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USS William H. Bates (SSN 680) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS William H. Bates (SSN 680). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 146 crew members registered for the USS William H. Bates (SSN 680).

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Johnson, LeeQM2/SS1977 – 1981QM
Thompson, Steve (Aka Lurch) profile iconYN2(SS)1977 – 1979THE SHACKHey to all you Billy-B boys. Don't know about you, but I still get the shakes when I think of a PBR. Sure miss you guys.
Wread, JoeFeb 1977 – Jun 1978
Smith, JoeET1 (SS/DV)Mar 1, 1977 – Dec 1, 1980nuke ETHi to Cherry,Hob,Deeter,Watertight,Tooch,Spook,Bad (Bob),Bone,Boy,Larry L,Muzzlwite,Moose,Pat Tilson,Bill N,Vern O, Bill Houley is THE MAN.
Tilson, PatEM1(SS)(SW)May 1, 1977 – Nov 1, 1979nukleargod, you guys are still alive?? rocks don't live this long!
Downs, HankMS3SSDec 30, 1977 – Dec 12, 1980The events on the Bates changed my life for ever!
Robinson, VictorEM2 (SS)Jun 1978 – Jun 1979EDid WESTPAC then swapped ships with IC2 Young on Pintado.
Simpson, JeffreyYN2(SS)Jun 15, 1978 – Mar 29, 1980AdminLeading Yeoman (acting)
Stanley, TerrySTS2SS1979 – 1980sonarwhoa!
Jack, Mike (Yak)FTG2/SS1979 – 1982WEPSBilly Bates sailors check out our website at
Coleman, Keith profile iconSTS SR SU1979 – 1980sonarThank god we didn't find any Russian submarines.
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Borchardt, PaulIC1 (SS)Jun 1, 1979 – Oct 1, 1981E DivLooking for old friends and buddies.
Galli, JeffMM3/SSDec 1979 – Nov 1983A gangMet the boat in Bremerton in 79. Rode her and ran from her for 4 years. 'Spunked' all over the 82 wespac deployment. Made lifelong friends. Loved Point Loma and miss it and SoCal so much. Live in Dallas, doing my dream, spiritual counselor.
Cochran, RobertE3/MMMar 15, 1980 – Jun 15, 1981a-gangship yard period at bremerton. did not take it to san diego.
Rickman, RobinMMCJun 22, 1980 – Mar 27, 1982MM
McCollum, MichaelE3Oct 4, 1980 – Jun 26, 1983Diesel mech.
Cochran, Jeff/ Mini-chiefMM1/SSDec 1980 – Nov 1984Auxillary ( A-Gang
Jonn, Steve "Gyro"IC1/ssDec 1980 – Dec 1984Interior CommunicationsMet boat in PSNS. Mt. St. Helens, "spunkin" as the fastest 637 in the fleet, my 1st West Pac "WOW",
Nelson, Ray GeneDs2/ssDec 30, 1980 – Sep 6, 1983FT
Yawn, MichaelMM2Aug 12, 1981 – Aug 5, 1985A-gang! Wonderful times, learned a lot, wonderful crew, 3 WestPacs, bumps, fire etc. Thailand, Perth and all of those Subic Days! Best boat I was on, still going strong after 27 yrs serving wishing old shipmates the best
Frankel, AlSEAMANSep 1981 – Oct 1983Radio/DeckI had the best and worst times of my life on the "Billy B". We never did anything halfway on our boat. I would not have missed it for the world. From SPEP trials to westpac, Guam, Mare Island and DSRV ops, it was an adventure.
Williamson, BradET1/SSOct 28, 1981 – Aug 30, 1985RCEncouraging all Bates shipmates to register at to stay current on reunions and happenings within the Bates community!
Gawne, SeanMM1SSNov 21, 1981 – Sep 15, 1985M-ELTCame aboard "Redfish" for the SPEP period and stayed through three west-pacs. Lots of great memories. Wound up doing 10 years in the Navy. Still a nuke in California but making power and money these days.
Quattlebaum, BlandET21982 – 1985Coner: Nav and RadioBART t-shirts, TDU trim parties drove Twitch nuts. I'll never forget him falling into a line locker in Perth, busted in Diego Garcia for bad bicycle driving. ..Egg on legs, Uncle Jack, commando raids in the PI with Chop
Gomez, PaulFTG1(SS)Feb 8, 1982 – Dec 12, 1984FT/DSExperienced many interesting events including an accidental emergency blow while fast and deep, grounding, floding and a fire in the trash compactor! Have worked for EG&G since leaving the boat in 1984.
Olson, EricMM1May 1982 – Jun 1984Engineering
Lindley, TomSK1(SS)Aug 1, 1982 – Jan 6, 1984Supply
Gallop, Otis "Odie"SK31983 – 1987Memories, How we hated it but now the fond memories, Hey Paul i remember the grounding, fire, confirmed thru hobart (u guys know what i mean). SPEP years, Pert (dial a sailor), Thailand(Caligula Club) Pattya Beach Resort, Guam(the armpit)
Osborne, Stan/chief OzETCJan 1983 – Jan 1987electronics
Foote, Ken83-86 (SK2) AND 90-94 (SK1)Mar 1983 – May 1994SKI had a lot of good times and have a lot of fond memories. Still remember when Broadley bet yawn that a butter knife wouldn't cut his arm (poor Mike). Currently retired and the Navy Harbormaster in GUAM.
Trepanier, PaulIC3Sep 1, 1983 – Sep 18, 1986ICLoved the adventure. The job, a tad less. Fond memories of working in the mess. Loved (and miss) San Diego!
Johnson, Jamie (Diesel Bob)MM3/SSOct 1983 – Jan 1986A-GangI just have to say that this was a great crew a really neat bunch of guys officers and enlisted. We had some interesting times and things happen. Ologapo City,Pattya Beach(toga),grounding,women of the night.Lol
Luce, Gary (Lance)FTG1 (SS-DV)1984 – 1987Weaps / DiverGreat memories of my time served as a member of the "Fab 5" on the Bates. Don't forget my sacrifice to the team in Thailand with Momma-San. So much for free drinks... Sorry to hear about Midgett. He was a great friend.
Johnson, WilliamQM2Mar 1984 – Jan 1988Navigation/DeckThey called me Spot on the boat.
Hanna, JoeSTS2(SS)May 1984 – May 1988SonarPattaya Beach!
Reedy, MikeTM2/SS1985 – 1988TMIt all seems so long ago, yet it seems like yesterday. Who can forget the cook (Toby) asking COB (Zortman) not to do any angles because he had cakes in the oven. Big mistake!!! Harry and Spot are the best roomates i could have had!
Shaffer, RayE-6 MM1(SS)1985 – Feb 1991A Div
Mozzillo, RickTM1/SSFeb 22, 1985 – Feb 8, 1987WeaponsHad some good times
Harrison, DavidRM2(SS)Mar 9, 1985 – Aug 10, 1988RadiomanSome of the best and worst times of my life. I would love to hear from my old shipmates.
Henkelman, John HenkelmanMM1 (SS)Apr 1985 – Jul 24, 1989Had a great time, many long hours of work in port but many great nights in San Diego, wish I remembered most of them. We had a great group aft, many Saturdays and Sundays with sunglasses on for turnover. Frank, Rodney and Jeff and beer
Tell, ElandTM3 (SS)May 3, 1985 – Feb 3, 1989DECK DIVISION/ TORPEDOMANS MATEI would like to find some old Navy Friends to see how they are doing. And where life has taken them. Even though it has been a long time there were some people on my ship that have made a difference within my life today.
Haag, Charlie II DogsSNJul 1985 – Dec 1986DeckCan't believe it was only18 months. COB (Clyde Zortman) once said 'Boy, I bet you can't name something I don't have in my pocket somewhere' Me: Do you have any rubbers? COB: Shut up boy I'm being serious
Gilson, RussellRM2 SSJul 7, 1985 – Aug 23, 1989RadioThe good the bad and the smelly the years on that boat will be something I will remember all my life. Got back into Navy res. in 2002 then joined Iowa National Guard in 2006. I work for Qwest Comm. in Des Moines IA
Cordova, DavidMM1Aug 20, 1985 – Aug 2, 1990Auxillary
Means, JeffET1(SS)Sep 1985 – Mar 1989RCDickens said it best, "It was the best of times it was the worst of times." It is the people we miss the most. Looking back, what a great life when in your twenties.

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