI served aboard the Dupont thru 1 Med Cruise and 2 Vietnam Cruises.
Marciw, Nicholas (Nick)FTG21966 – 1970U S NavyMy brother Nick Loved The Du Pont, Sorry to say he passed away 7-25-2014
Wilfrid, Lawrence  NEWRD21966 – Oct 1969OperationsReturning from nam by way of Australia ,new zeland,at a fuel stop in Pago Pago , American Samoa we lost three crew members I was one of the lucky . They pulled me and others out of the water! Never found body’s of the 3
Keeton, MikeRM2Mar 4, 1966 – Aug 2, 1968OC DivisionReported 5 days before leaving on a Med deployment with the USS plane guard roll. Final cruise of note: Vietnam 1967-68.
Cessna, Blair,RD 2Jun 1966 – Jul 1969OI Division CICReported aboard as RDSN, left as RD2. Made both Nam cruises.
Hamel, TonyMM2Sep 26, 1966 – May 9, 1968Main ControlWas on board during Viet Nam tour. Remember our getting hit and when the USS Forrestal CV-5 came in and the whole back flight deck was gone. There were a lot of good memories though with our ports of call. Had a blast.
Wright, Donald  NEWE-4Jan 1967 – Jul 19, 1968OC
Wright, Donald ERM3Feb 1967 – Jul 1968OCLooking for Martin[Marty] J Major jr, Rm3 [when I got off] & Jon B Blackwood RM1
Humphrey, HumpEM3Apr 1967 – 1970ELECTRICAL GANG
Perrotti, Ray Perrotti E-3 Jun 1967 – May 1969 Best times I ever had. I still remember them. Two Viet-Nan Cruises. Would love to connect with shipmates from that era.
Bice, ThomasFTG-2Jun 1967 – May 1969FOX
Downer, GlenRMSNJun 15, 1967 – Jun 15, 1968OCLooking for ships log from DaNang harbor 1967.
Gillen, GeorgeMR3Aug 1967 – Dec 1967Machinery RepairmanThe USS Du Pont entered Da Nang Harbor on a support mission (West Pac-Viet Nam) between August & November 1967, I am seeking a copy of the Ships Log to document the exact date & time of this incursion. Thanks, George
Fischl, RobertLtjgSep 7, 1967 – May 25, 1969WeaponsReunion at Jacksonville Crowne Plaza Oct 8 - Oct 11 Call 757 963 6000
Fischl, RobertLt( jg)Sep 15, 1967 – May 15, 19681st and then ASWTwo WestPac trips - 20,000 rounds on the gunline the first tour (most expended before I joined) and 10,000 the second tour.

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