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USS Kamehameha (SSBN 642) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Kamehameha (SSBN 642). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 348 crew members registered for the USS Kamehameha (SSBN 642).

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Norrholm, LeifLT1973 – 1974Engineering
Edwards, William--MM1/SS1973 – 1977Engineeringstraight off the "farm", got a little direction here as they say...thanks!
Sheppard, JohnMM3 A GANGJan 1973 – Aug 1974A GANGAny of my shipmates in Ohio. LARRY Emmons married a friend of mine and lives in Canton with me.
Kasicki, Robert (Bob)MT1Mar 1973 – May 1977MissleRemembering the great guys I served with on the Kamfish IMUA!
Casella, FrankMM1(SS)Apr 1973 – Jan 1977MOccasionally see someone familiar during travels who turns out to be from the Kam or the squadron. But the names and faces are fading fast. Can't say my 6 patrols were fun, but they sure made a difference in my life.
Blodgett, ClarkSTS-3(SS)May 1973 – Jun 1974SonarTwo patrols, qualified in one. More sonar training then to the Uss Hammerhead SSN 663.
Kasicki, Robert/bobMT2/ssMay 1973 – May 1977Weapons Dept.
Wread, JoeICC(SS)Jun 1973 – Feb 1977
Recktenwald, Chucky MargolisEMSep 1973 – May 1977EngineeringIsn't it funny, after all these years, I can't REME(M)BER good times OR bad times;just the fun times. Couldn't have been all that bad. Or maybe we just did what we had to, to make it fun. We accepted our similarities and celebrated our di
Stuchell, SheldonETNOct 1973 – Sep 1977Navigation
Reckart, TerryMM1 (SS)1974 – 1979A-Gang8 patrols, many friends and many more memories. Does anyone know the where abouts of Barry Mills?
Hammers, DanMSSN1974 – 1976Supply (cook)Very fond memories of my first submarine
Vold, JimRM2(SS)1974 – 1978Radio
Ostriche, Croydon/ozzieMS3Jan 1, 1974 – Jul 20, 1976comminsarylooking for anyone who served on this submarine at this time
Leach, Thomasmm1Jan 1, 1974 – Dec 29, 1978Machinery
Davis, RickSTS3Feb 1974 – Jan 1975Sonar/OpsMy first boat and submarine qualification. I miss the Kam and crew!
Jones, Mike (Le Germ)MM1/SSFeb 1974 – Feb 1978MOk..where are all my 4-section M-Div buds? Butch Cassidy, BB, WT, Iannacelli, Frank Casella (Sorry for any sp. errors). Have only been able to find/keep in contact with Bill Seaward (Seaweed) and Steve (Chick) Chickering. I miss you guys!
Lightfoot, CliffTMSN 1974 then MM2 1976Feb 1974 – Oct 1978Torpedo then A-GangVietnam Vet-transferred to Sub School from the USS Ramsey (DEG-2), reported onboard as a TMSN, this was my Qual Boat. Got out of the Navy in 1975 and came back in 1976 to the same boat, joined A-Gang. Retired as MMCM(SS) in 1994.
Nellums, FredMM2 SSMar 1974 – Jun 1977A I made 6 patrol. went to the August 2001 inactivation ceremony in Pearl Harbor, was on the Distinguished Visitors Cruise in sept 2001 it was great to be back on board. Thanks to Howard Grover and the US Navy and all other
Dudley, BarryMM1 SSMar 1974 – Jul 1978AWatched her pull into drydock and get cut up. I'm currently the Industrial Management Project Manager for the USS John C Stennis CVN-74 at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. Had the pleasure to work on the Tridents for 12 yrs.
Dudley, BarryMM1Mar 1974 – Jul 1978AuxiliaryTight knit division, remember numerous good times both at sea and during off-crew with the guys. Hoping to locate the entire gang.
Chilton, KeithMM1 / SSJun 1974 – Apr 1978A-GangDidn't IMUA mean 'Train em' till they drop'?
Pawlyshyn, Bill "poly"MM1Jun 1974 – Jul 1975A GangInteresting life and so many years have passed. "A" gang was great and the adventure of a submariner was a unique experience. After 6 years of Navy went into the Army, retired after 22 years, Now am a preacher!
Girts, KimMM3Sep 1, 1974 – May 23, 1977A-gangI noticed that there was an incodent repor on one of our sites about the screw damage,I was the auxillaaryman aft at time of damage ,Iwas the one who reported it .. Ialso know of some other things that happened too...
Steck, JeffPN2(SS)Oct 1974 – Nov 1977Admin
Appleton, GlennIC2(ss)Nov 1974 – Oct 1977IC
Girts, Kim profile iconMM3(ss)Nov 18, 1974 – May 23, 1977Machinist mate---A -Gangeveryone on this sub was very well qualified to do there job to the best of their abilities in my opionion,was a pleasure working with them all..
Shupps, Doyle (Lee)FTB11975 – 1976Fire Control
McCalley, BobRM3 (SS)1975 – 1977RadioMemories of days on the boat, life with the crew and who could forget liberty in Rota, Spain.
Samuel, Gary (Sam)LtMar 1975 – May 1979Weapons
McCalley, Bob (Buford)RM3(SS)Apr 1975 – Dec 1977RadioYears gone by, but the memories of my time spent with my buddies on Kamehameha live on. Kal, Bill, Terry, Jim, Chris, Fish, Rich to name of few. Some good Chiefs like: Forson, LeAnna, Hankel and Officers like Riordan and Samuel. Who was our CO? Haha!
Cayia, Alfred (Fred)LTAug 1975 – Jan 1979EngineeringI just found this site and saw the question about who stole the X.O.s door? The answer is LT Cayia and LT Leatherwood. A better question is where did we hide it?
Mattsen, RandyMM1Sep 1975 – Nov 1979"A-Gang"The best friends I ever had served with me on this boat. IMUA!!
Gustafson, JerryMT-1Oct 1975 – Aug 1979Missile TechThose were the days... Lots of good times and great expereinces aboard the Kam. Great times in Rota and Charleston - Good peole: Tom, Luke, Bob, Woofer, Fran, Bridenbach, Lawrence, Dave, Mike and the rest of the gang.
Frye, MichaelMT1(SS)Oct 20, 1975 – Sep 9, 1980msl/lchrMany memories, of all types, of the Kamehameha. I am forever glad to have been a part of her and her crew. Nothing like her back here in farm country. Made 9 patrols on her. Sail on, Kam!
Dejoy, Mikeqm2ssDec 1975 – Oct 1978nav
Reed, BruceQMC (SS), USNR (QM3 (ss) when onboard)Dec 1975 – May 1977QM GangYou know you're getting old when BOTH of the boats you served on are decommissioned. Although I put Blue crew, as I get older my memory fades. However, I will always remember the KAMFish and IMUA.
Chase Jr, LloydICFN IC2/SSDec 5, 1975 – Jan 16, 1979IC
Hanich, GregE31976 – 1978What a experience. Some of the best fellas ever to work with....ROTA ROOTING!!!
Worley, JimSTS3(SS)1976 – 1978Weapons/Sonar
MacKey, RandySTS1976 – 1978Sonar
Hirsch, RichardRM2 (SS)1976 – Jun 1979Nav/Ops5 patrols with the first to Charleston then out to sea, 3 to Rita and 2 to HS. 2 runs on seaman gang and 3 runs in Radio. Got out of the Navy and then spent 23 in Army
Ezzell, TomJan 1976 – Dec 1979QM
Vroman, CharlesFTB2(SS)Jan 1976 – Apr 1978FTB
Tokarz, JoeET1(SS)Mar 1, 1976 – Oct 20, 1979RCI almost died on patrol. Skip and the Doc saved my life. In case I forgot to say thanks..THANKS!!! After seven patrols--you Goldie guys were like the brothers I never had.
Lynch, ChrisRM3(SS)Apr 1976 – Sep 1977OPS/RadioA great experience ! Guys Like Chick, Chief Sosbee, Curly, Tyrone, Andresen, Bill Dewey, South Pond; WHAT A CREW ! I finished years later w/ the USNR, but I always wear those dolphins w/ pride
Dulaney, TomSTS1 (SS)Jun 18, 1976 – Nov 18, 1981Sonar
Miller, David SmokieMM2Jul 1976 – Aug 1978MELT made 4 patrols. I have good memories of the ship and crew.
Schmidt, Ronaldmm3Jul 1976 – Jul 21, 1978auxiliary
Birt, RobertMM2Oct 1976 – Oct 1980AuxiliaryGreat fun, free drinks at the American Bar in Rota Spain. Great guys, made money at every single casino night. Lisbon was awesome, woo hoo for the red light district. I was also known as Bimbo Bob.

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